anyone have any thoughts I am using dracut to build a init on ubuntu but when I update it overrides it. Any idea's on how to keep the config after a update?
I am running dracut -f --kernel-cmdline "ip="

Is there another way to keep the info after ubuntu re-creates initrd?

Does anyone have any experience with Clevis and Tang on Ubuntu I could use some help setting it up.

Folks I don't know how many of you know Greg @G_Dog1985 he has been a essential part of LR since the beginning and is still the person who does all the maintenance to the server to keep us updated and secure.

He has unfortunately fell on some difficult times. He has had cancer for sometime and his grandpa is also ill and cannot work leaving it all on the shoulders of his mother to support the house. If you have any pocket change to share here is a good cause

Friday Rant
Screw you Chrome!
Screw you Youtube!
Screw you yaml
Screw you Centerpoint (Power Company)
Screw you Ubuntu installer!

Things that just pissed me off today lol.. It's been one of those days lol

Ahh feel better now haha

what ever happened to the day of standard config files. Everything is going yaml and I cannot express enough how much I don't like yaml files and that seems to be all what I deal with daily.

LR Status

LR will have a planned outage Friday to kick over to the new UPS.

Thanks for you all that help purchase the new UPS!

Futuristic office composed of a typewriter, television screens, a video recorder and a photocopier, Germany 1969

Every few years a new term is coined within the computer industry—big data, machine learning, agile development, Internet of Things, just to name a few. You'd be forgiven for not knowing them all.

Some of these are new ideas. Some are refinements on existing ideas. Others still are simply notions we've all had for a long time, but now we have a new word to describe said notions.

Which brings us to a topic we cover in depth in this latest issue of Linux Journal: DevOps.

Today's News:
* Collabora Announces xrdesktop
* Arduino Selects Auth0 as Its Identity Management Platform of Choice
* Microway Showcasing Its Data Science WhisperStation at PEARC19
* Blender 2.8 Released KDE Plasma Maintenance Update

LinuxRocks folks LR needs some help.

I need someone who knows about snapshots with qcows. I need to merge them back together. I am thinking that is what is causing out filesystem issues.
Please as this is urgent we need to repair it before the filesystem gets to bad to repair.

The first kernel security update for Debian GNU/Linux 10 "Buster" is now available. The update addresses flaw CVE-2019-13272. The issue affects older versions of as well, so all users should update now.

If anyone wants to donate to the UPS fund here is a paypal link

LR Status update.

Power failure at the data center. When the host booted it hung. Not to much to report past that. A second reboot fixed the issue. Do to me working till 4am I just got around to checking my email and seeing the outage.

Shorter post.

Come join me on telegram for outage reports, status, and just conversations .

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