I'm interested in a photography focused masto instance, anyone have any suggestions?

So I've just installed Arch Linux Arm on a Pinephone, and it's asking if I want to connect my Google or Facebook account.

I understand why that's there in theory but also... "learn to read the room".

Concept (maybe this already exists) Automatic Traction Control on a bicycle

which I'm not even sure why that's an option, or what that would even mean?

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I just accidentally left what I'd describe as "mixed" feedback on an ebay item by accident because of stupid design, and I can't fix it, because ebay doesn't let you change feedback once you've left it (which is stupid, and has caused me to be unable to fix good feedback on items that broke just after leaving feedback)

Anyway, they put "positive" on the left, and "negative" on the right, but 1 star is the left, and 5 is the right. So I accidentally left a positive 1 star review...

My little sister is complaining that all our computers are big and slow, and all she wants is a computer that is small, cheap, and fast. To that I respond, "Don't we all!"

Can we have a range of open source vehicles?

I just spent two days trying to find a single wire in a truck, it's bullsh*t.

The Pinebook Pro is totally usable in a snow storm...
Please don't, though

I don't know how or why, but the computers in cars somehow seem to work like a bureaucracy

It occurs to me that FAT is actually a pretty cr*p file system.

Are there any other file systems that are compatible across versions of Unix? (eg, compatible with both Linux and OpenBSD)

TFW when you are going through a backup drive, and your filepath is like "[backup drive]/backupofotherbackup/backupofolddocuments/oldbackup/"

I swear toasters are getting worse. My first toaster lasted over a decade, the most recent one lasted about two years. WTF?

"Estimated time left: 2564255:20 (0.0x)"

Gee, thanks "UltraSpeed" optical drive

If this was any of my other devices, I could just pop out the battery, and hook it up to my bench power supply. Plus, some of my other devices have more than one charge port.

AAAAAAAHHHHH, this is really getting close to the wire, as it were. I have no idea how much progress it has made, I just know it's not done, and it's chewing through that last tiny bit of battery

Ugh, backing up my phone before repair, I'm reminded why I hate android so much. I'm copying files to a micro sd card, but it will only let me do one copy operation at a time, and doesn't even tell me the copy progress. It has until the remaining battery runs out, then I've lost all chances to finish backing up.

Aaaggghhh, My Nokia 6 has stopped charging. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a software issue or something, because I am not looking forward to opening this thing up.

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