Uber and Lyft and city planning 

seeing the ET-head guy in memes more often recently.

What's everyone's favorite f.lux (blue light filtering) software for Linux? F.lux has a Linux version, but I'm not thrilled with it.

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Dear Linuxrocks.online, it's been ten days since my last toot.

I'm ashamed to say I missed the ARM story in college. I happy to get caught up. Dave Jaggar is a crazy kind of brilliant. youtu.be/_6sh097Dk5k

Happy Wednesday. I'm tooting from a work meeting and making farts.

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Today's Feature Story

Wickr: Redefining the Messaging Platform, an Interview with Co-Founder, Chris Howell
Wickr is an instant-messaging application and platform offering end-to-end encryption and content-expiring messages.


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What's everyone's favorite linux document scanning and OCR tools?

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#Lemmy is an open federated alternative to Reddit and is currently early in development. You can follow the project at:


There's also the open federated #Prismo, which is in a more advanced state of development:


You can try Prismo at:


(If you copy a Prismo user or post address into the Mastodon search box and click search, you can interact with it.)

(Thanks to @gaja for info about Lemmy.)

#Alternatives #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Reddit

I check in on the BSDs from time to time. Used to run FreeBSD in college. Just saw this recently. Sad news. I love Linux, but just Linux is monoculture. csoonline.com/article/3250653/

What do those of you running Linux shops use for your CMDB? JAMF/Casper? OneCMDB? i-doit?

Hard to believe this was 2013. Interview with Bruce Schneier & Julian Sanchez youtube.com/watch?v=_tpsH05ELg

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