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Anyone here familiar with Minetest?

What mods are good for a LAN party (WAN party, in these conditions, obviously) where people don't necessarily know Minetest beforehand? I want something quite simple to get started with.

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So, should we:

Address the fact that the software industry is a pile of bullcrap that could collapse in any moment.

Or rename our branches to "main" and call it a day.
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Tech people: "We can fight capitalism, and get a more humane society."

Also tech people: "Well, Chromium won, let's forget Firefox, we can't take the web back, let's move to something else."

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Oha, GitHub hat einen DMCA-Takedown für youtube-dl bekommen. Bei der Gelegenheit der Reminder: Zentralisierung stinkt, verlasst auf wenn möglich nicht auf einzelne Dienste.

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So nice of the RIAA to advertise this youtube-dl tool! Maybe someone didn't know about it. Really appreciated!

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Friends don't let friends use GitHub.


With GitHubs recent push for their CLI tool over the the already ubiquitous and understood git CLI and the new certification agenda, I will be migrating and will no longer support or endorse Github.

Don't let GitHub continue to monopolise FOSS and OS communities - Move your hardwork elsewhere.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..