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I made a new video, again about @manjarolinux on @thepine64 #PinePhone, this time showing #Manjaro #Phosh Alpha 4 and GNOME 3.38 improvements in comparison. It's a little long (37 minutes), but it has chapters! Enjoy!

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Good news for all those waiting for #pinetime and #pinecube dev kits - They are available the the Pine Store (

NB. The PineTime now ships with @codingfield's FOSS InfiniTime firmware!

First look at #Lomiri Alpha1 by @UBports on @ManjaroLinuxARM on the #pinephone. Thx to @linmobblog finding time to review our early work!

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Together with @UBports we are proud to announce our first #alpha release of @ManjaroLinuxARM with #Lomiri as its desktop environment for the #pinephone by @thepine64. Expect more features to come in our upcoming releases!

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#Pinephone #Manjaro edition pre-ordered! Can't wait november to receive it 😍 @PINE64 @ManjaroARM

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Lets welcome the brand new setup wizard and highly optimised keyboard for @thepine64 #PinePhone.
Anyone familiar with this one? #manjaro #linux #mobile #lomiri @UBports @ManjaroLinuxARM @manjarolinux
Try the latest test image from last night.

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Together with @Mariogrip from @UBports we are working on something amazing for the #PinePhone from @thepine64. Coming soon also to @ManjaroLinuxARM ...

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Next FOSDEM: 6 & 7 February 2021, online

FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

Please bear with us while we work out the specifics. Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

We’re pleased to announce that the next #PinePhone Community Edition will feature @ManjaroARM

Variants available:

* Regular CE - 2GB RAM/ 16GB eMMC

* Convergence Package - 3GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC bundled with a USB-C dock.

Pre-orders open mid September.

Great news: #Pinephone by @thepine64 will be shipped with @ManjaroLinuxARM next. Two variants will be available:

* Regular - 2GB RAM/ 16GB eMMC
* Convergence Package - 3GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC bundled with a USB-C dock.

Pre-oders open mid September.

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To celebrate our brand new forum setup, we have also released 20.08 of Manjaro ARM, for a wide range of devices.

This release also sees the and editions become defaults, just like and has been for some time.

Check out the announcement at:

August Community update!

- elementaryOS 6 coming to Pinebook Pro

- PineTab RTL-SDR + LoRa expansions & pre-orders this month

- last change for postmarketOS CE

- many community PinePhone projects

- Pinecil coing in September

- PineCube in September

- accessories

- MUCH more:

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