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Michael Brazda @omnipotens@linuxrocks.online

so I broke my work phones glass a LG. I ran it by a cell repair shop and they quoted me $175 to repair and stating it was one of the most difficult phones to repair. Well screw that I jumped on amazon and order the repair kit with tools and everything for $30 15 minutes later phones it fixed. Talk about a bunch or crooks! Not to mention it was one of the easiest phones to repair so they are liars too.

Do we have any openhab users here? I was upgrading mine yesterday and ran into a issue with one of my addons not showing up and I am stumped.

@omnipotens @joel here's a relevant meme, although I haven't actually ever ran debian so I'm posting it just 'cause

...I guess just replace "stable" with "unstable"

Might be in my head but I think linuxrocks is running quicker now. I did kick it up to 8 cores and added 6GB of ram to it and another 200GB of disk to this VM.

Looks like most of the world linuxrocks DNS has propagated except for Host Germany, Denmark and some opendns servers. Not sure whats up with rackspace but they have the completely wrong IP :thaenkin:

Linus Torvalds; what kind of a rig did he HOPE to have, back in the day?

Wow, he almost didn't remember the name of the classic wonder! :thinkhappy:

---> youtube.com/watch?v=UeylbqvGMk

Now LinuxRocks is backup I have also added a extra 200G of space to the server gee I hope I don't have to move it back.

LinuxRocks is back up!!

The move went very clean just took awhile to copy the 240G qcow across the internet but it is completed. I moved the DNS when it first started so hopefully it has propagated to most by now.

I will be shutting down LinuxRocks to start the copy in 10 minutes

*Outage Alert*

Just a reminder I will be shutting down linuxrocks in about 8 hours to start the coping the VM to a new server. This has to be done as I have been putting off extending the disk till after the move and we are getting very tight on space. It appears last night it filled up once again which has now been fixed.
Remember after the move the DNS will change so you may need to clear cache and give time for DNS to propagate.

Things LinuxRocks has setup for you to use.

XMPP Server
xmpp.linuxrocks.online (user@linuxrocks.online)

Matrix (worked last time I checked)



thanks google very helpful ๐Ÿ‘

Does anyone have a suggestion on 3D printers? I been looking for awhile but honesty I know very little about them. What I want is something cheap to start with but something of good quaility. I dont mind putting together a kit but I also don't want to fight with it everytime I use it. Oh and must work with Linux. Any suggestions on what model to look at and what resources to use to learn with.

So in an age of big data and data collection what about the data on your very own DNA? I can see the benefits of a open database for researchers and the possible advances that could create. With something that personal would that be a good idea and would you open license your DNA?

@omnipotens i messed up on the url lol its peertube.linuxrocks.online for the second one lol

OK KDE you been super solid for months now why in the hell are you rendering all my icons and menus with just complete garble. Guess two months without a reboot on a laptop is a bit much.

Peertube sure if a nice software but its still very young. I can see some huge potential for it. as some of you know we spun up two instances. If you would like to check it out.