Not only devs, sysadminis & supporters are working at TUXEDO Computers. There is also a dedicated marketing team - one of the colleagues is Ferdinand: "Everything I do has to do with the written word."

Wir verlosen über "MakeProjects" ein InfinityBook Pro 15 - RED Edition! Einfach bei der Stahl-Challenge mitmachen und deine Idee einreichen bis 12. September!
Weitere Infos gibts hier:

The team of TUXEDO Computers is getting bigger and bigger. But we can also record a few long-time employees who support us since our foundation. So: Welcome and nice that you are still here - Andreas!

The origins of date back to man's first walk on the moon. By the way, you can also reach for the stars with the TUXEDO Stellaris 15: A high-end gaming notebook with brand-new CPU from Intel or AMD and high-resolution 3K WQHD display.

Stern has an interesting article - we are mentioned, but they haven't tested anything from us yet. Who is in favor of Stern testing devices from us?

Wanna join our penguin colony? We are looking forward to you! Take a look on our job offering on our website!
And here you can already find out about your future colleagues! :)

Looking for a new challenge? So join TUXEDO Computers! We're looking for software developers and many more!

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With TUXEDO Computers you will find devices that fit your needs and desires! Individually configurable! Just browse our website and get inspired and if you have any questions, just ask!

Ok, so WHY was it so important that I finished and published this review today?

A year ago, I was in the hospital for Legionnaires Disease. I almost died. It was quite a roller coaster ride.

The story isn't about me getting sick, though...

Embrace your Geekness Day! No matter what your fandom is or what drives you to be creative - shout it out loud and be proud! And post it here in the comments! (We're curious) :)
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It's Monday and you're hanging out at your old job? Then get up and make a change: Come to TUXEDO Computers - we are looking for web developers for our online store, cloud service and more.
Take a look at our site right now!

You get your TUXEDO device the way you want it - and not only in terms of "inner values". You can also have your own logo applied to the lid. Like @lowenware - looks good! :)

At the end of May, the social department store "contact in Augsburg e. V." was broken into and, among other things, the laptop of the chairwoman of the board was stolen. TUXEDO Computers produced a new laptop with a special lid laser.

Our breaks we also always use very focused...^^

(Doom (2016), running Linux via Steam Proton, medium graphics settings , InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen6, i7-1165G7, 3K display).

Today is an especially delicious day: Chocolate Day! So get to the candy drawer and snack!
And we found a sweet combination of penguin and chocolate here: +🍫

Today is International Kiss Day! Then give your loved ones a really big smooch!

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...every now and then you should also clean your machine friend... in any case, it does no harm. ^^

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