Ahoy comrades and hoist the sails! If you want to have your own logo printed or lasered on your TUXEDO, you don't have to jump over planks for this! ⚔️🏴‍☠️

The Mamas & the Papas already sang about Monday in 1966: "Monday, Monday, can't trust that day".
It may be Monday - but at least working with a TUXEDO is fun! Here, for example, is a Pulse 15 in use - how do you start this Monday?

The @tuxtage2020 Tare on November 13 and 14, 2021: A live moderated online event consisting of talks, discussions, workshops and much more around the Free Software world. TUXEDO Computers supports the event and a TUXEDO XP14 has been made available to the Tux-Tage as a loan.

After the "diabetes weeks", we now have something healthy for our employees! 🤪
A small selection of fresh fruit is available to everyone - anyone can help themselves! And don't forget: Stay healthy!

Vielen Dank an @kielux - unser Tux muss noch ein bisschen "reinwachsen" ins T-Shirt aber fühlt sich bereits sauwohl! :)

On October 16, the LinuxDay 2021 of the Linux User Group Vorarlberg will take place.
TUXEDO Computers is sponsor and supports the event for the second time as an online event. More information and the program can be found at:

TUXEDO Computers is also very international - our colleague Christoffer moved to Germany from Sweden and has been with us for a few years!

Heute nachmittag um 15 Uhr geht es los mit dem ersten Vortrag "Linux für Anfänger" von @LinuxGuides !

Der Vortrag findet im Rahmen unseres vorgezogenen Linux Presentation Day statt - das eigentlich Datum ist im November, mehr Infos unter l-p-d.org/de/public/start !

Penguins love cake - DEFINITELY!
Thanks to the colleagues who always provide all employees! No one has ever left the office hungry! ;)

@tuxedocomputers becomes a KDE Patron! TUXEDO Computers builds and provides Linux-powered computers and notebooks. From now on, the company will support KDE to ensure we can carry on making great software.


With the large 73 Wh battery and the slim and light magnesium case as well as other features, the InfinityBook S 14 - Gen6 soars to become the new ultra-mobile all-rounder.


The TUXEDO InfinityBook S 14 - Gen6 relies on an extremely light (1.1 kg) and thin (16.8 mm) as well as robust magnesium alloy chassis, which is certified according to the military standard MIL-810G.


School starts today! We wish our trainee Lena a successful school and training period with us! And: always study hard and pay attention!

Gewinnspiel der 19. Kieler Open Source und LinuxTage - richtig großes Paket zu gewinnen u. a. mit gesponserten Gadgets von TUXEDO Computers!

Colleague officially starts her training next week and then has school days again! Therefore, there was today from a colleague a small school bag with some nerve food!

For the news Polaris devices: There has never been a harder decision between AMD & Intel! Intel not only succeeded with its new Core i7-11800H (8 cores | 16 threads) to surpass its predecessor by a high margin, but even to largely catch up with AMD's highly decorated Ryzen APUs.

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