I've been asked for a way to download music to PC (probably from YouTube,
Looking for easy way for non technical person to do using a browser

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"Chrome for Android may soon send notifications reminding you to use Chrome"

When the 71% total browser market share is not enough and you have to resort to spam and tricks to squeeze a couple percent more...


anyone here knows about solarpanels in urban areas?

Why wireguard requires additional interface?

if anyone is interested in trying listen to a father to son south american music I will recommend you listen to la hija del mariachi.
you could download it(it doesn't take much space. and it is very nice.
I ask you to have this so I won't be the only one seeding it because it took me weeks to download this, now it is only me and another person seeding this torrent and it will be nice to have a backup of this in one of your computers
good luck!

Why would kontalk use pgp instead of omemo?

anyone here uses ipfs for anything? or have used it? or maybe has an idea of stuff I currently could do?

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Use ddg html. Javascript use tends to be for unwanted things anyway. Ddg html search results are fast, light, specific.

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What are some good fitness communities online? Ie. maybe not body building per se, but .. nutrition, workouts, etc.

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Ok it's time to increase the character count here again. I'm tired of being limited to 500 :blobcatglare:

how would you explain what is a server, and what the owner of the server(eg. google) could do with your data to a non-technical person?

How do I make this secureboot work on my Debian laptop

Is there someone listens to google's CEO talk in the Congress now?

instead of using qutebrowser I ended up using firefox with vimvixen( I found your video on youtube).
thanks a lot, it is super usefull

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Student of mine is conducting a survey on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. Your input would be much appreciated. Please boost.


#fediverse #pleroma #gnusocial #diaspora #mastodon #activitypub #ostatus #pubsub#xmpp #mstdn

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