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A mature fellow, with a hankering for control over my own computing.

I've admired Linux over the years, but have only just moved my main box over.

My distros:
Desktop: Mint 19 Cinnamon
Laptop: Mint 18 MATE
Old Laptop: Bodhi 4

Previously bewitched by OpenSUSE, Peppermint, Porteus, Lubuntu, Linux Lite.

Simplicity, Choice, Freedom and Control - along with Ethical, Sustainable computing all figure into my love for Linux.

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Why does all the #Linux news and dev hype I see contain nothing but young whipper snappers? If your a Linux Geezer like me 45+ let me know so I can follow

#LinuxundOpenSource #opensource

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@spelk Buy a Essential Phone. Is the most personal phone you ever have.

I have wrestled into being my replacement.

However it stores all notes/webcaptures as a LOT of small files. Making direct cloud sync slow. Using local folder sync & cloud service own sync muscle

Joplin (home) sync with local folder >>

Cloud client sync points to both local folders

<< Joplin (work) sync with local folder

This means my "mutually exclusive" changes locally are small & swift and synced up centrally.

Tried direct to cloud & webdav both vslow

I just want a smartphone to be a portable sized computer that I have total control over, and only does what I want it to, and nothing else.

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I've been using for half a year now and I have to admit:
WOW this thing is awesome! You have a great privacy and still can use it with every email client out there. It also has a good collection of features but at the same time is not bloated. All in all its a very balanced experience and that makes is sooooooo good!
The 1€ per month are absolutely wort it!

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If you're considering de-Googleing your phone, here's a list to see if you're compatible with Lineage OS.

"Lineage OS devices: Here's a list of every compatible Android device"

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Purism has an update on their progress with the Librem 5. If you're considering getting one, new information for you!

"Librem 5 general development report — October 15th, 2018 – Purism"

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When I was a kid learning programming I was repeatedly told the computer will only do what I tell it to do.

*Looks at Windows 10 with multiple Electron apps installed* :blobthinkingeyes:

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That is one interesting looking piece of release artwork!

#OpenBSD "Puffy vs Cthulhu" by Natasha Allegri

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Websites doing their best to hide the "log in" option and only showing the "sign up" option prominently is such a weird and bad UX development
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any website that can detect my use of ad/script blockers is a website that justifies the use of ad/script blockers

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So, girls and boys, your project for the weekend: do a Google takeout (if you have an account) and browse through the JSON files in "Purchases _ Reservations/" and determine how the fuck they got all that data. Protip: Cognac helps.

What are the viable choices available for an ethical, affordable, reliable FOSS smartphone, that isn't like taking a chance on a roulette wheel of crowdfunding? Anyone know?

Or any pointers on how to take a modern branded smartphone and strip it bare and rebuild it to be as above that I have total control over?

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@hund @istvan Well, Fastmail decided to get rid of their cheapest tier which kicked me into looking around and I saw that Posteo (which was recommended by a viewer) had a good record with open source, workers rights and environmental (and fiscal) sustainability for only one Euro a month, I could hardly refuse.

I also don't mind about not having my own domain because I'm more than happy to use their domain as a kind of promotion,

They also make use of the open source tools for mobile syncing.

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If Google has become a verb as in "Google it", if I #DuckDuckGo something can it be "duck it"... Then if you don't find anything, you only have to change one letter

Troy Hunt explores using a Pi-Hole (Raspberry Pi) to squash web ads - I may have to explore this setup further.

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Whoever thought captchas are a good security measure needs to be taken out back and flogged

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