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The greatest notabug features:

- w3m can't autoplay, show popups, or run Javascript.

- IRC doesn't handle emoji.

- Mastodon can't integrate with Birdsite.

- No default Linux desktop.

- No Adobe anything anywhere.

Was looking at different Window managers and 2bwm caught my eye, but i can't find much info about it.
Anyone know any guides, blogs, setups or other writing about it?

bet he will make a killing on adsense.

P.S can somebody send me a pdf of the post when it's up? thanks

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IPFS is an open source way to host files and share them around the web. As demand increases so does the speed of retrieving the content.

#technology #ipfs #internet #decentralization #blog

Went to check if you can even use these "chapters" in

turns out it just reads the timestamps in the description
and with --add-metadata --prefer-mpeg it will work.

So to summarise:
if you are doing podcasts on youtube please put timestamps in the description

Came to think of something from a discussion that really annoys me about podcasts.

If you are semi-listening to one and they mention something nice about something or otherwise which gets your attention mid segment.

At that point will never mention the name of it ever during that segment, and like most people on youtube (this case) never do chapters. 😡

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Support standards, best practices, and interoperability. Reject monolithic systems. Embrace decentralisation.

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note to all people that just joined fedi because of the tumblr shitfest:

y'all probably joined a large instance because those are the most accessible, but keep watch for the smaller instances around you, they have a stronger sense of community and you can make a meaningful impact on it!

don't be afraid to make accounts on multiple instances!
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Anyone running mail in a box? It seems to meet my needs for price, flexibility, security and features to run two custom domains for < 10 users for my family. My current subscription is ending in 2 months so I'm looking for options and fun :)

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if you get two monkeys typing at vim for three months they will eventually quit it

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There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who can read binary, and those who can't.

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I wonder what note taking app/service does the FOSS community use? I'm still stuck with Evernote 💔

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If you're interested in self-hosting online services for yourself, your family or your community, there are a number of projects on the Fediverse trying to make it easier:




You don't need an expensive server, cheap machines such as old desktops/laptops and single-board computers (such as the #RaspberryPi) will work too.

#SelfHosting #CommunityHosting

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Something that's been bogging me for a while:

Why do we still need username/password for authentication ?
Couldn't we just have a #PGP key pair, and register everywhere with the public key?

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Just in case you missed it:

Manyverse, the mobile app for the off-the-grid social network Scuttlebutt, has now been released on F-droid:

#ScuttleButt #SSB #Manyverse #OffTheGrid #MeshNetworks #SocialNetworks

(via @sifr )

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