Is someone uses yunohost?
Some recommendations?

Could I install freedombox is on old android, so I make it into a cheap freedombox with that nice ui?

Half of my followers are bots:blobthinkingeyes:

Where are you making most of your shopping online,
And why there?

I found on fdroid a peertube client for android which is great!
By any mean.
I very recommend you to use it.
Thorium (a PeerTube player) -

I have IPad 4 and on it IOS 8.4, jalibreaked with cydia.
Should I upgrade it? Or leave it that way?

I very like my iPad, and I don't want some heavy upgrades to make it worse.

Hey, I found out that peertube uses all bandwidth to download all of the video at the start, even if the user isn't gonna watch the video.
It's just waste a lot of data, both to the hoster, and the user. You have a interesing blog, for now I am reading your post on how to remotly encypt entire debian system (:

how could I send a toot that wont show on other intences timeline, but only this intence?

what do you think about that blog post?!
I would like to get some honest feedback from you guis on that community before polishing it and publishing it more seriously.
this is my very first post, so I want to get some help with that!

Why peertube won't add some kind of software that people would be able to contirbute and help stream with other people, even if they don't watch the video

What makes most of porn legal?
Most of the times it's a rape story, they violent every possible humanright law.

And I talk mostly about the companies running this bus.

It changes people's mind, like hard drugs (no less)

Most of it's viewers, are childerns, between 11-17 years old!!
But guess what...
It makes lots of money to those companies.

Is this what you want your friends, family, children watch?
So, what do you say about that?
Because, I don't really like that idea.

Hey guys, what do you mean when you say UPS, and LR.

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