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Remember: orders for the #PinePhone KDE Community edition open tomorrow at around midday UTC. Don't miss ordering yours!


In today's November Blog Update:

- @kde Community Edition #PinePhone coming December 1st

- RK3566 announced as one of our next generation platforms

- #PinebookPro Docking Deck

- #Pinecil on sale within the next month

- Enough other announcements to write a novel about... luckily Lukasz already did that for me. :)

KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

Much software progress is made between the moment an OS is submitted to the factory and when users receive their #PinePhone.

Please update your
@manjarolinux Community Edition using the inbuilt software center (you'll be prompted) or via command-line (sudo pacman -Syyuu).

We at @ManjaroLinuxARM are currently looking into supporting this new device setup as best as we can. Stay tuned for some video upcoming shortly ...

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The #PinePhone is on the raise. Find out about upcoming changes to our #Phosh build: We are also preparing to ship a big crate to the EU warehouse. So go to the store and reserve yours:

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We currently seeing too many boxes of the #pinephone with @ManjaroLinuxARM featuring #Phosh. Get details on the shipping state in the @thepine64 forums:

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A new update is out for .

It includes some nice stuff like:
Firefox 82
KDE Plasma 5.20.1
Most Uboot packages updated to 2020.10

See the announcement here:

Do you want to do a professional recording on your ARM device?
Well, good news! We just added to our unstable branch!

Great to hear that another company is now pushing #Anbox to be the support for Android Apps. We are looking forward to it, as we also offer #Anbox on our #Phosh edition to be installed optionally.

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