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I took the #signal downtime as an opportunity to appreciate what’s happening here. Millions around the world are making a choice for more privacy. And let’s be honest: every single tech company would come to a grinding halt under that kind of increase in load. We’re talking about well over 1500% in just a few days. I feel for the devops now working their asses off to get things back up. Set up a recurring donation now! I don’t even want to imagine the figure on their next aws bill...

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Could I set gsf to work only on work profile?
I don't really want /need it on my main profile

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is down.

Hopefully this just signals a bunch more users.

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@Hamishcampbell @bob You could have a chat compass. Centralized/decentralized on one axis, Open/Closed on the other.

Centralized/Closed: WhatsApp, Telegram
Centralized/Open: Signal, Jitsi, BBB, RocketChat (maybe)
Decentralized/Closed: Pre-Microsoft Skype
Decentralized/Open: Matrix, XMPP, SSB

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@techit nope. I'm sure it's because so many people jumped ship from WhatsApp
How exsactly does it work?
Could I host a one jid and move it threw servers? That seems cool. ..

Testing xmpp woth a friend.
I like the fact that I could have multiple xmpp accounts, one for work, one for close friends, stuff like that...

When thinking about it, xmpp could work if more features are adapted, like group calls, easier onboarding.

This is my plan,
Fist move people to signal, because they are much more likely to keep it and know how to use it.
Next step, moving to xmpp, with whoever , probably via blabber app which makes it pretty straightforward for people who starting out.

A friend of mine triies xmpp, and it seems for him like"gmail for whatsapp"

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Was so happy to see notifications of several contacts jump to Signal yesterday. 🙂
Slowly but surely.

I don't think that the blocking of Trump's account by mainstream social media is a legitimate step.

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Contact Diary: an app that helps you keep track of the people you have recently been with.

- daily reminder
- doesn't have the INTERNET permission, so it can't secretly share your data
#covid19 #privacy #contacttracing

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looking for work 

Nothing in the magic money app (email) except stuff I don't wanna do/am no longer qualified for (QA, Java), or spam for stuff I can't do (designer). Have to update LinkedIn and trawl that mess again.

Unless someone knows of a nice coding #job?

1. #Scheme
2. #Javascript front or back-end
3. #Python
4. #ObjectiveC (I'm not doing Swift)

Or, if you want me to keep doing indie #gamedev, a bunch of patrons would be awesome:

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