Just ordered myself a Raspberry Pi 4 4gb for Manjaro ARM. 😀



I am the developper of reel2bits.

It’s a soundcloud-like self-hosted app, which goal is to be kiss and easy to use. And I am currently trying to implement ActivityPub support.

I would really love to have some more contributors than just myself to work better on it. (python3, flask, celery)

A matrix room have been created for that: reel2bits:otter.sh. And I have at least this week and full next one free to help anyone getting on the codebase.

There was a signing problem om the manjaro-arm-keyring package, ironically, but it has now been fixed with version 20190621-3.

The recently released 2.6.0 is in the Manjaro ARM repo, but some of them have bugs, like:
* CoreAction can not be installed because of a file/folder conflict.
* CorePad does not indicate when a file has been saved.

The developers are working om fixes.

Sat next to Phil from @manjarolinux in the bar after another long day of hacking on snaps at the #snapcraftsummit While I'm exhausted and my laptop is packed away, Phil is still hard at work with his trusty @TUXEDOComputers Infinitybook 14 v2

Original tweet: twitter.com/m_wimpress/status/

Destination Linux Episode 125: Jonathan Thomas of OpenShot.

Jonathan is the creator and lead developer for OpenShot video editor; an award-winning, free, very user friendly open-source non-linear video editor, available for Linux, Mac & Windows.

OpenShot, his development workflow, his journey into Linux, universal app formats +more!

== > destinationlinux.org/episode-1

@PINE64 Really excited about the PinePhone and the Pinebook Pro. If the software experience is smooth out of the box, this could be a big moment for #FOSS - both hardware and software

While we get Open Source Mali drivers with kernel 5.1 and Mesa 19.1, we still need hardware accelerated video playback on most devices.
Cedrus (pinebook) in mainline only do mpeg2.
Currently trying to figure out was is needed on rock64 and Rockpro64 besides MPP.

Anyone know what is needed on the rpi3?

For some reason the KDE edition for Odroid C2 got really popular today.
The Pinebook images also.
I wonder why?

Destination Linux EP122 – Richard Brown of openSUSE


On this episode of Destination Linux we sit down with Richard Brown , of , for an interview about his journey into and becoming the Chairman of openSUSE

Are you using on your desktop?
You can on as well.
Just install it from or with: "sudo pacman -S riot-desktop"

Manjaro ARM finally has an official news outlet, besides the Manjaro forum!

Follow this account for news from the Manjaro ARM project!


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