It's really annoying that to power a computer from battery backup, the DC of the batteries has to be converted to AC, just so the computer can turn it back to DC. Why can't they also have a DC input?

I think this whole Richard Stallman thing violates freedom of speech. I'm not defending what he said. I'm also not saying other people should say offensive things, I'm merely saying it's their right to do so. Just as it is the right of every one else who says at least as bad of stuff back. Any law that makes what he says illegal, makes much of what people that are against him say illegal.

The "$10" Nokia n8 

The "$10" Nokia n8 

The "$10" Nokia n8 

The "$10" Nokia n8 

Introvert rant about Italians. (Note: the following is an over generalization, no offence is intended) 

Well, I've joined two MMORPGs (Runescape and PlaneShift, because they are free, and have native linux clients). So far, I have been to scared to talk to anyone.

Is there any reason a Linux distribution couldn't use multiple simultaneous package managers?

While looking at MMORPGs, I came across Planeshift, which is open source. Has anyone here played it?

I've decided to try an MMORPG. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I bought an untested Xbox 360 at a thrift store for $6. I don't have a power supply for it, so I took it apart and rigged up a 500w ATX power supply. I flipped on the psu and BANG! one of the mosfets was bad and briefly shorted all 35 amps of the psu to ground before exploding. I'm interested to see if I can fix this Xbox.

My little sister is so bad at keeping a schedule, I bought her a Palm Tungsten E2.

Thought experiment:

How would one go about designing and building a computer that would last at least one lifetime (60+ years).

Nvidia is bragging about developing an RTX version of Minecraft. Meanwhile Sonic Ether has Developed a mod that can fully path-trace Minecraft at 30fps on an AMD RX 580.

Well what do you know, proprietary technology isn't always better.

Woo! I just got a 23in 1080p dell monitor at a thrift store for $5!

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