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Based on the tremendous work and with the help of the @ManjaroARM team I was able to create image files of the #swaywm profile that can be easily flashed to microSD or eMMC for the #PinebookPro. See forum post here:

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With Apple switching to ARM based processors in their new Macbooks, we just want to make it clear that we are not going to make an effort to support the Macbook.
Apple has a history of locking down their systems as much as possible.

We'd like to welcome Apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're a couple years late to the party, though, but better now than never? 😉

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Great to be writing (and sketching) out in the wild again... With #Pinebook Pro @ThePine64 and #Manjaro #Xfce

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Well… that was perceived far better and wider than I’ve expected and I’m proud to say that the #swaywm profile is part of the original @ManjaroARM repositories now, incl. all the additional packages and branding. Thank you all! here’s a little teaser

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Creating Desktop Apps on Linux doesn't have to be hard... Lemme show you how to build #GTK apps in #GoLang with the #gotk3 library! Perfect for @ManjaroARM on #Pinebook Pro @PINE64

@ManjaroARM Honestly I was surprised that Manjaro Xfce doesn't have the bugs I saw in Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 64-bit on Pi 4...
(1) Ubuntu doesn't detect the onboard Bluetooth hardware.
(2) Ubuntu Desktop can't switch display resolution (forced to run at sub-1080p resolution).
(3) Ubuntu display driver renders black blocks sometimes.
Great job @ManjaroARM !

#RaspberryPi 4 with @ManjaroLinuxARM Xfce 64-bit on 4K TV... Feels somewhat sluggish with the 4K resolution... But everything else works fine, even Bluetooth

Happy to announce that the first release of my custom #swaywm image for the #PinebookPro based on @ManjaroARM is ready to be released. Look for an upcoming blog post about it here:

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Need some indidividual @manjarolinux touch for your life? We got you covered... 🔥

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Wow, you can have a _complete_ set of digital computing devices for less than $500 USD with @PINE64 stuff.

* PineBook Pro: 199.99
* PineTab+keyboard: 119.98 (pre-order)
* PinePhone: 149.99 (uBPorts ed.)
* PineTime: 24.99 (dev kit)
= Total: $494.95 USD

They're all designed with FOSS in mind and schematics are provided. That's awesome.

Woop woop.
Just got dp alt mode working on the using kernel with patches.

This makes our mainline kernel on par with our PBP specific kernel.

The package will hit arm-unstable repo tomorrow at some point.

It's about time to finally move all our infrastructure to the #RockPro64 cluster setup! It's been a long time coming. 😊

Expect some downtime for our website, forum, wiki, and IRC in the coming days. Other chat protocols will remain up, but may not be bridged at times. Support and Store sites will be unaffected.

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Got my @thepine64 Pinebook Pro today, I'm very excited about the look and feel, very nice surface finish. Pre-installed Manjaro is snappy and fast

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