Pair programming today with a colleague who is much better than me. Humbling and occasionally depressing, but a great workout.

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~ Edward Stanley

Is it me or is the deal rather underwhelming? The only thing of note is the backstop, the rest is mostly about setting up actual future relationship negotiations in the transition period. So this is only significant because if accepted it means neither the no-deal hard Brexiteers nor Remainers have got what they wanted. And even then surely we could come out of the transition period with any of a huge range of options. Am I misunderstanding?

It's funny how Jupyter notebooks "do it properly" guides are popping up lately, and most of them can be summarized as: get properly structured code out of it ASAP.

The funny thing is nobody's putting in discussion the whole thing as counterproductive

Wow, this looks amazing: tools.deps packager that can produce jars, uberjars or native images.

Looks like just the kind of lightweight packager I’ve been looking for.

Still hearing the time-honed bullshit that “nobody cares about their privacy” at #NordicPrivacyArea. Bullshit. People are lied to on a daily basis with billion-dollar budgets.

Bus ticket prices have gone down by a pound in my area. Very much doubt this is an independent attempt by the bus company (First) to make their service more competitive; they have a monopoly and buses are normally overcrowded. Guess they’ve been threatened by some regulator. Good. Cheaper buses will benefit everyone.

Anyone able to comment on whether the dev experience in is as good as the (JVM) experience? I understand CIDER supports it, but are there more rough edges?

Reading @selfcare toots and imagining the voice of Bob Ross. Supremely relaxing.

Enjoying Superforecasters at the moment. Lots of fascinating anecdotes and inspiring quotes, although I do have the feeling that my takeaway at the end will be 5 fairly obvious bullet points around being data driven rather than belief driven.

We still have a tech position open at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (a nonprofit): a Sr. Software Engineer position to work on SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower platform used by 65+ media organizations, originally developed by the late Aaron Swartz.

You get paid to work
✅ from anywhere in the world
✅ on a world-changing project
✅ that's open source,
✅ stewarded by a small team
✅ that's led by a woman.

Help spreading the word is much appreciated:

Been classifying documents today. The number of “$big_corp turns to to solve $problem_unrelated_to_distributed_records” articles is ridiculous. The tech hype machine is stupid.

How many hours of people’s lives (and how many watts) are being wasted on this crap?

@cbowdon I find that a lot of people tend to confuse volatility with progress

A lot of people seem to be conflating hype with popularity (or worse, with quality). Is dead because no one posts "Sudoku Solver In Clojure" to Hacker News? Is it dead because no new frameworks were released this week?

My impression is it's growing, steadily. Slower than Kotlin or Go. The initial hype is long dead and people that pick it up now do so because they're interested in FP/Lisps rather than chasing the new shiny. Sounds good to me.

Strictly limited to 20 minutes of tooting a day now. Good for my free time and mental health, bad for those great interactions that deserve more. Tradeoffs, eh

Spending the early evening carving pumpkins with my gf. Nailed it!

Hard to stay positive about reducing climate change. Since the big report, no government or major corporation has declared any policy changes, and today the news is that the oceans are absorbing more heat than we thought (and hence the problem is worse than we thought).

Abandon all hope?

Bitcoin mining could cancel out climate change efforts.
In 2017, bitcoin mining generated 69 million tonnes of CO2.

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