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The best explination I've ever seen of why the argument against online privacy is stupid:

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Teach not what to think, but how to think.
-My brain in the shower :ablobcatbongo:

Nice post from reddit user u/soccergalasaxg on r/adviceanimals
100% agree.

*is bored*
Post :blobcat:
*still bored but blobcat is cute so everything will be ok*

universe: :comfypeek: hey what is go~ oh god.
:arevbunhdsadpat: that's a little too much sad in here

Write a JavaScript runtime in JavaScript and run it inside itself.

"Don't haggle and nag them; you were so recently of them yourself. They are so confident they will run on forever. But they won't run on. They don't know that this is all one huge big blazing meteor that makes a pretty fire in space, but that someday it'll have to hit. They see only the blaze, the pretty fire, as you saw it."
- Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451)

Most distros that use Gnome include a dock as well for the very reason that everybody is used to it, but they're all done with hack-y Gnome extensions and I know if Gnome themselves implemented it, it would be a lot more polished!
That's all I want from Gnome to be honest, because otherwise it's my perfect desktop.

Have you ever heard of intelligent auto hide? :ablobcatwave:
Even if that didn't exist, it shouldn't be a reason not to have it at least included with a toggle in settings.
Everybody is used to a dock too. Here's what has a dock:
Windows :os_windows:
MacOS :os_apple:
Basically every other desktop environment :linux:
Even an iPad has a dock!
Not having a dock is mobile phone design, but shoved unceremoniously onto a desktop.

:ablobcatcoffee: The only things that keep me from absolutely loving Gnome are as follows:
1. No dash to dock built in to the DE (there isn't even a toggle in settings) :blobcathuh:
2. Window snapping only does 1/2 of the screen, there is no 1/4 screen snapping :ablobcatwave:
3. Gnome is betting hard on convergence and refuse to change, even though everybody wants this stuff to be fixed (Mobile Linux won't be a thing if you can't fix the desktop) :blobcatthink:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. :ablobcatcoffee:

The new @gnome update adds quite a few features that were desperately needed for a long time.
Still waiting for a built-in Dash to Dock implementation with better polish though...

When people say they have nothing to hide, let's reply:

* Post your passwords here
* Write down everybody you hate
* Tell the world who you voted for
* List all the videos you watched

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because 'your' judgement and intentions are.

And it doesn't matter whether or not my communications are weighty or frivolous in nature - they are mine and only for those whom I've chosen to share them with. Not the government's, nor goog's, nor my ISP's, but mine.

Also, what is legal where I live today, may not be legal tomorrow and my discussion of it may incriminate my future self. It has happened in the past many times to others in other places.

YOU GET A FAVORITE :ablobcatrainbow:
AND YOU GET A FAVORITE :ablobcatrave:

@Linux_in_a_Bit if you are to want to use stuff on your LAN when you're away, something like Tailscale or Wireguard could also solve that problem with little fuss, especially with the former.

:ablobcatattentionreverse: Quick PSA for those new to self hosting:
If you are self hosting anything facing the wider internet PLEASE use CrowdSec or at LEAST Fail2Ban.
Better yet, just do it only on your home LAN and don't port forward anything. :ablobcatwave:

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