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We are proud to give you 80+ mirrors world-wide for @ManjaroLinuxARM. Go to our forums and find out how you can switch your ARM-Boxes to our new infrastructure!

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Seems is offline for now, so cant access the @ManjaroARM account to post this. So gonna post it from here:

Important announcement. Manual intervention required by #ManjaroARM users!

LPT : forget about the bad news and work on a fun project like @PINE64 #pinetime.

Here's my latest achievement : time synchronization and BLE notification from a Linux computer to the Pinetime.

This is the beginning of a Linux companion app for the Pinetime, yay!

After a week with spare-time hands-on to my new #PinebookPro (and some #Linux distro hopping), I‘ve finally settled on #ManjaroARM and #MATE desktop... and I really love it! <3 @PINE64

RT from PINE64 (@thepine64)

March community update: @manjarolinux is new default OS on #pinebookpro!; pre-orders March 18; spare parts incoming; #PinePhone software progress & new OS choices (ft. Adroid, @fedora, @nixos_org); a look at #PineTime OS from @codingfield; and much more!

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The selection of @ManjaroLinuxARM images for the @thepine64 #pinebookPro has just grown to include tiling window manager @i3wm. Check out the new images:

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#introductions : Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

Next stable update has lots of low level changes.
So we actually expect some breakage for some people when we do update the repository.

We have done what we could to test the changes, but we might have missed some usecases.

We suggest you backup your data for this update. We are planning to release it some time next week.

Sometimes you only need your Headphones on your #pinebook when watching movies on @ManjaroLinuxARM

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If you install libofono-qt and qt5-feedback you also get calls to work. But call-audio is still a work in progress!

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Our fourths alpha of @ManjaroLinuxARM for #pine64 devices is ready for download. For more details visit our forum!

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A little preview of what the next release for the might look like.

Will hopefully be out soon. Still a couple of little regressions we are working on fixing.

Just pushed out a small 20.02.1 bugfix for based devices.

This fixes the issue of crashing the session on drivers.

New update for just happened.

This one includes 5.18.2, 1.24, general packages and some new kernels.

Enjoy. 🎁

Edit: oh, and 20....

We have been made aware of an issue in the editions for devices.
Launching the GUI package manager results in an xorg session crash.
A workaround is to install mesa-git from the command line with:
sudo pacman -S mesa-git
(Say yes when it asks if you want to replace mesa with mesa-git)

Sorry for the trouble.

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