Seems the data center LR is hosted in had a outage

I know with a yagi antenna that putting it next to metal will cause parasitic coupling and detune the antenna. Starlink using what is essentially aesa, does this negate the issue? If so I don't see how because even traditional phased arrays are susceptible to parasitic coupling. I ask this because traditional transmitting antenna systems you always want to keep them away from metal. However it seems to be the consensus that metal roofs do not effect starlink. If this is truly the case then why?

I have been enjoying Starlink. I been getting average of 130Mbps and 20Mbps up but has spiked as high as 300/40Mbps

Way better than my crappy DSL with 20/1

Since launching to the ISS a year ago, HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 has accelerated time-to-insight, from months to minutes, to advance healthcare, image processing, natural disaster recovery, 3D printing, 5G, AI and more

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Thought is was interesting and figured I share.

5G in space.

ISS now has 5G capabilities not only this can be used to transmit the data from experiments way faster than previous cutting the time from 1 day to 6 minutes but now the astronauts can use smartphones and call anyone at any time.

Setup by HPE and 5G network partner Cumucore.

New Laptop, New Windows, First boot. LOL

Glad windows is about to get wiped anyway.

Probably dual boot it at some point for that one of chance I need windows for some bs software that wine won't handle.

Has anyone else used these? All these years of being behind a computer really got my hands all messed up. I just got these to see if they help as some people swear by them.

Just got them, so we will see. Like to know if anyone else has used them for carpal tunnel.

I want to throw a good old fashion LAN party.
Nothing like playing a computer game and being able to throw a half eaten burrito at the person that just frag you.

Reminder I changed the URL on the Jitsi server.

Here are the LR links

XMPP: xmpp://

South Park has been running for 25 years. You think they be out of the 4th grade by now :)

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