Occasionally I have a really ridiculous idea that I'd love to do. Some recent examples include sugar glass vacuum tubes, and MEMS hard drives

Movie volume should take a page out of gaming's book and have separate volume for speech, music, and sound effects

If pine64 came out with a version of the pinetab with a huge amount of ram, and a gps, it would be perfect for "in the field" GIS work! I'm out here trying to figure out where my property boundary is with an android phone, and my county's parcel viewer, and it's absolute hell over cellular. If I could just get the whole thing loaded into ram!

Wow, mobile programming is pretty fantastic! Carrying around my Sony clie peg-nr70 to program on is really handy when I'm away from my computers. I seriously suggest you install dev tools on your phone, or perhaps get an older device with a physical keyboard to dedicate to programming!

If chest freazers are so efficient because cold air sinks, and they upen upward, than for peak efficiency, ovens should open downward. And for optimal space usage, the oven would be mounted on the celling above the freezer.

Apparently there are in-board chip sockets that allow chips to be socketed without using any extra space. We have had these sockets since at least the 80s. Yet around 40 years later, laptop makers say that they "can't socket ram or cpus because sockets use too much space". So what, has technology regressed since the 80s, or are tech companies just lying bastards?! [puts on foil hat] or is it both!

What are the largest uses of disk space on your computer? For me, it's disk images and ISOs, installed software (including games), and pictures.

So that I can practice C even when I'm away from my workstations, I've installed a C compiler on my Sony Clie peg-nr70v/u Palm powered PDA. It's probably amoung the less practical devices to program on, but at least it has a keyboard. (though my N810 still probably would have been a better choice).

However, this is just me, if you find window swallowing useful, please ignore me, or explain why you find it useful.

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I finally found out what window swallowing is. I don't see why anyone would want it. If I run something from a terminal inside a DM, It's because I want to see the what's going on with whatever I opened. For an example, if I click on a program and it doesn't open, I'll run it from the terminal to see the programs output to see why it didn't open. If the terminal goes away, then the whole thing is pointless! One of the reasons I hate windows is because the command prompt doesn't show debug info

I restarted my computer after 148 days of uptime. Figures that the very next day I would have a power outage.

I have an embarrasing confession to make: 

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get git so sync between two computers.

I've noticed that it often is only when someone thinks they've finally won that they've truly lost.

It seems that after 147 days of continous uptime, it may be time to restart my computer.

Wanna know what would be really nice? If after the like 50 years we've had computer joysticks, we could just build a calibration utility that actually works. I guess the technology just isn't there yet.

I just spent ~5 hours on a $#!t-storm of a shower repair, can the plumbing industry kindly get it's F****** act together!

Well damn, the Playstation 5 has confirmed my suspicions that the 2020s will be the decade of the sc-fi dystopian astheatic. I guess it's technically pretty apt, considering all the e-spying, the plague, and the U.S. (and probably others too) government falling apart.

code of conduct controversy 

I've heard there is a bit of a controversy about the Gnome code of conduct around it's handling of "isms". I'm certainly not an expert, nor am I on any "side", and I certainly don't mean any offence or ill will. I would just like to point out that the KDE COC doesn't mention any "isms", nor does it mention race or gender at all. And in imho, I think this is how it should be. These rules of kindness are universal, and apply equally to all. That is equality.
Thank you

I think I spend too much time watching simulations, now whenever I see actual physics at work, I habitually try to evaluate how "realistic " it is.

I have two circuit boards that are essentially identical. They both don't work in slightly different, but similar ways. There is a point of one of the boards that has significantly lower resistance to ground than the same point on the other board. Now comes the hard part...

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