Well? Would you like a little ? If you look very close, there is at least the name of our ! ;)

I can't WAIT to do some serious battery benchmarking with this @TUXEDOComputers@twitter.com Pulse 15. I just spent 2 hours recording a podcast with it -- ON BATTERY with full brightness -- and it's still sitting at 81%.

The fan never even kicked on!
#AMD #Ryzen #DreamLaptop

Finally - good news for the weekend: The myTUXEDO is working again and should now even better than before! We thank all users for their and wish you a lot of fun and happy with myTUXEDO Cloud!

Photo by unsplash.com/@mrtheTrain

Find a complete () universe in a 15 inch case: the InfinityBook S 15!
Ultra-thin display bezels, up to 19 h battery life, efficient Tiger Lake processors incl Iris Xe Graphics iGPU and much more.

Beginning today, Linux For Everyone and @TUXEDOComputers have entered into a long-term partnership that will ensure growth in our community, and a steady stream of new content across the network!

More details in Wednesday's new episode of L4E!

"Workplace Day." This is true in so many areas right now, so: What are you doing for your - at home or at the ?
Are there any you do or recommend?
Finger exercises on the keyboard don't count! ;)
Image: MarcOliver_Artworks /pixabay

Die #LinuxGaming-Laptops von @tuxedocomputers kann man mit AMD oder NVIDIA betreiben. Den Tuxedo Polaris 15 sogar mit beidem. Wir haben daher unsere Lokispiele-Sammlung mal darauf angesetzt.

Unser Review mit einem feinen Retro-Loki/LGP-Gewinnspiel:


#linux #gewinnspiel #review

πŸ“’ With every device purchased from TUXEDO Computers you get 10GB of Nextcloud storage for free on the myTUXEDO Cloud!
❓ Want to know more?
πŸ–±οΈ Click and read the blog!


There are already not too few devices... ;)
One of our developers is testing new features for the TUXEDO Control Center... & obviously has fun with it! :D
What does your workplace look like?

Wear to - not exactly a for over a year - but at least there's an extra day for it to draw to it.
Cheer up and keep going!

by tookapic from

"Gimme Highfive!"
@alfred_the_shih_tzu has nailed today right on the money! Here's a virtual highfive to all!
Who will you highfive with first when it's possible again?
Looking forward to your comment!

!!!ATTENTION!!! myTUXEDO Cloud!!!
Hello everyone, please do not be confused - the myTUXEDO cloud is down. But we are working on it, that it will be available again soon! Please be patient! Our technicians are working on it!

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