Someone has an idea about
Somewhere to get more info?

Do you believe will last? Or will go down surprisingly just like

What is dispora? Is it the Same as mastodon?

What do you think about airvpn for selfhosting?

Where should I buy a domain for my email so I would be able to switch providers without changing my address each time

Blokada helped me block 54 ads and trackers in the last 2 days! Get it at

Blokada v4 (ad blocker) (The ad blocker - battery efficient, fast, powerful and simple to use) -

Recommended, it is an free and opensource android adblocker, and trackerblocker , which also let you use your own DNS.
I have chosen to use AdGuard DNS(family) with this opensource app, to avoid not only ads and tracker, but also pornography online.
This app help me waste less data, time and help me focus what I want.

recommended from Fdroid.
Techitnow :android:

what could I do to self host if my isp blocks incoming connections?
could I rent a cheep server to make a vpn that will work?

is it just me or it's true that is down

How much space do you use for your own nextcloud intance?

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start using search engine, and make the profit of your searches start planting trees!
try and share what do you think about it!

I recommend using ecosia, both for privacy concerns and both for enviromental concerns

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Is someone uses yunohost?
Some recommendations?

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