Someone just had the audacity to insinuating that Public Displays of Affection are more fun than Personal Digital Assistances! Only one type of PDA has buttons and lights, and can run software! I rest my case.

Ah darn it. With everybody inside, the Internet has been to slow to stream recently, so I had to watch some of my old DVDS. That was all well and good, but the movies made me nostalgic for the 2000s again.

It seems to me that if you pay for music, books, movies, games, etc, on an online DRM using service, and something happens that prevents you from being able to access the thing you payed for, that would be theft and/or fraud. If such a service "sells" things, they should be legally required to ALLWAYS make it possible for you to access the thing you bought. If they don't, that would be like if you bought a CD, and someone from the store came and took it back.

Note to game dev self: ~10 minute un-interactable intros suck!

I was filling out a form when I saw the box: "Is there anything else you would like us to know?", and I just couldn't help but write: "Soylent green is made of people!". I hope there are no reprecussions.

On a totaly different note, why does everybody think the pink bunny was duracell's maskot?! It says energizer on it! Plus, energizer is genuinely superior to Duracell!

People always talk about dependency he'll on older versions of Linux, and how windows doesn' have the same problem. Nearly every time I install something on windows xp, I have to deal with tracking down installers for. Net, directs, visual c++, and/or any other one of a dozen such things. It's really not as much better as everyone says.

Hopefully programming games will get easier with experience, because this first ane is HARD!

Now that I've switched from trying to do a 3D raytraced game to a 2.5D raycast game, and now that I've started using SDL, I think I'm finally starting to make progress on my game! It feels like the first time in over a year! Also, I've finally remembered to keep a proper journal this time! Hopefully I can keep this up, and won't end up in a dead end like last time.

It seems the most recent version of TLS causes me no end of problems.

SDL has PHENOMENAL documentation! It's so good, even I can understand it!

I think the GNU really missed the opertunity to call gcc "GNU Compiler Compilation"

Darn, my Dell Latitude D531 seems to have died. When I try to turn it on, the power light comes on for a few seconds, then goes off.

Why does it feel like even the simplest problems take a day to resolve?

I've been thinking about getting a hand held device specifically for gaming. My Maemo and other such devices are great and all, but other than for point-and-click, and rogue-like games, they fall a bit flat.
What are your suggestions for a portable gaming device? Nothing running Android, and $50 or less is preferable.


I finally got around to putting my gaming computer behind my monitor, it was quite inconvenient before

Every time I think I know what I'm doing on something, I fall flat in my face trying to do something extremely basic!

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