LinuxRocks is currently running on a double disk failure and will be limping along till the 29th when I will be replacing the server. Will be shutting down LR in just a few minutes to get a latest backup for VM to make restoring easier.

@omnipotens I wonder how many people will end up here... it's cool that this instance has been around for 2+ years.

@kapper1224 Any chance you post some stuff in English so we might all benefit? 😀

#OpenBSD 6.5 and 6.4 security errata is available now for Intel #MDS, don't forget to syspatch(8)! :flan_thumbs:

003: SECURITY FIX: May 29, 2019 amd64
Intel CPUs have a cross privilege side-channel attack (MDS).

Linux Journal ASCII Art Contest
Do you have l33t ASCII/ANSI art skillz? Your work could grace the cover of Linux Journal! Read on for details:

So Rob Mink designed this tool changer which I am starting the process of building to add to my 3D printer. I am thinking of putting a laser as one of the heads. I think its pretty cool.


There is just something satisfying watch the printer I built print something when just a few months ago it was just hardware sitting at home depo.

I seriously considering taking on the huge project of 3D printing me a new keyboard.

If I do this what design elements would you do for a custom keyboard?

To add to my last post looking for a RPI alternative what I am needing is pure speed on calculations. I am using this on the 3D Printer that I built. The issue is a Z move of 250mm requires 1.6 million steps to be generated, and it is taking the RPi longer over 400ms to generate those steps. When the calculation takes to long the MCU and the RPI clock becomes out of sync and the MCU crashes.
My requirements are USB ports, runs linux, and pure speed, price.
Any suggestions are welcome.

suggestions on a board. The raspiberry pi is giving some issue was thinking of moving to pc engine board. What I need is a board that has around a 1ghz or better proc. Needs to be small are it be great if it ran off 24v but not requirement. Anyone have any suggestions for a pi alternative?

My current process on building my 3D printer. Currently using the printer to print a new box for the electronics as my last design was not big enough do to the amount of cables.

On Saturday 20th April 2019 at 8:00pm Eastern USA Big Daddy Linux Live are going to be reviewing Sabayon Linux.
Currently installing this Gentoo based distro on my now spare Alienware M15x.

And we're back! Seems like someone was flooding us again.

Ok redhat I am done with you for today I don't have the patents to try to navigate your overly complicated subscription site to try to figure out why I no longer have enough licenses just so I can install net-utils and vim.
You need to take a page out of Canonical's playbook for ubuntu!

Ok Redhat me and you are having a very bad start today

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