Still continuing my journey of discovery. I’ve been looking at overlapping community detection algorithms. Implemented a simple one (CPMw) in but was underwhelmed by the results. I could fiddle with parameters to get the desired clusters individually but not together.

Need to look into proper evaluation methods now, I won’t get very far just by eyeballing the clusters.

wrote a post on running Luminus #Clojure web apps using Dokku, I think it provides one of the best ways to manage a VPS

A shout-out to all people interested in #Clojure and #datascience: we're organizing the community to move Clojure forward in the field and everyone is invited!!!

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My colleagues are looking at more . Seems to be a good dev story in the browser and on Node, but much weaker everywhere else.

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the stove is really hot for some reason and i just can’t put my finger on it

Just spent an hour writing a lightweight inferior-lisp based mode for before thinking of checking whether inf-clojure existed. It does, d’oh. An hour wasted, but problem solved: when I don’t want to use CIDER (or have a socket REPL) there is a good option.

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Trying to balance early morning workouts against getting enough sleep. I guess the solution is going to bed earlier, but those seasons of Doctor Who aren’t going to watch themselves..

New Year season breaks my schedule and I become too lazy to do the simplest things. Any recipes to fight it?

Turns out all my performance improvements were unnecessary- it was an infinite loop due to a node with an edge to itself. Rookie error!

Serious yak-shaving going on now. I'm trying to implement clique percolation (CFinder) in Clojure. Loom provides a maximal cliques implementation that should be trivial to build on top of, except I noticed degeneracy ordering was performing terribly. I managed to optimize this and was feeling pretty smug, except the rest of the algorithm is also not performing. Further down the rabbit hole I go...

“A man has died, so Hackernews presses the upvote arrow, since that's the closest approximation of human emotion any of them have.”

n-gate is on it this week.

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