ssh and login as visitor. It is time to put the old SDF 3B2 back online to celebrate part of SDF’s past. The machine is running now and through #vcfpnw March 23rd and 24th in #seattle #sdf32 #unix50 #community #bbs #living

I was just thinking about the LinuxRocks instance. Do you want to know something interesting?
It's not just a linux community instance but it's also maintained by the community. I may own the hardware but truly you all own the instance. I just want to personally thank all the volunteers who keep this thing going and especially a shout out to @G_Dog1985 for keeping it up to date and @hund @architect for all their contributions.

who else thinks that linuxrocks is the best place to get linux news from lol? I keep more up to date on the on goings on more from this site than any news site because of you fine people.

Does anyone want to volunteer to help maintain ??? Really could use some help to keep it updated and running.

Finally got my pacman script to quit crashing after 24 hours. So now Pacman can keep chasing and running from ghost 24x7 on my Light Panels.Finally go

Why didn't somebody tell me was down??? lol No idea how long it has been down for. Maybe I need to setup some monitoring lol

So here is a interesting story how Makerbot was built on the backs of open source and when investors came in they went to a close source model and almost killed the company. Sound familiar?

This is Awesome.. One of the podcast I watch is the 3D Printing Nerd and Snapple sent him custom 3D branded Snapple.

Sorry about the SSL issue the letsencrypt script broke and did not update the SSL. I reinstalled a missing packages the script was calling and re-ran.

Building a 3d printer
so far
cut 3 finger
cut 1 arm
cut 1 big gouge out of my thumb
burnt 2 fingers
1 blister

and I barely started, maybe I should up my medical coverage before completing this build hahaha

or at lease keep me away from exacto knifes and soldering iron's haha

Looking for a System/Desktop person in Houston Tx,

If anyone is interested or knows someone looking in Houston let me know. Looking to hire quick It's a full time position and will require Windows, Linux and networking experience.

my sons gaming rig kicked the bucket so I let him borrow mine. He sure looked sad when his parts came in the mail and it was time to return my machine. He was amazing on how my older machine blew his out the water. I told him when we first built his what parts he should get but like every other teenager they no better and the old man didn't know shit lol. Think he learned a valuable lesson. He is already looking to upgrade

@DestinationLinux episode 102 you guys talk about Tor.

It is not as secure as you guys think.

You need to watch this talk on Tor. Presented by an IT guy who works at a Police Department here in AZ:

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