Figured I share this again.

If you want to get first hand information on the happenings on LR, report a outage or feel free just to chat anyone is welcome to join our telegram group.

LinuxRocks Users and Updates

LR is back up

The firewall saw some alerts and threw it into lockdown mode once again.

Damn people get a life lol

Does anyone want to do anything with these domains? If anyone is interested tell me your thoughts. If it is interesting I will be willing to entertain the idea of me running a server for it. I will even help just don't have the cycles to do anything myself. I would even sell for cost. I bought them while back with the intention of doing something with them.I found I have enough projects.

Who's infrastructure is taking hell do to this virus and work from home push?
Hows the VPNs and VDI's holding up?

Anyone got any thoughts on this board? I am interested as it has rpi gpio and Audreno. I have some thoughts for use cases including with 3d printing.

Looking at this makes me feel like we need a radical change to the look and feel and work flow of our desktops. Then I remember I would be the first to bitch about the changed. lmao


I have a AtomicPi running Debian 10. I have a issue with the wireless either disconnecting or going to sleep.

wlxxxx: disassociated from xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (Reason: 4=DISASSOC_DUE_TO_INACTIVITY)

Trying to authenticate with xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (SSID=
connection disconnected (reason 4)

I disabled power management not sure what else is causing it.

Think I got my settings dialed in on my 3d printer to print miniatures

Very interesting talk if you havent seen it yet.


Think of building a new 3d printer. Debating on Infiniti Z or another coreXY

Who has a HackRF and have you done anything interesting with it?

I haven't used mine in a long while and was thinking of tinkering with it.

Recommendation for OS

Looking for something flashy and pretty. Something I can swap a windows user too and show them the power and flash of Linux. I am going to reinstall their laptop tomorrow. A good app store would be nice too. As a arch user its been awhile since I played with other distros.

What is the video card to get these days?

I have a intel xeon e5-2620 @ 2.4ghz 12 core proc.

16GB ram

the current video card is quadro k2200

To be honest its ran almost everything I have thrown at it with little issue but thinking about getting back more into PC gaming and maybe VR on PC as my psvr just don't have some of the titles I want.

@HexDSL or anyone have any suggestions that will fit my machine. I want good linux support but I do dual boot for a few games.

So who thinks Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine?

Understanding #2

systemd has incredible docs, some of the best I've ever seen, since systemd is so huge though it's difficult to find anything in systemd.

'man systemd.index' - index of man pages related to systemd.

'man systemd.directives' - list of all directives (variables) for use when creating or understanding units files (files end with .service or .mount etc)

'man systemd.special' - list of units that systemd provides and are considered important.

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