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*Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted]*

The aim of the website is to provide a central wiki to post experiences with Linux on the model of laptop / notebook you're using. is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spammed linlap dot com which is now unusable.

Please consider participating on building a new "HQ" sending in your model / experiences!

Any help appreciated!

don [at]


Planned to in your mobile life? | Sony Xperia 10 II gets full Sailfish OS 64-bit support from Jolla!

1st fully stacked 64-bit ARM Sailfish OS. DL and flash onto the Sony Xperia 10 II.

Instructions here:

In any case, the package also introduces the 64-bit Android App Support.

Xperia 10 II comes with OLED screen; a reminiscence to the legendary Nokia N9 times?


Mental Outlaw aka AlphaNerd: Bitcoin is for fools, Monero rules!

An overall nice guy, geek and an American Linux enthusiast has pressing things to say about cryptocurrencies.

Wanna buy crypto without the government taking a cut?

...And NO; this is not a deep fake :thinkhappy:

In his next video, he walks through on how to mine Monero (XMR) on Linux.


Linus Torvalds, the Finnish creator of Linux, actually DOES play computer games on his computer!

Courtesy of 1998 after moving to USA; the game on the screen appears to be Quake.


System76: images of their own up and coming custom KEYBOARD.

The source code has also been released.

The want to bring the ultimate user controlled keyboard experience.

Open source mechanical, electrical design, open source firmware and associated software, and a large number of user configuration opportunities.

Firmware updates via fwupd project. Settings are stored on EEPROM and are maintained through firmware updates.


Looking for some quality Linux gaming for the weekend...?


An indie point 'n' click adventure in a dystopian cyberpunk setting (about a girl & her robot).

A native Linux game from an Estonian Chaosmonger Studio.

"The sweetness and creativity of Studio Ghibli in a Blade Runner alike setting, with the humor and game style of Monkey Island…"

Sound pretty brilliant!


Finnish Linux users here: there's a new Linux group in Telegram called Linux-sauna.


Did you know there's a new gaming centered Linux show?

Game Sphere - brought to you by Destination Linux Network / Chris Were. See, it rhymes too! :thinkergunsunglasses:

You can still make the craft right from the get go: Episode 1 was December 1st.

::: Stadia director says streamers should pay game devs royalties

::: Driver 2 FOSS engine in the works

::: OpenMW update

::: Shapez

::: Hitman: Codename 47

@ChrisWere @DestinationLinux

PinePhone is now upgradeable with more RAM & storage!

Linux on mobile getting more and more delightful; The new boards offer 3GB of on-board memory and 32GB of flash storage.

This is up from the 2GB/16GB combo offered on the original and early-doors handsets.

Newer versions of the PinePhone, including those sold with postmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch and Manjaro.

PinePhone is also up for more security than any stock android device.


Destination Linux | Episode 196: "Going Sub-Atomic with Quantum Computing".

This week they’re going to take a look at what’s new for KDE’s latest Plasma 5.20 release!

Quantum Realm discussion and a Red Hat article about the subject including what sysadmins will need to do to manage in this new realm without an Ant Man suit.

In the gaming section: "Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest".


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Today our panel will talk about the challenges to #linux adoption on the desktop computer market.
7:00p EST

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Tonight I'm going on a bit of a nostalgia trip over at in about 15 minutes. There's a game I haven't touched in years, but it's also a game that started my content creation hobby, so I think it's due for a revisit. See you in the chat!

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As the joint openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference 2020 comes to an end, we want to say a big thanks to all 390 participants from around the world! Great to see you, and also great to see such a passionate and vibrant community. Cheers! 😊👍

Elive Linux

Another shout out for this user friendly, very lightweight yet also very pretty Linux distro

Elive is based on Debian, offering some adorable bling-bling through its Enlightenment desktop environment / Cairo dock amongst other things such as fancy sound effects.

Work continues towards 64 bit stable release: they need help in means of donations, reviews etc. for Elive publicity.

Please donate, help & spread word if able.


PeerTube needs about 13k more to reach that €60,000 / Live streaming feature!

A free as in freedom decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The fine developers of Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3.0 of PeerTube.

It includes all the things one needs to ditch Youtube!

Read about it via link & please support if able. We are almost there.


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We're recording an episode of right now! Come join us Patrons! The link to watch and join us in the Patron Postshow is on Patreon and Sponsus. Not a patron yet? Go to to get access to the & shenanigans! 😎👍

Boost! Boost! Does not cost one anything, and Elive deserves a chance :linux:

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Video playback's hardware acceleration VA-API / FFmpeg enabled by default on Linux!

Other new features:

* If you really need such - the ability to save, manage, and auto-fill credit card information

* Form filling support for PDF documents

* Improved picture-in-picture discoverability

* More accessible audio and video controls for screen reader users

* Improved video conferencing with Jitsi


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@hunger @Linux Hi! Pouhiou, here. Early august I've browsed over +100 instances, and added those I thought had nice original content to Framatube's federation bubble: .
Oh, and just today, I've found out about that seems nice (but I need to dig in).
We'll also try to update selection in September (I wish and want and hope: time is so scarce!)

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