I just want to take a moment to say this is a supremely helpful and polite community,
Thank You All! :)

I have now had three debian based computers, that when running low on storage space, suddenly and inexplicably fill the rest of the way up (to 0 bytes free), and fail to delete files. That is, the files are removed, but the space is not relinquished.

Of the three systems this has happened to, one recovered after reboot (though the space from files deleted during the glitch was never relinquished).

The other two continued to fail to free space from deletions, (or even to boot properly)

I have an old HP TC1100 which had a GPU that needed to be reflowed...

TIL GPU reflows are hard, and very easy to screw up...

I wonder if I could replace the motherboard with a modern single board computer

Apparently some vehicles used to use "positive ground". So basically the POSITIVE of the battery was connected to the chassis...

Please boost.

I am helping with a CyberSec class for high school kids. They are faster than we thought and we need some more CFT/exploitable services we can have them hack on if anyone knows of freely usable challenges. Password cracking, SQL injection, XSS, buffer overlows, etc.

My brother asked me if I could help him install a game....

It's taken over an hour, but his computer finally boots again

I just ran Prime95 on a small form factor Pentium D system...
I think my hearing has just about recovered.

Ok, I know I've ranted about this a few times now, but seriously WTF is up with office suites?!?

I just had to upgrade the RAM in the computer that runs our printer because it was locking up with nothing but a few documents open.

Coming back to a project I started before I was skilled enough is always an exercise in frustration and humility

What office suite is good to use in a terminal environment on Linux?

When I say office suite, I mean an equivalent to LibreOffice.

I got my second shot yesterday...
I feel like a ghost that has somehow been hit by a truck

Microsoft better hope they stop at windows 11; There's nothing left to remove from the logo for windows 12 :P

After using Linux package managers for few years, my little sister now finds Windows software to be "super sketchy"

I'm so proud! :)

I've got an old computer (Dell Optiplex GX240), and I've just installed Debian 9 on it, and I've found that booting into X outputs an invalid resolution (or at least one that none of my monitors will accept). xrandr also doesn't appear to recognize the display
(ctrl+alt+f2 to a console still works, just not X)

However, booting the computer with the monitor unplugged, and plugging it in after booting into x, somehow "fixes" the issue...

This is why I can't have nice things

Apparently a lot of electric cars, when they run out of battery, they lock the transmission into park. This means that in order to tow them, you actually have to charge them a little bit first (because you have to put a car in neutral to tow it)

Maybe it's just me, but this seems moronic. You should _always_ be able to tow a car, especially in emergency situations!

I was trying to figure out why my CRT was looking so distorted...
Then I realized I had it on a metal rack with a bunch of neodymium magnets.

Dear home appliance manufacturers,
Your capacitive "buttons" are garbage. Stop it.

I had to go to town today for the first time in a long time...

It was genuinely such a huge system shock, it's probably going to take a few days to process.

I don't believe it! I've found _another_ reason to hate USB!!! (Especially USB-C!!!)

I was reaching around my computer to plug a USB-C cable in, and as I couldn't see, I accidentally plugged it into a USB-A port. Fun fact, this shorts the port!

Now, surely USB being as "smart" as it is, it just turns the port off, right? NO! It turns the _whole_ computer off! At least it doesn't kill the computer, but still. This is 2021, we can do better!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have lost work to recover

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