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Repairable and modular tech should be the future we're all living in

You can tell its spring when all youtube videos are overexposed.

Found yesterday that works with LBRY but trying it out with didn't work.

And it seems like you can follow to a LBRY channel with rss 🤞

Well this one flew in under the radar

"FOSDEM 2021: Building massive virtual communities in Matrix"

@BrodieOnLinux One thing i came to think of with FireNvim,
can you set specific options per website similar to per filetype settings.

Know a forum got some bbcode tags and such it uses which could be neat to have shortcuts for in vim when writing.

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Do NOT install #NewPipe through the Samsumg Galaxy Store!

A copy of #newpipe is currently distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Store by a third party. The package id of that version is identical to the officiail one (org.schabi.newpipe), but the signing keys differ.
Surprisingly, users running an outdated version recieve a notification to update their installed version with the one uploaded in the Galaxy Store.

is it just me, i cannot scroll on the linuxrocks web interface?

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Got around to try the PineTime, can't get gadgetbridge to work with it and what's the best OS for it?

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Has no one made a bot which links to youtube (and etc) in Fediverse so you can comment on the video outside of youtube?

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