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Michael Brazda @omnipotens@linuxrocks.online

linuxrock is updated to v2.4.0rc4 now --admin

OpenStreetCam sign detection code and training data open sourced

(submitted by mvexel)

@omnipotens @G_Dog1985

security explanation continued.

The vulnerability allowed access to a key file and database password. Since we do not allow access to the database from the outside as well as firewall rules a attacker would have to gain access to the system before a database password would do any good. Accounts like smtp are allowed by IP. We were also patched before the announcement. I am going to dig into this more just wanted everyone to know as you see toots on this we are patched.

Security Update for LinuxRocks.Online

Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag now that there was a security vulnerability in mastodon. We were contacted via email about this vulnerability asked to keep it hush until other instances can get patched.
The LinuxRocks instance was patched even before we received the email do to the great job from @G_Dog1985
Do to the way we deployed this instance and the firewalls in place I do not believe we had any security concerns.
Explanation Continued.

Do you use VLC in Ubuntu (or a flavor) 18.04? Help test a huge bugfix update!

More details are available here: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou

It took some doing but I found my desk again. Next person to walk by and sit something on my desk is getting a scissors though the hand. Hmm guess I have to order some scissors lol

Uh oh! A new vulnerability has a fancy hashtag, ominously suggests GPG is broken, doesn't follow disclosure rules?

"The GnuPG team was not contacted by
the researchers ..." - wk at gnupg.org

Let's see how overblown this hypetrain is. #efail

linuxocks.online is update to 2.4.0rc3 --admin

I am so stoked! TNG is coming to Star Trek Bridge Crew VR I cannot wait to play it..

Just wondering who prefers a light theme over a dark theme? seems most apps and desktops default to a light theme and the first thing I do is switch it to dark.

ok google we have a problem. I turn off google photos sync and every upgrade you turn it back on. Damn android phone. Guess its about time to use this phone as target practice ๐Ÿ˜

So what do you folks think of this RMS glibc crap all about a joke? Personally never cared for Stallman as I think he takes everything to the extreme.

Let me know if you think linuxrocks.online is running a little slow at any point in time. I fired syncthing backup and db backups again. Seems to be using more cycles than normal. Not sure if that is going to impact performance or not.

Tune in to the latest #LinuxUnplugged to hear about our recent work with upstreams on Notifications and how things will change in Juno buff.ly/2I6PJjz

Check out the first episode of @latenightlinux@twitter.com Extra to hear more about the imminent Juno Beta! buff.ly/2KzI3oB

@fdroidorg @omnipotens Yeah, I am now seeing again posts from users of this instance! ๐Ÿ™Œ


I am a software developer and electronic music producer. I am interested in promoting a decentralised network for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I have created an instance for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers at electro.social

This instance has open registration, and welcomes new participants.

#electro #music #introduction #introductions

@omnipotens You rebooting your instance somehow enabled it to talk to ours. We suddenly got an influx of a lot of new followers. And some 10d old mentions showing up in the timeline. ๐Ÿค”