Just placed my order with @tuxedocomputers but the model isn't in stock until early march. Imagine me jumping up and down when it arrives! Love it already.

Toot toot!
Willkommen auf der offiziellen Mastodon-Präsenz der Chemnitzer Linux-Tage! Schön, dass ihr uns schon gefunden habt!

Und damit ihr immer bestens informiert seid, werden wir euch ab sofort auch hier mit allen Informationen und Neuigkeiten zu den Chemnitzer Linux-Tagen beliefern. Der aktuelle Hashtag ist wie auf allen anderen Plattformen #CLT2019
Und Fragen sind natürlich auch immer erlaubt und willkommen. Also scheut euch nicht uns zu kontaktieren!

Toot toot!

ha and I forgot : @tuxedocomputers it's gear from you running here ;)
still happy with it for #VR (after 2 years) !

I will have a new computer for developing #Fedilab :)
I would like to thank you all for your donations or your encouraging messages. You can't imagine how much I feel happy for your precious help!
I chose a Tuxedo computer and @tuxedocomputers offered me a discount on it :)
Here is the computer: tuxedocomputers.com/en/Linux-H

I will publish photos as soon as I get it :)
Big thanks again to all

friends and lovers, jump on in and we'll add some discount to get @tom79 a shiny powerful development machine! ✊

Great to have @slimbook testing out the upcoming Service Pack (SP1) for @opensuse Leap 15 (15.1). Looks like people will have options to buy either a @tuxedocomputers or a @slimbook with the new service pack. We are getting ready to move from the rolling Alpha releases into the rolling betas. #Leap 15 SP1 scheduled for release in May. Test it today - software.opensuse.org/distribu

Der Standplan für die ist da! Ihr findet uns zusammen mit @holarse hier:
The floor plan for the is here! You can find us together with @holarse here:

Ingo von hat sich unseren Nano angesehen und berichtet darüber. Ab ~1h25m geht's los - aber auch die anderen Themen sind interessant!

as I write this, I've successfully migrated all of my workflow outside of the Apple galaxy. I have a faithful @tuxedocomputers laptop with me, got a JetBrains subscription and seriously, Linux is quite awesome.

1997-2007 on Windows
2008-2018 on Mac OS
2019-?? on Linux

Went through the joy of adding an i-tec Thunderbolt dock to work with the @tuxedocomputers InfinityBook. Outcome: Works very well without much effort, except for display which requires proprietary drivers (*cough* DisplayLink) and a bit tweaking with wiring. Now running DVI with DisplayPort adapter and am convinced to never touch this setup again. 😉

Power to play & work under :
Our premier classes of devices are now equipped with new and can be configured to be powerful. Read the news about the XUX508 and XUX708 now and order straightaway! tuxedocomputers.com/en/Infos/N

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