@MightyPork The top layer of the keycaps gets heated up by the laser and turns white. This way you can control the intensity of the white e.g. to make it more grey.

@tuxedocomputers Neat. You should totally offer a blank option for the uber geeks ;)

Is this a white-labeled Apple product? I don't have a quarrel with it, just curious. Nice touch with the Linux key!

@hypolite No, we're building our own hardware and pre-installing Linux.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll definitely check you out when my gaming laptop dies!

@tuxedocomputers Wow nice laser etching. I wonder if it removes enough matter for led-backlighting to work ? That would be outright awesome. Congrats on the Tux-superkey icon 😉

@tuxedocomputers what's the equipment? This could be very useful to add Hebrew to imported Laptops here :)

@tuxedocomputers The laser rig. I have a 2W laser on my 3D printer which I can manipulate with GCODE on X-Y and use the Z for focus, but your system seams a lot faster and changes focus as fast as it needs, I wonder what's the equipment you use for that.

@tuxedocomputers Not gonna lie, the 'G' key being unfinished for a couple seconds had me worried until the laser came back for another pass. :p

Freaking *awesome*!

@tuxedocomputers How come someone not get a lot of custom drawings on its keys ?

@tuxedocomputers is this something that you offer ie paid Service? If so, rough idea of pricing and where are you based please?

@James We're currently sorting out how to offer that. I'd estimate it will be around additional 50€ per ordered laptop.

@tuxedocomputers Is there a tactile feel to the etching? E.g. could one etch Braille dots (or inverse Braille dots) and have them be recognizable by feel?

@ed1conf Phew, yes tactile feeling is there but for Braille I don't know. I will ask in the "laser deparment" though.

@tuxedocomputers It sounds like it's trying to connect to internet through a tiny modem

@tuxedocomputers You REALLY should add "bépo" layout to the config options (the most used French dvorak variant)

@tuxedocomputers I guess the hardest problem would be to get the blank keys for laptops, isn't it? I have a t450s I would love and pay for to get a custom layout on.

@vollkorn We can only laser on our own keyboards as we don't have other vendor's keyboards available.

@tuxedocomputers My next computer will be from you lot when I get some money saved up.

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