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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post:

And we now have GUI on the and .

Still to do:
Screen rotation
Add WiFi and bluetooth drivers
Use a touch oriented DE
Maybe even switch to wayland.

The next FOSDEM will take place on 1-2 February 2020 at our usual venue, Université Libre de Bruxelles (thanks ULB!).

See for venue location and other useful information. The site will be updated further in the coming months.

Manjaro ARM now boots on both and .

Missing is still screen power on and interface creation. 😀

Time for the August Blog Update -- London Meetup, PineTab News, SOEdge And More!

Quite a bit of news covering the spectrum of new and upcoming products!

Progress on the #pinetab today.
Uboot is working. But it stops about 8 seconds into loading kernel with a pretty non descriptive "data error".
This is all through UART though, since the screen does not turn on.

Gonna try another kernel tomorrow to see if that works.


Own a Raspberry Pi 4?
Love XFCE?

Try out our new Preview for the with the desktop now!

XFCE is a desktop that has been wanted by the community for some time, and now we have started working on an official edition for it!

Just received the 2.0 devkit for the #pine64 #pinephone, last stage before the phone-shaped devkits :D

Destination Linux 131 - Endeavour OS, Deepin, OnlyOffice, Silverblue, Pinebook Pro, Ubuntu Mate, GPD

On DL 131 we discuss OS Officially Release
15.11 Released
5.3 Released
Mate 19.10 Alpha MicroPC
Pro Pre-orders Starting Soon & More Info
What Is
Extension With Malware
More Details Emerge
Sale Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

We're under 24 hours from #pinebookpro time! At noon UTC tomorrow (July 25th), preorders open.

If you want a PBP ASAP, be quick! Supply is limited to 1100 units in this first run.

Kernel 5.2 for the just hit our repo today.

Do your regular system update to get it when your mirror had synced!

Linux 5.3-rc1 has been released, and one of the nice thing we contributed is the H264 video decoding support for the Allwinner VPU: This is one more step towards completing our Kickstarter! We hope to have H265 decoding in Linux 5.4!

We got a dev board for testing.
Disappointed to see that it is basically a locked down Android device with an SD boot option. ☹️
But we will keep working on it.

The first preview images for Manjaro ARM on the Raspberry Pi 4 is now available.

Be aware that they are Previews.
They indicate how far upstream "RPI foundation" are with aarch64 support for this board right now.

Manjaro ARM now has working 64-bit images for the Raspberry Pi 4.
These images are 64-bit only, so no 32-bit stuff.

The images are not ready for regular use yet, so we are keeping them internal, unless you want them for testing (in that case PM us).
They still lack at least Bluetooth and GPU acceleration.

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