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We know you have been waiting patiently, but the wait is finally over.

Manjaro ARM 21.04 has just been released, with a slew of new images for your devices!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I was finally able to get it working…. Let me show you @ManjaroARM #GNOME edition in #UTM on my #M1 Mac…. :blobcatcool:

We just released our 22.06 release.

108 fresh images for 18 different devices are now ready for download!

This time, all our editions are using pipewire by default!

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It's alive!

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I installed 4 new SSDs (6 in total) in my #NAS based on the @thepine64 #Quartz64 #ARM board as an experiment!

2 x 1TB in btrfs mirror mode for various services and docker. Currently running my @matrixdotorg #synapse home server.

4 x 1TB in RAID5 for data storage.

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We are currently working on adding support for Hardkernels , which is a new rk3568 based board. Expect development images to be available soon!

Doing some experiments running @ManjaroARM in #utm on my #m1 Mac today. Initial boot of the generic #arm image is working already… base setup procedure (calamares) doesn’t run yet, and there might be additional configuration for virtio and spice guest drivers required. But boy it’s damn fast already!

As a heads up, we are going to remove the broken DP Alt mode patches from our kernel builds, starting with kernel 5.18.

The patches does not work most of the time, so we are finally removing them.

We will be looking forward to a real mainline solution to this, but it likely won't happen soon.

It's that time again. Manjaro ARM 22.04 images are now out.

With premade images of , , , , and a GUI-less Minimal editions for **18** devices, including , and .

Get the images on or with our Manjaro ARM Flasher tools.

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Took a bit to hack around mojosetup but Thimbleweed Park running via Box64 on the DevTerm with Manjaro

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Updating to plasma 5.24 and PlaMo Gear 22.02 should now be "safe" on Unstable branch.
Sadly the wallpaper is still MIA in this update, upstream is working on it.

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Here's another stable update for you all.

This update is not so much about new shiny things, but more polishing what we have.

If you are using unstable branch on your Pinephone with , we advise against updating to plasma 5.24 yet, as we are still building plasma mobile packages for it. So some things might not be compatible yet!

By using the experimental tow-boot build for the Pinephone Pro on the SPI flash, we found that suspend actually does work on the . It even wakes up again when pressing the power button!

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