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When you finally get someone to try Linux, thought they dual booted it, and ask them to boot in to Windows for troubleshooting...

It's official, whenever I type Linux in my address bar, instead of searching ddg for tux, it goes here :)

Well, it's gonna come tomorrow, because I'm lazy and tired. Goodnight 🛏️

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What game are you watching, may I ask?
I was just watching the men's hockey game.
Now, the mixed table tennis one!

I might not be able to do a large effort video today because I'm watching the Olympics. I'll probably end up doing "How I got started with Linux" sorry 🤷

Remember when browser games where a thing, and you did ray-tracing in your browser?
Well, you can relive the good ol' days here:

Big update today... Mesa got an upgrade... Might be able to run more things :)

Well, my 2gb of RAM did NOT like all the tabs... Look at how full the swap is! Also, Mastodon just died, so I had to restart Firefox.

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With 2gb of ram, everything is 50% slower, and It's struggling with Firefox with one tab. Lets open ALL THE TABS!!!

I'm gonna do something quite stupid... I'm gonna remove all but one stick of ram from my PC, and see if it will run on 2gb of ram.

Another two video poll.
Top two win.

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..