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@syscrash thanks for the follow, but please follow me on instead. Normally I'm there.

@stoeps thanks for the follow, but please follow me on instead. Normally I'm there.

#infosec fellas who ended up on the overloaded and instances!

Give them a break and migrate to one of the infosec focused instances:

#cybersecurity #feditips

It makes me happy to see, in the news, that is shutting down traffic in central Stockholm right now.

Spoke to a colleague about the latest climate comment from the general secretary of UN, he said to _reverse_ emissions within 36 weeks. That is till the end of the year.

She: It can't be that bad, can it?

Impossible things in Sweden:

1. Second hand synths.
2. Programming literature in libraries OR second hand.
3. Living without an address, it's in fact illegal to not have an address.
4. Criticism, we're a conflict terrified bunch.
5. Promote FOSS, "hey, my ms-office!"

Depeche Mode, "John the Revelator (UNKLE RE Construction)" from the album "Remixes 2: 81-11 (Deluxe Version)". #nowplaying #fediplay

I’ll never forget where I was the moment that Elon Musk bought Twitter (I was on Mastodon)

Welcome, birdsite expatriates! A lot of us started there before ending up here, so we understand that it takes a little time to adjust. That’s OK, and we’re happy to help you!

It's bloody hard trying to find a used electronic piano or a reasonably ok synthesizer second hand.

Some organic Montana hard red wheat in our K-TEC grinder. We've had this grinder for over 20 years. One of our better investments. We grind out on the porch because it gets dusty.

Photlbucket has been sending me emails since at least september last year about inactivity on my account. With warnings that "if you don't do anything about it" the account will be shut down. So, naturally, I didn't do anything.
Twice a week I still get an email with the same warning.

Will Putin:

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