Does anyone know what happened with this instance, yesterday? It went completely offline, for a while.

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Finally gotten around to joining this fortnight's Big Daddy distro challenge... which is edition 4 (LMDE 4).

Not looked at a purely based system (don't really count in this, lol)... so this should be interesting.

Decided to give Arco a try, as it comes with 6 Window Managers and OpenBox, so I'm able to see which one I like best.

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Social distancing - positive - self-promotional 

After watching a recent video by @distrotube I am seriously starting to consider an Awesome 30 day challenge, for April. To see if I can live in a Window Manager, on my main machine, for a full month!

Rather pleased with the work I did yesterday, in installing onto my dad's new machine; especially with his ludicrous partitioning scheme. 😊🐧

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Just joined this instance. Avid user (even installed it on my dad's new machine). I look forward to getting to know what goes on here. πŸ˜ƒ


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