Don't forget to send your photograph of your TUXEDO to have the chance to win a TUXEDO birthday fan package! Today at 12 pm (CET) the raffle will be over!

We would like to thank also our partners and sponsors, without whom we would not have been able to put together such great TUXEDO birthday fan packages!
@intel @holarse @opensuse
Open Soruce Bussiness Alliance @nitrokey
Computec Media

Only 2 days left to win a TUXEDO birthday fan package! Did you already send your photo? No?! So do it now - on June 30 the raffle will be over!

Due to our annual inventory, there will be delays in fulfilling your order or service order starting 28 June, 2022. Inventory is usually completed within a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience & will of course process your orders as soon as possible!

I got a new laptop, to edit videos and game on the go: the
Stellaris 15 Gen 4. It's an absolute monster in terms of performance, and, of course, it runs #Linux! Want to see why I picked it up? Check out the video!

Here's a little insight into what all the effort is for: This is what your TUXEDO birthday fan package could look like! Thx to partners @intel @holarse , @openSUSE , @LPIConnect , osballiance , @nitrokey
So: Send your photos in until June 30th!

Have you heard? There are new TUXEDO birthday fan packages to win! Until 30th of June 2022. you can participate and submit a photo of your TUXEDO! We're excited to see your submissions!

"When taking the geometric mean of those 124 tests, it was just over 3% faster overall but depending upon your workloads you may see greater gains as shown by some of the benchmarks."

See Phoronix' updated benchmarks on TUXEDO Aura 15 Gen2:

"Was bringt es von einem Tuxedo Polaris 15 Gen 1 auf das aktuelle Gen 3 zu wechseln?" Bernd Ritter von @holarse hat einen ausführlichen Bericht dazu verfasst. Hier legt er auch dar, warum Dual-Channel wichtig ist. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Der Autor @a_roesler von hat sich über Ostern vorgenommen, seinen TUXEDO auf Ubuntu 22.04 LTS upzugraden, mit Erfolg! Vielen Dank für den Bericht!

Soon you can see penguins in action - TUXEDO Computers participates at the 11th M-net Firmenlauf Augsburg! We waddle 5.3 km for a good cause: Parts of the entry fees will be donated to charitable organizations! Who will come to cheer?

Long lasting devices! ^^
In matters of education, you must always be persistent, whether with children with or without fur! ;)

Cat content! 🐱
TUXEDOs, a cat and a Tux - well, if that's not a fun combination! 😁
Does your cat also feel comfortable with a TUX(EDO)? Just leave a comment!

Definitely at least an iced coffee or something similar is necessary today!
How hot is it in your office? And hopefully you have something to cool down?

"What is "mainlining"? And can you eat it?" - This question appeared again and again in the past time and in the blogpost of our developer Werner, is explaining all the important points about it in detail.

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