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Today I finished uploading new screenshots for the kontact/kmail/korganizer/... in the userbase wiki:

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A couple of weeks ago we organized a @kde Megasprint in Nuremberg, Germany, with ~20 #KDE developers coming together to work on improving several of our technologies.

In regard to the Streamlined Onboarding goal which I coordinate, our focus was on enabling newcomers to start coding on KDE software.

Here's my take on what went on.

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During GSoC this year, sfanxiang worked on creating Rust bindings for GTK 4.

These are now all merged into the gtk-rs organization as separate crates, eg

Examples can be found here

Next step: Making a release!

Nouvelle version de est en ligne. 🎉 C'est uniquement une mise à jour esthétique.

Si quelqu'un est intéressé pour mettre à jour le contenu, merci de faire signe 👋.

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fr: Aujourd'hui, j'ai travaillé sur une refonte de Je suis plutôt satisfait du résultat mis à part du logo de KDE en haut à gauche.

en: Today I worked on revamp of I'm mostly satisfied of the result, other than the KDE logo in top left corner.


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@kezzbracey Hello. I`m very new in the Community. For example i'm Building the new Website of Kphotoalbum whit the Help of @carl. And i already have created two Patches. Its Not much, but i think it is a good start!. And my :kde: Shirt is on the way ! 😎

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Cantor, KDE's user-friendly interface to your favorite mathematical applications, gets better support for plugins and improved Markdown and LaTeX implementations in Applications 19.08, allowing you to perform calculations and visualisations like these:

Searching for a shared room in Germany is horrible. I had more than 15 interviews and I got for the moment no positive response. 😥

Ich finde die Suche nach einem WG-Zimmer in Deutschland schrecklich. Ich habe über 15 Interviews bis jetzt gemacht und habe keine Positive Antwort bekommen. 😥

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It's pretty amazing that you can develop an app using KDE's libraries in KDE's IDE, have wonderful artists make your project artwork in KDE's painting app and edit a video about it all in KDE's video editor. The number of organizations that could tell the same story can be counted on one hand. The scope of what the #KDE community does is stunning.

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@gnome A few years ago, I was watching my sister doing her college homework; she was studying biology. I saw her editing a photo in the GIMP, on Windows.

"Sis, I didn't know you used the GIMP."

"Oh, yeah, some friends at school told me about it, it's a Photoshop clone one can just download."



"Sis, did you know I was the maintainer like 15 years ago? I wrote the first third-party plugin for it."


I'm happy that we've given non-computer nerds good software.

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🅱️ Germknödel mit Fruchtfüllung (2,45€)
▪︎ Vanillesoße
▪︎ Bunt gemischter Blattsalat 🥗
▪︎ Tomatensuppe 🍅 🍜

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Congratulations to @gnome project!!
22 years of free software developed for and by a great community!

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KDE Applications 19.08 is out and it comes with exciting new features for Konsole (terminal app), Dolphin (file and directory explorer), Kdenlive (video editor), Okular (document viewer) and dozens of other apps.

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we need to reclaim programming as something for everyone

we need to reclaim it as a thing to use for fun and as a personal tool, instead of something you learn for careers to impress corporations

computer programming should be a place where misogyny, sexism, corporations, and capitalism don't belong

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KDE's Applications webpage now lists addons so you can find out about Latte Dock, KIO GDrive, KDE Connect and a bunch of other useful plugins we make.

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Super stoked about finally getting my first properly successful install up and running. Leaving to go to the source.

Made it beautiful thanks to the stunning artwork of @sylvia_ritter the desktop environment, and the Sweet KDE theme.

5 image screenshot gallery

Sylvia's work is amazing, and all done with the brilliant application .

Go check out her gallery at and visit her at

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KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.

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There is a vulnerability in the Plasma desktop that KDE developers are currently working to patch. The details are here.

For the moment avoid downloading .desktop or .directory files and extracting archives from untrusted sources.

Also, if you discover a similar vulnerability, it is best to send an email before making it public. This will give us time to patch it and keep users safe before the bad guys try to exploit it.

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