You know the problem with one-of-a-kind art? 

You see one, you've seen 'em all!

"Our objective is to register you, not to have you prosecuted."

Also, am I the only one still using fast ethernet? (I mean, my internet is only 30mbps, so even fast ethernet is kind of overkill.

Can anyone explain to me why when I search "wired router" or "ethernet router" on amazon, 99% of what it displays are actually _switches_ and _not_ routers?

My family worries I'm doing things I shouldn't on the internet because they can't believe anyone could possibly have 10+ hours of homework a day. I have 10+ hours of homework a day.

Every time I'm taking a test, and I get the wrong command, tool, package, or product name, I consider that a failure on the part of the people naming these things

I've set up an encrypted laptop. No particular reason. I just thought "why not?"

My financial aid for college keeps sending me more than I need to pay for books and all that, so I think I'll start using some of it to donate to all the open source projects I use

My brother just asked me if I could choose any magic ability, what would it be? Then he said I should choose enhance intelligence, that way I could program.

I can't help but feel a little insulted

Controversial opinion:
We never should have made circuit boards with more than two copper layers, except perhaps for some very special purposes.

Right, well I measured the voltage of the surge suppressor as I turn the bench power supply on and off, and the multimeter jumps way up, so step one is to throw out the surge suppressor for sure.

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My bench power supply has started doing something weird;

It is connected to the same surge suppressor as my desktop computer. When wearing wired headphones connected to the computer, turning the bench power supply on and off causes pops of seemingly random volume. Sometimes the the pops are really loud, sometimes somewhat quiet, and sometimes there is no pop. The computer keeps running the whole time without issue.

Any ideas?

My new favourite line from wikipedia (This is from the page on Mobile Devices):

"Strictly speaking, many so-called mobile devices are not mobile. It is the host that is mobile, i.e., a mobile human host carries a non-mobile smartphone device. An example of a true mobile computing device, where the device itself is mobile, is a robot."

I feel like bit rate would probably be a more useful control for video streaming quality than resolution.

My Atari VCS is here!
Console mode is still a bit buggy, but it makes for a fantastic tiny PC

Wow, apparently Twitter is now banning abuse prevention accounts too.

All wheel drive is essential for winter driving. Spinning all four wheels on a blind intersection is still scary, but a hell of a lot better than many cars, which are essential 1 wheel drive.

Even the Snes is capable of real-time raytracing! Come on game devs! (says the guy who tried, and failed catastrophically to build a raytraced game)

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