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A mature fellow, with a hankering for control over my own computing.

I've admired Linux over the years, but have only just moved my main box over.

My distros:
Desktop: Mint 19 Cinnamon
Laptop: Mint 18 MATE
Old Laptop: Bodhi 4

Previously bewitched by OpenSUSE, Peppermint, Porteus, Lubuntu, Linux Lite.

Simplicity, Choice, Freedom and Control - along with Ethical, Sustainable computing all figure into my love for Linux.

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Played a good game of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tonight, a merfolk ice elementalist. I got a little too confident on the second level of the Orcish Mines, after clearing out the Lair of Beasts, and accidentally woke up a very nasty unique, and died running away. Still, it was a good game.

#dcss #gameing

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Johnny rotten being a giant douchebag is exactly why I preferred TSOM. At least Andrew Eldritch was ACTUALLY anti-establishment.

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Further to the Stamets & fungi discussion, for anyone who like me didn't know...

The Paul Stamets character is based on a real Paul Stamets who is a mushroom expert in Canada. He is looking at how fungi can be used to "save the world" by cleaning polluted soil, replacing toxic insecticides and even treating viruses.

Read about him and the work he is doing with fungi here:

HT to @dani for sharing this originally.

#Sporespondence #StarTrek

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Happy GNUiversary!

On this day, 37 years ago, Richard Stallman announced the GNU Project and with it launched the entire free software movement.


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The plain text project, a listing of tools to help you do most of your work using plain text files.

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britpol, coronavirus 

One person in the government is found to be a bully and it's endless articles and tweets. 70,000 excess pandemic deaths and it hardly registers.

It's almost as if certain stories are there merely to create a distraction.

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Wow, GamingOnLinux has a big list of free Linux games:

You can filter by genre.
If you want to find open source games, you can also filter by license!

#opensource #linux #gaming

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The ancient Greeks had spirits; we have apps:

"What oppressed the pious Greek was the cloud of spirits that surrounded him, ready and able, he believed, to spy upon him, interfere with him, and do him evil." -- Durant

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For all the right Labour members crying that Corbyn Is back, you're not Labour and you should leave.

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I added a music section on my bookmarks page. And I'm only adding my favourite DRM-free music there.

#Music #Bandcamp

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✅ All links on Mastodon count as 23 characters, no matter how long they really are

URLs can be as long as you want, they will never exceed 23 characters of your limit.

There is no need to use a link shortener!

#FediTips #MastoTips #LinkShortener #LinkShorteners #URLShortener #URLShorteners #CharacterLimits #Mastodon

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In 1938 humans were offered three global stories to choose from; in 1968 just two; in 1998 a single story seemed to prevail; in 2018 we are down to zero. No wonder that the liberal elites, who dominated much of the world in recent decades, have entered a state of shock and disorientation. To be suddenly left without a story is terrifying. Nothing makes any sense.
-- Yuval Noah Harari

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bmj, covid 

The British Medical Journal is not well pleased.

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@solene blogged a game of #NetHack: It's a pretty nice way to introduce someone to the game, and I didn't see anyone else mix the in-game map with the free-form explanations. The commentary is also a lot better than my just-in-time attempt was: (LOL I mention a tourist in the intro, and Solene plays a Tourist in her blog)

@solene, I'm looking forward to part two!

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computer ownership discourse 

it would be cool if users were better and didn't need guardrails for computers but we've built a world where everybody apparently needs a handheld UNIX machine that runs a shitload of untrustable third-party code to function in society

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