@snopyta are you planning to stay for the farther future?

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Dragon is docking! Pull up the NASA TV if you're interested.


Livefeed is up.

for some reason I see through that my phone sends requests to au.ff.avast.com
I never installed or tried using one of their services on my device. then why does it?

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There are different ways of beating Internet censorship. Some protect you from surveillance, but many do not. The circumvention tool that is best for you depends on your threat model. ssd.eff.org/en/module/how-circ

I know that egypt blocks voip protoxol, i have a friend who complained he couldn't make whatsapp calls over there, is there a free and secure way to bypass that?

Could someone send me an invite to systemli.org mail?

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@askopenscience it may be harder than you think to completely avoid Amazon! gizmodo.com/i-tried-to-block-a

I was referring to the fact that Goodreads is owned by amazon and built on amazon data and my project is not.

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Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

Just used , it is amazing! Even more accurate then waze

I use netguard in order to block unnecesery built in apps from reaching the internet, and doesn't log in my phone to Google and the phone's vendor.
Do you have any recommendation to a good foss anti-theft remote control of my phone?

Could I disable Google play services from running and enabling itself without my permission and without rooting the phone? I guess it wastes my battery...

Is there a web developer who uses/doesn't uses faltter+ dart?

just built an app with cmake and git, is there some easy way to uninstall without harming the system?

Does @briar needs orbot in order to connect tor?
By the way, somebody want to test that with me?

someone knows how could I connect optical cable to my computer? I don't seem to find a port for that

somebody heard about microsoft fluid?
do you see any alternatives coming in the future?

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I see Jami pop up now and again when it comes to alternatives to Skype, Zoom and so on.

Is there any of you who use it regularly, especially for video/audio calls? If so, how reliable is it, and how's battery life on mobile devices?

I like its feature set, but I'm hesitant to give it another try after my experiences with it in the past.

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