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*Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted]*

The aim of the website is to provide a central wiki to post experiences with Linux on the model of laptop / notebook you're using. is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spammed linlap dot com which is now unusable.

Please consider participating on building a new "HQ" sending in your model / experiences!

Any help appreciated!

don [at]


Ubuntu Unity team: open source alternative to Canonical's Snap Store!

The team, lead by an 11 year old prodigy, Rudra Saraswat, have released the first beta of "LOL"; an open-source alternative indeed to the Snap Store.

Although it won’t be shipping in 21.10, the game is on!

There's now also a Discourse forum for LOL in place at

Snap packaging is getting all the more interesting!


Pine64: PinePhone Pro.

A new flagship Linux smartphone!

A more polished Linux smartphone powered by a Rockchip hexa-core 1.5GHz SoC, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB of eMMC storage, 13MP / 5MP cameras +a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display.

The default OS is Manjaro Linux / KDE Plasma Mobile, but expect support by most of the operating systems already available for the original PinePhone.

What do YOU think? Will you pre-order?


Ubuntu 21.10 is here!

Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, says of this release:

“As open source becomes the new default, we aim to bring Ubuntu to all the corners of the enterprise and all the places developers want to innovate.

From the biggest public clouds to the tiniest devices, from DGX servers to Windows WSL workstations, open source is the springboard for new ideas and Ubuntu makes that springboard safe, secure, consistent.”


Canonical: How to make snaps faster.

Snaps (and flatpaks for that matter) are a work in progress to unite Linux OS's. They're great for new users +those who treat a PC as just another occasional gadget in house.

No more obsolete and cumbersome PPA adding.

Speed relates to the user experience. With snaps, there are differences in execution times compared to ye olden Linux way. However, it is possible to even eliminate the gap!


Free Software Foundation - JShelter / prevents harmful actions of JavaScript!

JShelter project develops a browser add-on to protect against threats posed by JavaScript on websites.

These include hidden identification , user movement tracking, and user data collection..

The code is distributed in GPLv3 license. Giorgio Maone, the creator of NoScript, is on board aswell.


Site ==>

Linux gaming booster!

Easy Anti-Cheat support for Linux including Wine & Proton is here.

Suddenly, we could see more than a half of the non-working games in Protondb move to status of WORKING. This is huge.

Epic Games (known more or less anti-Linux) has started to bend under pressure? Will we also see the likes of Fortnite soon played on Linux?

This is a good candidate for The Year Of Linux Gaming :thinkhappy:


Learn Linux TV: why universal Linux apps are GREAT!

Universal Linux packages are meant to uncomplicate, make releasing software more effortless on Linux in general etc.

Snaps and Flatpaks appear to be getting on top of things the most, while AppImages require extra effort; to make 'em executable. Even this is too much for a new and regular user.

This universal approach is not only necessary, but a very good thing. The video explains.


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Canonical now concentrating on making snaps (universal Linux packages) to fire up fast.

Snaps are always sandboxed; so in addition to software availability (in which AUR is unmatched) in comes security.

Performance issues tie into actual, tangible changes in the code, overall understanding and control of the system.

"Checkbox" is now used as a tool.

LZO compression can lead to 60% improvement.

Read all about it ==>

Adélie Linux calls for assistance!

The people behind this promising distro are looking to expand their community of users & developers.

Adélie Linux is based on musl runtime library focusing on reliability, security, compatibility, portability, usability.

They even aim eventually to operate smoothly without any GNU components, utilizing Busybox or similar.

Please contact them if interested.


Premium mobile operating system creators Jolla: the new Sailfish OS "Verla"

Introduces a new sharing system, camera updates +some more sandboxing work under the hood!

Wishing to leave the notorious Google ecosystem and services behind? Sailfish X is for you, improving all the time.


Tatu Ylönen - Linux using inventor of SSH (or openSHH) changed the IT-world.

Mr. Ylönen solved the password sniffing trouble of internet to start with.

Tatu Ylönen (Lic.Sc.) is another Finnish inventor, next to the likes of Jarkko Oikarinen (IRC), Linus Torvalds (Linux), Matti Makkonen (SMS), Monty Widenius (MariaDB, MySQL), etc.

Highly energetic appearance ==>


Playing only-Windows released new games on LINUX via Steam?

A new easy install solution of Glorious Eggroll’s Proton-GE is here!

Install any build clicking straight from the GUI's list.

Proton? A special compatibility layer developed by Valve for running Windows-only made games on Linux.

Proton GE: not affiliated with Valve / Steam officially, but gets special game-specific fixes etc. quicker.


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We're recording an episode of right now!

Come join us at to watch the show LIVE!

Patrons can also join the "recording stadium" for the Patron Postshow. 🐧😎👍

Become a Patron at

Mental Outlaw (or AlphaNerd) - Garuda Linux - The Best "Just Works" Distro?

He's astounded by the sheer user friendliness of Garuda Linux.

Click away on everything you want during install & enjoy the gaming optimized Linux-Zen kernel.

Automatic snapshots before EVERY update; no worries on losing the system / easy restoration of the recent state. On rolling release distros this approach should be a default!

Modern eye candy? Also check.


Linux and the Framework laptop.

What is Framework? It is a high-performance, thin and light notebook "designed to last".

Modular components along with a commitment makes it easy to repair and upgrade.

There has been immense interest for Linux: outselling pre-configured systems with Windows 10 by a wide margin.

Read more / order ==>

Premium Linux PC makers System76: AMD-only “Pangolin” Linux laptop is back!

Being out of stock for a while, this baby's indeed now more powerful than ever with 4th gen AMD Ryzen mobile processor & integrated AMD Radeon graphics.

Choose between the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor with 6 cores & 12 threads and up to 4.0 GHz clock speed or the AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor with 8 cores and 16 threads and up to 4.3 GHz clock speed.


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On a fun 241! 😂🐧🐧

We discuss the best privacy focused search engine.
Who reigns supreme?

And we head to Jill’s Museum to see what treasure of hardware history Jill has to show us! 💻🐧❤

+our tips, tricks & picks!

NFL / American football native games for Linux?

Quit the search: AXIS FOOTBALL 2021.

Axis Football: a simulation-style football game featuring the industry's best franchise mode, massive customization & realistic gameplay.

"1st year purchasing this series. It is right on the cusp to being a true contender to Madden, which it has to be compared to for obvious reasons".


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