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We know you have been waiting patiently, but the wait is finally over.

Manjaro ARM 21.04 has just been released, with a slew of new images for your devices!


Charging has started "working" on the @PINE64 on . It just needs the USB-C plug to be turned a specific way. Just like DP Alt mode on the .

Want your #pinephonepro in January or early February? Today is the last day for pre-CNY orders.

Store link:

Orders placed on January 18th onward ship in late February.

We have now successfully booted the Quartz64 Model A from @PINE64 using Peter Geis' mainline uboot and our linux-rc kernel.

Test images can be downloaded here:

We are working on supporting a new device.

Say hello to the which is an rk3399 based device with an ultra-wide screen and a 65% keryboard.

We are proud to release version 21.12 of our images!

This time we added Radxa Zero to our device line-up.

And here we are again. It's December and a new release of Manjaro ARM is just around the corner.

So lets kick this of with a big update.

Check out @kde #PlasmaMobile Gear 21.12! This release packs tons of new features and apps, improvements to performance and stability, revamped interface designs, and much more.

Highlights to look forward to: gPodder syncing in Kasts, MMS support in Spacebar, and the migration from oFono to ModemManager.

This is our first #Beta release of @ManjaroLinuxARM featuring #Phosh for the #PinephonePro. It ships with 5.16-rc2 kernel. For the regular #Pinephone by @thepine64 we use 5.15 LTS.

Original tweet :

We know it's been a little while, but we finally got ready for a new Stable update!

Enjoy 41, 1.0 5.23.3 and lots of other goodies.

We are looking into packaging a new client made with Rust and Kirigami, called SignalRs. Should be hitting unstable branch tomorrow.

We had a breakthrough regarding the today. We now patched our linux-rc 5.16-rc1 kernel to include the new VOP2 patches submitted to the kernel mailing list.
This results in actual HDMI output!

November Update Time!

- #PinePhonePro first impressions & more details

- #PinePhone (Pro) production keyboard impressions - available next month for $49.95

- #SOQuartz Blade hostboard

- #InfiniTime 1.7 update for #PineTime

and much more!

Read here:

It took an awful lot of yak shaving, but finally Kasts is able to sync podcast subscriptions and episode play positions with both as well as the Nextcloud-gpodder app (which can be self-hosted, see

It's just been merged into the master branch, but should also be released soon as part of plasma mobile gear 21.11.

(Kasts is a convergent podcast player:

Developers, this is the last week to file an application for a #PinePhonePro dev unit. We already have 4x more applications than available dev units.

Those who filed for a coupon: we’ll start going through applications next week.

Developer pre-order link:

Hot on the heels of the last stable update a couple of days ago, we have now created new images for most of our devices!

The 21.10 release is here, featuring images for , , devices!

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