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We are still working on getting more functionality into our images for the and .

Here's our latest release, so you guys have something to play with at the @PINE64 stall at

#pinebookpro ... This just in and I have to say it is freakin’ gorgeous. I have a feeling that once I get out and about with it, there are going to be inquiring minds that will want to know all about it. @PINE64 , thank you!

This is how openarena looks fullscreen on the #pinetab

Next thing to try is putting it on the #pinephone ofcourse :D

is coming up soon.

We are gonna have most of our team there.

Wanna say hi? Look for the green Manjaro LED badges or stop by the @PINE64 booth on the sunday.

Quick notice to ANSI #Pinebook Pro users: please do NOT update your keyboard/ trackpad firmware just yet. Thank you.

The amount of operation systems with a presence on the fediverse :fediverse: is pretty incredible.

Recently I have come across

and of course a little GUI for good measure
@kde and @gnome

Attention new #PinebookPro owners: if you have not already, we heavily recommend flashing the updated keyboard/trackpad firmware.

Had a chance to work a bit more on @pine64's . Its coming along nicely if I say so myself.

Can you code in ? Maybe even know ?
If so, we would really like your help converting our Manjaro ARM Installer script into a working GUI installer using pyqt5.

It should be able to do what the bash script does, just with a nice GUI, so it would be even easier to install .

Please DM us.

We finally managed to build 71 for aarch64 in .
Soon at a mirror near you. 😀

Manjaro Linux team represents ARM (the primary hardware environment for many mobile device OS's).

The resilient team of Manjaro have teased it already a lot. Now proud to have their first Alpha of Manjaro Linux ARM ready for the Pine64's Pinephone!

* Basically you'd use Arch on your phone BTW *


So. Who wants on the ?

We just finished putting together the very first alpha image with . Lots of stuff still don't work. We don't joke when we say it's alpha!

We might release an build when we have basic functionality working.

We finally managed to boot into on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

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