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Today I finished uploading new screenshots for the kontact/kmail/korganizer/... in the userbase wiki:

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A FOSS tale
1. Plasma makes a minor change in something to be spec compliant
2. A third-party app that is not spec-compliant breaks in a minor way
3. Issues are reported to both Plasma and the app
4. I state that I'm not willing to work around broken apps in this case and suggest multiple ways of fixing this properly
5. Some random person that does not seem like a regular contributor to the app gets mad at me and starts insulting me

Don't be that person

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What 's the most disappointing moment? Greek ministry of education using "donation from Cisco" instead of its own existing infrastructure for virtual classes? Mozilla endorsing Zoom for privacy? EFF giving recommendations to activists for Google docs secure (sic) usage? Or a friend of mine asking for privacy advice saying "what about Brave'?

@kde By the way, helping to translate KDE is a good way to get involved with the project.

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KDE's application webpage listing all the official applications from the @kde community is now available in more languages.

Here is the french version:

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CoC is not needed until it's needed and then it's better to have it than not
- tiar, 2020
#gnome #coc #codeofconduct #opensource #opensourcedevelopment

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#zoom is looking for activists as beta testers of its end to end encryption service: register as a paid customer, talk about governments' wrongdoings and check if your account has been suspended.

Koko is a great image viewer designed for . Unfortunately, up until recently it did not work great on desktop computers. This changed last week with various small patches to Koko’s code and Kirigami.

Koko, Plasma mobile image viewer is starting to look nice on desktop too.

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How to hide your homophobia:

1) Declare LGBTQ issues as 'political'.
2) Declare that 'political' things shouldn't be discussed.
3) ???
4) No profit. Homophobia benefits no one.

There is a real problem in the free software community and tech in general about homophobia, racism and sexism. The same thing happened in a popular Arch Linux Telegram channel, then they changed the channel logo but in a lot more violent. This is not OK.

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I added a pride KDE logo to r/kde and a few hours later there was already a thread needing some heavy moderation :(

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We absolutely must talk about the lifes of the people using and producing our software.
We must talk about how surveillance reinforces power structures.
We must talk about how software, algorithms and AI can be discriminatory.
We must talk about how our software affects people's lifes.

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Shouldn't-be-hot take: Tech never was unpolitical and must never ever be

I'm working on an image editor for Koko, KDE's image viewer for Plasma Mobile (and soon also for desktop).

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