It's always seemed weird to me how laptop manufacturers work super hard to get keyboards as small as they can, only to leave inches of room around them.

It is WAY past time for me to buy some proper de-soldering equipment. Does anybody have any suggestions for under $100?

I got my little sister a pink Dvorak keyboard. She is SO pissed at me! Especially because I was having trouble getting it to work with her computer, so I took her computer to trouble shoot it. I've had peripheral issues with her computer in the past. It turns out it's the room. Both the keyboard and the computer work fine outside of the room. And her VGA monitor has a ton of interference in the room too. Now I've got to trouble shoot the room.

What level of self doubt is normal for a first time large programming project?

I wonder how hard it would be to port linux or netbsd to the sipeed maix risc-v module. It would be a really cool project. plus, I'd finally be able to run a unix-like OS on a risc-v device in my price range.

That awkward period after installing updates, but before restarting:

I have begun updating all of my computers to Debian 10!

Do you have emacs end of buffer beep enabled? If so, why

I've hit a research wall on raytracing. I think it's time I just start writing stuff until I get something to work. At least then I should have a better idea of what to research if I still can't get anything working.

Wow, looks like I write WAY more comments than most people.

There really should be some sort of regulation about the minimum public restroom density in town. Where I live, I practically have to go all the way home. It makes what was an all ready not great experience absolutely awful.

Has any one here installed Linux on a playstation 2? I'm thinking of getting one to play around with.

I think games would take much better advantage of high core counts if they took a haiku/BeOS approach to multithreading. For goodness sakes! It always comes as a complete surprise to game devs when a new higher core count CPU releases. And it often takes them years to catch up. If they really can't figure out how to take advantage of those cores, they should just add more ACTUAL simulation. Predetermined break points are cool and all, but things breaking one way is only interesting for so long.

Not really a linux thing, still a little computer related:

I just spent two days trying to diagnose a check engine light on a '93 chevy pickup truck. It turns out the previous owners replaced the 4l60-E electronic automatic transmission with a Custom High Performance Turbo 400. The Turbo 400 is fully mechanical, and therefore didn't have a solenoid control plug. The reason the check engine light was on was because the truck's computer was freaking out because it couldn't find the transmission.

I got my first mirrorless camera today! It's a used Sony NEX-5n. I've taken a few test shots. I can't wait to take it out and really use it!

What is the minimum battery life necessary for you to use a laptop without just immediately plugging it in?
( My laptops have terrible battery life, -most of them less than an hour- so I just plug them in where ever I go)

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