Look, Munich: city of Barcelona kicks out Micro$oft in favor of Linux and open source.

The Linux distro to be used may be Ubuntu as the City is already running a pilot project of 1000 Ubuntu-based desktops.

Outlook mail client and Exchange Server will be replaced with Open-Xchange meanwhile Firefox and LibreOffice will take the place of Internet Explorer and M$ Office.



@Linux Wait a couple of years, the party at the government of the city will change and they'll go back to Microsoft.

It's not the first time I see something like that here in spain.

I'm happy but I don't expect it to be a real change.

@ekaitz_zarraga @Linux Fun fact: In Munich the party at government *didn't* change and nevertheless they went back. m(

@tuxedocomputers @Linux yeah, I know.
That could also happen.

If they go back I won't be surprised.

@tuxedocomputers @ekaitz_zarraga @dredmorbius IIRC, there was also "a very neutral" Accenture which investigated the IT situation in Munich... Concluding that best for the city would be to switch back to M$ products immediately..

@Linux And I'm Basque...

I know how this works... Believe me...

Who tells you that the next elections the party at the gov in Barcelona won't be a non-Catalan party?

@ekaitz_zarraga It's highly possible that this is a beginning of a larger adoption trend 😎

Catalonia would like to gain independence and (wisely) depart EU too, correct?

Munichs switch back was not about Linux really.

@Linux I hope so!

They could gain the independence but it will be a really hard thing. Remember Spain doesn't want it. Do not consider it done. I'm afraid it could become violent...

Munich's switch was not about linux, but they went back anyway... in this case could happen the same.

I hope everything goes well and they use Linux forever but I'm not confident about that.

@ekaitz_zarraga @Linux politics aside, what matters too (I have personally dealt with this) is that Linux distro (or even just FOSS) works well with everything else that might remain in use - workstations, printers/MFD, systems wholly or part run in "cloud", external email providers etc; and the organisational IT support has the correct skillset and mindset to assist the endusers.

If IT changes are also used as "austerity/costcutting" to reduce tech headcount that often does not end well.

@ekaitz_zarraga @Linux At least the plan looks more realistic and sensible than the regular pretentious approach (making a distro, full change from the beginning, etc.). Guess somebody familiar with the technology has advised them. Let's see what happens, though...

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