My current process on building my 3D printer. Currently using the printer to print a new box for the electronics as my last design was not big enough do to the amount of cables.

On Saturday 20th April 2019 at 8:00pm Eastern USA Big Daddy Linux Live are going to be reviewing Sabayon Linux.
Currently installing this Gentoo based distro on my now spare Alienware M15x.

And we're back! Seems like someone was flooding us again.

Ok redhat I am done with you for today I don't have the patents to try to navigate your overly complicated subscription site to try to figure out why I no longer have enough licenses just so I can install net-utils and vim.
You need to take a page out of Canonical's playbook for ubuntu!

Ok Redhat me and you are having a very bad start today

Unable to verify server's identity: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:618)

Ok Redhat I know I did a minimal install but remove vim and nano really lol

I want to find the person at Redhat who had the bright idea of removing ifconfig and route from the distro so I can go put my foot up their ass!

@omnipotens i realize i didn't respond to my own question.

slackware 2.0

A friend, I think he just wanted help downloading 76 or so floppy disk lol

stared at a blinking cursor wondering what to do lol.

where I really started slackware 3

installed ICQ and stole some dll's from windows to get video codecs working under linux.

Some fun questions to see if there is a common theme?

What was your first linux distro?

What or who got you to install it?

What was one of the first things you did?

so I just realized the 3d printer I am building won't fit through any of my doors.. hmm didn't think this through lol

Just a FYi if you were wondering why Linuxrocks has 3 firewalls.

Well the reason for the 3 firewalls is who controls what. One is for the entire network, one is my network, one is on the machine itself. It has no bearing on who can get in as open ports are open ports. However each have their own monitoring rules and if it sees traffic it is not expecting any of them could block the IP or block everything depending on panic level. 9 times out of 10 it is the one I don't control that blocks it.

Earlier today you may have notice linuxrocks went offline for a short time. Well it seems the server was being attacked and rules we have set went into panic mode and shutdown the network.

Linuxrocks runs 3 separate firewalls, From a hand built harden box running various scripts and monitoring. The second is PFSense and the 3rd is the local machine firewall. Which any at any given time may shutdown the network when attacked. Just a FYI for future reference when it seems the server is down.

ssh and login as visitor. It is time to put the old SDF 3B2 back online to celebrate part of SDF’s past. The machine is running now and through #vcfpnw March 23rd and 24th in #seattle #sdf32 #unix50 #community #bbs #living

I was just thinking about the LinuxRocks instance. Do you want to know something interesting?
It's not just a linux community instance but it's also maintained by the community. I may own the hardware but truly you all own the instance. I just want to personally thank all the volunteers who keep this thing going and especially a shout out to @G_Dog1985 for keeping it up to date and @hund @architect for all their contributions.

who else thinks that linuxrocks is the best place to get linux news from lol? I keep more up to date on the on goings on more from this site than any news site because of you fine people.

Does anyone want to volunteer to help maintain ??? Really could use some help to keep it updated and running.

Finally got my pacman script to quit crashing after 24 hours. So now Pacman can keep chasing and running from ghost 24x7 on my Light Panels.Finally go

Why didn't somebody tell me was down??? lol No idea how long it has been down for. Maybe I need to setup some monitoring lol

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