And there's another sports enthusiast at TUXEDO Computers: Tizian, who not only rides his bike to work, but also visits the gym four times a week. But that's not the only thing that keeps him healthy: Read more about in the interview!

Yesterday, the colleague was "giving away secrets about" her career as a marketing and PR manager and pass on valuable tips at the Career Service of the University Augsburg. A total of 30 students and 4 speakers were present and were able to exchange ideas.

🎼 "All by myself..." 🎤 already sang Céline Dion - we stick to it! 😉 This also includes that we make our product photos ourselves in Augsburg and have a small photo studio with professional equipment! 📸 (light, turntable, camera, etc.) CEO himself taking the pictures! 😀

Vorgefertigte FESTKONFIGURATION - fertig in 48 h!
❇️ 14 Zoll Full-HD Display
❇️ 1,7cm & 1,45 kg
❇️ Intel Core i7-1165G7
❇️ Intel Iris Xe Graphics (iGPU)
❇️ 2 x 16 GB RAM
❇️ 500 GB Samsung 980 SSD
❇️ 49 Wh Akku | Bis zu 11 h Akkulaufzeit

You come back to the office after a long Christmas break and there's a calendar from EcurieAix. We'll soon tell you exactly what it's all about! :)

das die Geräte so viel Anklang finden ist natürlich erfreulich, für Sie allerdings unerfreulich, da Sie länger warten müssen. Dafür entschuldigen wir uns nochmals. Wie Sie allerdings auf 3 Wochen kommen erschließt sich uns nicht ganz, da in der erwähnten Mail von uns an Sie steht, dass Sie Ihr Gerät noch in dieser Woche erhalten. Wir wünschen trotzt der Verzögerung viel Spaß mit dem neuen Notebook!

Just in time for the holidays, our web shop made a boo. We're working on it...

The last day before Christmas - tomorrow there will be good food, gifts and family celebration if you want. (Unless you're in the USA - they don't celebrate until 12/25).

One of our longest-serving colleagues is currently still in support and will then move to development - that's also possible at TUXEDO Computers!

From the inside or from the outside - it doesn't really matter and over the holidays you can "dress up" as well! Two more days and it is recovery announced! Stay in a good mood and be a little lenient with your fellow people - we do not always know the circumstances!

Just before Christmas, this is very good advice! No rush and just take it a little easier. Today you a good start to the new working day and good luck!

Which quote do you like best?
Now only 4 days - and then it's Christmas! The anticipation is rising! Do you have everything ready or do you still have to get things?

Nice idea!
Then we wish everyone already a nice Friday and a relaxing weekend! Soon is Christmas, soon are holidays and a little rest!

The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U of the TUXEDO Aura 15 is capable for high multi core workloads thanks to: 8 cores & clockspeeds of up to 4.1 GHz. Also: low power consumption (TDP) of 15 watts!
Go now and get your personal TUXEDO Aura 15!

...well then! ;)
This can be remembered and heeded for soooo many areas! By the way, today is "the little Friday" - so tomorrow we are already one step closer to the weekend! (...and Christmas!)

Morgen haben wir nicht nur ein Spiel sondern gleich zwei Spiele inkl. eines Geschenkpakets von @tuxedocomputers.

Holarse-Türchen Nr. 16: eine schöne Adventuregeschichte unter #Linux.

Im Tuxedo-Goodiepaket erwartet euch ein wahrer nativer Klassiker!

#linux #linuxgaming #advent

Im 16. Türchen des Holarse #Linux-Spiele-Adventskalenders erwarten euch ein umfangreiches Adventure und ein absoluter Strategie-Klassiker vom Feinsten zusammen mit einem TUXEDO Goodies-Paket von @tuxedocomputers !

Natürlich nativ für eure #Linux-Box!

#linuxgaming #advent

Nick from @thelinuxEXP took a closer look at our InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen 6 with the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3050Ti!
"(...) really nifty 14 inch Laptop!"
"In short, (the display) is amazing."
"Performance-wise, that thing runs really well."

Things are moving fast now! 9 days left & it's Christmas! Have you already bought gifts? Or are you making memories?
(If you need a laptop quickly - just have a look at the category immediate shipping - here we have pre-built devices with german keyboard (QWERTZ)!

Übrigens: Unser Aura 15 ist auch als vorkonfigurierte Version zu haben & in 48 h fertig zum Versand! Was ist drin?
✳️AMD Ryzen 3 4300U
✳️2 x 8 GB RAM
✳️250 GB Samsung 980 SSD
✳️Deutsches Tastaturlayout (QWERTZ)
✳️49 Wh Lithium-Ion Akku
Jetzt zuschlagen!

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