Just submitted my final exam. Here's hoping I didn't totally bomb it

TFW your final exam uses a word that has two definitions, and an answer that fits with each definition

I think I might be a bit tired...

My monitor has blue turned off. I saw an image I wanted to see in full color. My phone screen displays full color, so I may have, ummm...

...Taken a picture of my screen, expecting the picture to be in full color...

Just had to tear apart our printer because the switch for the paper door failed.

I appreciate features that warn the user of simple mistakes, but I'd appreciate it far more if any effort went in to making such systems reliable, and if overrides were possible so important work isn't pointlessly and hopelessly held up just because the equipment claims a verifiably non existent condition exists

Most carriers now are dropping 3G and older technology... Given that like 80% of coverage in my state is 3G or older only, I seriously hope support continues here

In re: Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Privacy Litigation"
"Zoom will establish an $85 million Settlement Fund. After deducting Court-approved attorneys’ fees (up to $21,250,000) and expenses (up to $200,000)"
"you are eligible to file a claim for $15"

I think we all know why class action lawsuits really happen

The fact that one program can still crash an entire computer really makes me wonder about "protected memory" and other such concepts...

I just spent a significant amount of time trying to get a snow blower running, only to find the only fault was the factory original "key" (literally a plastic flathead screwdriver with a key head for a handle). Basically the dumbest, simplest "security feature" possible, yet it still manages to break and screw up my day. So take from that what you will I guess

So, uhh, just watched "Brazil"...
Does this one even count as a dystopia?

Endless pointless paperwork. Reliance on over complicated machines you aren't allowed to fix. Families getting SWAT'd in their homes for no reason.
Need I continue?

so... yeah :(

Gasoline companies should be held accountable for selling fuel NOT OK for many cars, and/or car companies should be held accountable for selling cars not compatible with common fuel mixes. Holding customers accountable is absurd.


Tip for really cold weather:
Put on a pair of cheap rubber surgical gloves. Even if you wear other gloves over them, snow gloves get wet, or sometimes you have to take them off, and rubber gloves help keep your hands dry, take the bite off frigid air, and keep your skin from freezing to things.

It seems like so often, live performances are recorded by putting a mic next to the stage speakers, rather than just plugging into the actual sound sound system... Why? I get it if someone is just recording on their smartphone, but for the artist's official recordings, just plug in an aux cable or something

TFW you spend an extra hour and a half on troubleshooting because you accidentally bumped an adjustment without noticing

Also, like, I know getting data to the top screen of a clamshell device is complicated... But please never ever emulate the _awful_ flatflex cable design from the DS lite. Please, just no

Anyway, I hope my little sister appreciates the effort I've put into tracking down and rebuilding a pink DS lite (seriously, you know you're in for it when you need to pry the dummy card out with tools)

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Holiday/gift giving tip:
Anyone can buy a working device as a gift, but taking something broken, and fixing it shows an extra level of effort and care

Just... Fix it _before_ you give it to them. People tend to get a little angry if you try and do it the other way around. Go figure

Stop being AGAINST. Find something to be FOR and find friends that think the same. Being FOR something is rewarding. Being AGAINST just makes you miserable. #LifeHack

Hmm.... Now that I look at pricing and availability of SBCs, it seems that both specs _and_ power draw have taken a bit of a backseat, and simply being able to get anything at all will be the deciding factor

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I've been looking for a low power SBC, something I thought would be very common, but it seems most SBC makers _don't_ specify the power consumption of their boards. I can't help but find this a bazaar shortcoming considering people love to use these things in all kinds of embedded or other potentially power sensitive projects!

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