Any suggestions.

I have 4x 48VDC servers I need to power in our rack. What are the hardware recommendations for the easiest way to do this.

The servers are in a standard datacenter 208vac.

I still keep toying around with starting a linuxrocks rag chew (general chat) podcast. There are already tons of podcast that gives you news and reviews but I was thinking more of a random round table of whomever joins the live to tell stories, experiences, and random thoughts on Linux and Tech.

If we did who would join the conversation, who would listen. What audio platform to join in on like discord, mumble, etc.

Note to self never again stick your hand in front of a 40 watt CO2 laser. Owch! LOL

I was aligning the mirrors and was not paying attention to were my hands were.

Anyone else have a co2 Laser cutter and has any tips?
I just gor a old k40 that the board was bad in. I replaced it with a cohesion3d board. I setup a atomicPi with lightburn and made my first cut and etch. This is a whole new realm for me as I am really good at 3D printing bur lasers are new. Suggestions?

Make sure to watch latest video!

Is GNOME 40 Inspired By WebOS? Might Be Palm Readers!

VMWare Cluster oh why did you have to crash on a Friday!

Entire cluster down! Friday afternoon. Sure its better for the users who want to get off early but damn sure not for me.


Open source Voting System

Politics aside if you were to create an open-source voting system how would you design it to be efficient, secure, and tamper-proof?

I was thinking of something like using blockchain This would create a provable mathematical audit trail for each transaction then. Combined that with using your SSN and a unique ID from the voter registration. You would have proof of every valid vote basically 2fa. Then data will be exported to a write-only USB drive once an hour.


I was hoping since you folks are advent streamers you may see things others don't. If you get a chance would you test out the streaming feature on

I am kind of up in the air on where I should set the number of transcode resolutions and threads too. The machine has lots of CPU and RAM and I can always throw more at it but not sure I need to or not. If you don't have time no worries I was just curious.

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has been updated to version 3.0.1

I have turned on the ability to go live.

I have a request for any of the users. Please test and get back to me with the results. This instance is pretty beefy when it comes to resources but I am not sure how many transcoding resolutions I can do at once.

Please kick the tires on the live stream and let me know how it goes.

As many of you know I like to keep my worlds separate. I don't like bringing my work life, home or political life together. Which I have to thank the people on LR for keeping the local timeline mostly free from politics. We never stopped any decision or even had the need too. With that said I needed a place to vent about politics so I setup another instance dedicated for just that. If anyone would like to join your more than welcome. The instance is

It should concern everyone how the big tech companies can shutdown someone at a moment's notice effectively closing the doors on another company without any legal judgment. They became the judge jury and executioner.

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Trusting the Cloud?

I am curious if there are any conversations in businesses on trusting the cloud after Parlor got pulled for political motivations effectively shutting down an entire company? Regardless of your political viewpoint, this should be worrying for any company that relies solely on cloud services.

When using cloud services your basically putting your companies future in someone else hands. I have never been an advocate for the cloud that's why even LR does not run in the cloud

LinuxRocks update.

I have done some changes to the outgoing mail system. Please everyone on LR if you notice any issues receiving mail let me know. I am hoping this will help from some mail services rejecting us as spam.

If you notice anything let me know ASAP


Riddle me this a Game running on windows uses 10GB of ram. Exact same copy running on Linux uses 2GB of ram. It runs smoother on Linux. Other than the 5 days it took for me to get it to run on linux it seems Linux and wine beat windows. Now why?

Any suggestions on a ptp server for a lab. Is there a none gps option when I really don't care about accurate time just accurate timing? Looking to connect some EnodeB in a lab setting.
Suggestions on hardware or setup?

For fun.

Show off your setup. Post a pick and tells us about your setup.

Two machines
Personal machine running arch
Work machine running windows.
Both connected to all seven monitors to switch back and forth or run both on any monitor. I also run barrier for keyboard and mouse sharing but Iike having both available so in a meeting I can goof off and play a game.

Anyone have any idea on what this is and how to decode it? I got handed this puzzle and I am stumped.

Suggestions on opensource knowledge base software? I am looking to spin up something internal for work to share are notes and tips and workarounds

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