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People are right. Mastodon :mastodon: shouldn't just advertise itself. It should advertise the Fediverse :fediverse: as a whole. It's its strongest trait.

There are many other federated social media alternatives, but it's the INTEROPERABILITY 🌐 that makes Mastodon strong.

Some people don't want an alternative micro-blogging site, they just want something like Instagram. They will likely write off the Fediverse because they think it's just Mastodon, and have never heard of Pixelfed :pixelfed:

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Stolen from my old downloaded memes folder (I don't think I posted this one yet)

There is quite literally no reason for me to want you to favorite this toot, or even for you yourself to favorite this toot, yet you feel a strong urge to do it anyway for some reason.

One lesson I've learned along the way in life: Don't strive to be interesting. It's just a form of attention-seeking and anyone worth having in your life will pick up on it.

Be substantive. Stop caring what people think and stop chasing their approval. You'll implicitly become more interesting to others, but it will carry less weight, because you'll value yourself enough to not need the validation.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Cinnamon is what Gnome 3 should’ve been. Probably the best DE I’ve used; Gnome 3 is just bad in pretty much every design choice they made, KDE is klunky and buggy on Wayland, and all the rest like MATE and XFCE look and feel straight out of early 2000s.

Deepin was causing me a lot of issues (It was NOT made to be custom installed on Arch), so I switched to Cinnamon and couldn't be happier. :blobcatalt:
It is INCREDIBLY customizable (also all the add-on stores in the settings are very handy) and it looks AMAZING! :blobcatadorable:
I think I've found my new favorite desktop environment...

Deepin is exactly what I've been wanting out of a DE for a while now.
Just had to manually install it though :/

Just got into Gnome (yes, that's what I'm using), and I just realized how boneheaded and STUPID the Gnome designers are
Who would possibly want 2 CLICKS, halfway across the screen, to access a dock. I just want it at the bottom of my freakin' screen with a simple hover!
Why are they so insistent on everyone using multiple desktops and the "Activities" menu. They should know from Dash to Dock literally being on the front page of the site that nobody wants to deal with this stuff :ablobcatgrumpy:

Ok, it's actually just that the arch keying was very recently updated (how did it take me this long to find out), but now I like Endeavour better, so...

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Giving this install a hostname of apollo-13
This time it'll work for sure :blobcatalt:

Because of some weird dependency stuff that I really don't want to deal with right now, I am going to try EndeavorOS because I said so.

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RebornOS includes a checkbox IN THE INSTALLER to install proper Realtek drivers and a ton of other useful stuff!
How have I never seen another distro do this yet?

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