For the first time in my life, I got a brand new expensive bicycle, and I broke it (the chain to be exact) on the second day. I shouldn't be allowed to have nice things

Shopping online honestly sucks. Products that cost an order of magnitude different look exactly the same in the pictures, and usually bost equally generic spec sheets.

Just realized it's 2022, not 2020, so it would actually be 38 years.

On that note, where's time's handbreak?

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So, been playing around with my 1986 budget TV for a little while now. Do modern TVs have better picture? Yes. (Although there are still things this TV does better). However, I'd bet that had TVs never advanced, nobody would miss it. 36 years later, this TV still gets the gist across.

The real question is, will modern budget TVs be working 36 years from now? Technically LCD pannels should last longer than CRTs, but we'll see...

Reminder why Forums are great and Discord sucks.

Googled something I needed today and where did it lead me? To a post on my own forum 😅 with the exact fix.

Search engines don't get Discord but they do get Forums.

Put guides on Forums pleeeeaaase.

Concept: Negitive display scaling.

Because modern UI is too big to fit on old low res displays.

I finally got around to trying out PCLinuxOS, and so far, it's pretty neat!

I know elegance is subjective, and efficiency is objective, but I still prefer linear voltage regulators of switching ones because I feel they are more elegant.


I just hate fucking everything. Life is fucking pointless.

I've got a laptop with an s-video port, and an s-video to composite cable, and an rf modulator, and a 75ohm to 300ohm balun, so I can connect my laptop to a TV from 1986. It all works, but for whatever reason, I have to plug the composite cable into a modern LCD TV before the laptop will let me enable the video out. Why? Isn't composite composite? Is it intentional, ind if so why?

I've got this aluminum solder sucker, and I uh... Kinda soldered it shut. Please tell me I'm not the first person to have done this?

Bring back the lunch box style portable computer!

I forgot my multimeter outside my room, but my family is having someone over, and I don't wanna go out there :(

Are historic events recorded in UTC, or if for example, two independent inventors working just across the international date line created something at the exact same time, would one permenantly be recorded as having invented it a day earlier?

Plus, in the US, phones do not need a sim card to make emergancy calls. So poor people could carry old phones in case of emergancy. Now pretty much all those phones won't have service.

Pluss all kinds of non upgradable application specific devices are now useless. As well as lots of hobby grade stuff. Plus all the best and most interesting phones are now useless.

And throw on top of it that not only do most 4G phones include more spyware, but 4G it's self is better for tracking you than 2/3G

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"4G LTE has provides better battery life than 2G and 3G" I've had phones that reccomend using 2G for best battery life. And indeed, every 2G and 3G phone my family has had got _days_ of battery. We got four basic VoLTE phones. The battery life _sucks_. one day on the worse, about two days on the best.

And a town that needed one 2G tower, would need three 3G, six 4G, and one tower _per block_ for 5G.


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"3G is shutting down to free up frequencies for 5G. All phones must support 4G LTE, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE)to make phone calls"
3G and 5G use such mindbogglingly different frequencies, I can't even. And "4G LTE"??? LTE is defined as 3.9G... And the fact that phone calls, on the cellular phone technology that is "4G LTE", contradiction that it is, was such an after thought, that many "4G LTE" phones doen't support the technology to make calls over the network is just... Fuck it all. Just fuck

Well what do you know, joystick drift was solved LONG ago, and we've regressed. It's almost like companies are cheap bastards or something...

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