@DestinationLinux episode 102 you guys talk about Tor.

It is not as secure as you guys think.

You need to watch this talk on Tor. Presented by an IT guy who works at a Police Department here in AZ:


My parts to repair one of my 3d Printers are coming in today! Oh yea I broke one of my 3D printers. It had a meltdown lol

@troyh Now here is the big question vi or nano?

Hints you say nano you might get blocked haha

I just have to tell everyone how much I love me some docker..nothing like those quick re-install with a docker image.

Too many projects, to many hobbies, sometimes its hard to decide what to mess with.
Would anyone like me to do a quick podcast like segment to answer any questions on any of my hobbies?

Ham Radio
3D Printing
Home automation
Electronic design/implementation
WISP long range wifi

I have some time available and the equipment so I figured I might throw something together not exactly sure what it would be like yet.

Hey everyone, @omnipotens and I have set up status.linuxrocks.online. It's hosted on the same instance as exile.digital, so they should never be down at the same time. It's extremely spartan right now, and more work needs to be done to allow other admins to make status updates, but now we'll have a way to let y'all know when something's going on.

I think I am going to start me a new project and build me a 3D printer.

Should be fun.

Watching Valley of the boom and the guy at Firefox is wearing a shirt that say webarchive.org/web/='199461231'

I normally pickup on references but a little lost on this one.

When the power goes off in middle of a print and cuts the top of tux head off then Tux gets a hat.

So some of my recent prints with my 3D printer.

cell phone case with flexible tpu its not perfect but not bad at first attempt with flexible tpu

silver death star

fallout nuke

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