Wow!!! The new YouTube is absolutely f****d on a 1024*768 monitor. I guess no full YouTube UI if you have an old monitor. I thought it was too big on a 20in 1920*1080 monitor! It can't even display the search bar at the same time as anything else, or display the entirety of theatre mode on the screen!

My sister's computer crashes back to the login screen when attempting to copy pictures off an SD card. I figured I'd Try ditching the gui. Logged into TTY 2 and started the copy, only to be met with some page errors, a warning that the cpu has been hanging, and an utterly frozen system. Hopefully a restart will fix the issue.

@hund I'm working on building a Laptop using 7400 series logic chips, and will thus need to build a keyboard. Do you happen to know of any cheap low profile key switches? I thought about kailh choc, but I can't find any to purchase

One of my family members saves everything to desktop, and keeps system volume at max, only adjusting YouTube volume. It drives me freaking crazy!

I have everything on my camera set to manual. This morning, my brother asked if he could borrow it. He came back a few minutes later and exclaimed that operating my camera is an art and a curse. That's how I know I have it set up properly.

Has anyone considered building a laptop based around a large FPGA?

It seems to me that it should be trivial to convert BGA chips to LGA or PGA.

Why do we use glass on all our devices instead of plastic? It's not really more scratch resistant. I have been carrying two devices, one with a plastic screen, the other with glass. They both have similar scratches. And while the glass hasn't broken, plastic is definitely more shock resistant.

I've heard Microsoft is developing anti malware software for Linux. That is such an oxymoron it's almost impossible to comprehend.

Am I the only one who gets a kick out of setting a microwave oven to 99 seconds?

I pulled out one of my early 2000s laptops to test some early 2000s games, started an installer, left for a few minutes to fix the printer, and when I came back:

I have determined that for the best Web experience, browsers should run off hot swappable battery backed ram cards.

I think I'm 0 for 6 on battery repair. F*** I hate batteries!!!

Wow, it turns out designing a processor from scratch is pretty complicated.

I got a great haul today. I picked up a pretty rough pentium 4 dell dimension. The new case for my computer, as well as my character displays arrived in the mail. And I picked up a palm TX at a thrift store.

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