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Flatpak and snaps are way to slow.. I'm trying to write down down things before work and no...

@i2p seems painfully slow, even slower then tor, which is acceptable.
I heard i2p should be faster...

Anyone uses xmpp with jingle and email over I2p?
how's it like?

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Is there an equivalent to #yunohost,that offers a "click to play" selfhosted server for #bigbluebutton?

@briar should have an option to send images at least!

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I took the #signal downtime as an opportunity to appreciate what’s happening here. Millions around the world are making a choice for more privacy. And let’s be honest: every single tech company would come to a grinding halt under that kind of increase in load. We’re talking about well over 1500% in just a few days. I feel for the devops now working their asses off to get things back up. Set up a recurring donation now! I don’t even want to imagine the figure on their next aws bill...

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Could I set gsf to work only on work profile?
I don't really want /need it on my main profile

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is down.

Hopefully this just signals a bunch more users.

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@Hamishcampbell @bob You could have a chat compass. Centralized/decentralized on one axis, Open/Closed on the other.

Centralized/Closed: WhatsApp, Telegram
Centralized/Open: Signal, Jitsi, BBB, RocketChat (maybe)
Decentralized/Closed: Pre-Microsoft Skype
Decentralized/Open: Matrix, XMPP, SSB

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@techit nope. I'm sure it's because so many people jumped ship from WhatsApp
How exsactly does it work?
Could I host a one jid and move it threw servers? That seems cool. ..

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