TFW you spend 20 minutes troubleshooting apt, when the issue was that WIFI was turned off

Well, I've found out what happens if you try and work with to big of an image in GIMP

Fun fact: you can tell how much to long you've been trouble shooting something by counting the number of power supplies you've connected to one system

That feeling when you hear about a really cool game, only to find it's on ios and android only. ):

Most recently, I tried to resize a partition on a drive that had consisently failed SMART tests (it's a long story). Needless to say, the drive instantly screwed up.

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I could probably write the book on how to accidentially loose data. Somehow I've managed to never loose anything important, but I've accidentially nuked so much stuff

Lesson in deffered maintainence: 

My family has a 1950s bulldozer. It has 2 batteries ('couse it's a 24v system) which are about 16 years old. These old batteries died today when we needed it most. See, we were cutting down a tree, when internal pressures in the tree trapped the saw. The dozer was the only thing we had powerful enough to pull the tree down. But, because the batteries were dead, we were left with an expensive saw, stuck in a dangerous half cut tree. Lesson learned.

So apperently as an "adult", I'm expected to have a so called "Bank Account"

Using KDE Plasma without Plasmashell running is a bit weird, but it beats restarting my computer

I've had an interesting idea, the metaquote! ,,enthusiastically, whilst raising my hand in am epic manner,, Everything that would go outside quotes in narrative writting, would go inside the metaquotes. ,,I clariy,, Perhaps it's just because I like layering things, especially such meta ways as this, ,,I confess,, but I feel like this adds back something that was missing from regular textual conversation. ,,I continue, in a calmer tone,, I do like the increased expressivety it adds. ,,earnestly,,

Can you believe there was once a time when I turned my computer off every night?

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Perhaps I'm just going through this right now because I'd rather deal with the deepest existential philosophy of my deepest, earliest emotions, then to deal with the fact that I've borked some stuff, and desperately need to restart my computer. I have so much stuff open!

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Ah darn it! I'm getting nostalgic again... Who let me listen to new age?!

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