So I still want to start the Linuxrocks LUG/Podcast I am going to setup 2 ways to connect in one being mumble but what would you like the second way to be something like discord?

Also I am going to set it up to stream to youtube but I setup a site to watch it from as well. If a few people can check to make sure it loads and stream is ok it be a great help the link is for right now I may change it.

For my I'm tagging @omnipotens (again), @thelinuxgamer and @Jessica. Three really awesome tech-minded folks, definitely worth following.

@omnipotens @ChrisWere just been listening to you guys on the podcast dowhacky and I've learnt a whole new thing: syncthing! Just set it up on my server, pc and phone. Bloody awesome! Thanks for the tip:thumbsup_hmn_h2:

and for the great podcast :thinkergunsunglasses:

Boredom make people do strange strange things!!! By the power of grayskull I am ........ Loosing it!

Born from a man who was just having fun. In my younger days we played and made many friends. I found myself all over the world while all my friends played with me. We laughed and cried and had some frustrating nights together.
Yet I was mocked and told I would never amount to anything but that wouldn't stop me I got older and more mature. Now I am everywhere I have even been to space and even worked on mars and yet I still enjoy having fun with someone new. -- I am the Linux Kernel 😜 🤣

If you ask anyone off the street who was the single person who influenced technology the most they would probably say Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. The truth of the matter is the person is Linus Torvalds. In this day and age the linux kernel is everywhere from TVs and surround sound systems hell even my light bulbs run a linux kernel. You cannot escape it. The whole world is going Linux!

Thanks @omnipotens for an awesome livestream.

The show can be found on YouTube and I'll pop it up on @technicalwerehouse on shortly.

Well that was painful.. I upgraded the host to ubuntu 18.04 well linuxrocks is up after issues with iscsi

Going to be rebooting the host linuxrocks runs on really soon.

I have been in one open source community or another for over 20 years and I have never seen the FOSS community this bad. Granted we have had some heated arguments and at time a bit of name calling but that normally comes from a passion for the tech and the project not because of ideological and political differences.

Even just the mess that Coraline Ada Ehmke starts. In the end I don't care what your beliefs are you treat others with respect you get respect back.

Like podcasts? @ChrisWere started a new one:

It's pretty great so far, can't wait for the next episode

So I been playing around with Altoline Switches,

These switches run Linux and the one I been messing with is the Altoline 6921 with the Atom processor. The 6900 has a ARM processor. I am currently running Cumulus Linux on it but you can put other distros on it. If you like to see what it looks like I did a super short video showing the console.

Fun fact: there are 5578 instances and ranks 82 in number of users which means it has more users than %98.529939046 of other instances.
In terms of number, LinuxRocks ranks 169 which means it has more toots, activity basically, than %96.970240229 of other instances.

Just a reminder of some of the servers we have spun up.

Destination Linux | Episode 85: "Gaming With Proton, Nier'ly Positive".

BIG NEWS for Linux Gaming thanks to Valve and CodeWeavers. Lubuntu announced their plans to switch to Wayland using Mir.

Flatpak reachers the 1.0 Milestone. Intel revealed that there are 3 more security holes. Then they’ll talk about Deeping Linux and some potential reasons to maybe perhaps possibly, switch to BSD?

With recent developments of conduct on other instances I figured I would reiterate LinuxRocks position. Healthy debates are fine and even encouraged but nastiness will not be tolerated from anyone on either side of the argument. Remember nasty comments not only look bad on you but on this instance.

The great thing about this instance is I really don't even need to post this as everyone here has always been super respectful.

We are here to talk geek and have fun. Let's keep it like that.

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