Destination Linux 143 - Linus Says Microsoft Has Changed, Flatpak, Jack Audio, Arch Linux

Topics covered in this episode:
Linux Decides It’s Not Hard Enough
Updated 1.5
Audio Finally Has A Release
Says Has Changed
DLN Discourse

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination 141 - CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit

31 Better Multimedia Codec Support
OS Release
Builds Super Computer with Pi
In Patent Troll Legal Trouble
/#Windows Clarifies Exclusivity Stance

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination 140

Kernel 5.3 Released
Autonomous Linux
Stallman Resigns
Epyc Processors Break World Records
Employee Reaches Out
The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

On Destination 139 - , VPN, , LVFS, Smartwatch, 5.7 Released, WSL

Grow To A Legal Entity
Gets a Proxy VPN
Gets Updated
5.7 Released
LVFS Grows With
Drops Another Surprise
: Calamity TV Show

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination 138 - GNOME 3.34, Firefox 69, Librem 5, Chromebooks, Signal Messenger & more

3.34 Drops This Week, Grub2 Disk 2.04s1 Released.
69 Released
Librem 5 Shipping
Targeting The Enterprise
3D Coming To

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination Linux 137 - Emma Marshall of System76, Microsoft exFAT, Pinebook Pro, Proton Gamepads

on DL137 - An interview with Emma Marshall of

Brings exFAT to Linux
Pro Available Now
Gamepad Support Comes To In Steam Proton
Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination Linux 136 - Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE

Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
Launches GUI Firmware Updater
Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
Announces New Contributions To Open Source
& Protect Users
2 Coming To

Destination Linux 135 - Simon Steinbeiß of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Apps 19.08, Huawei

Simon Steinbeiß of = >
Dalton Durst of (hosted) = >
Applications 19.08 Released
Open Source Tablet
Working To Create Open Source Foundation
Removes Support
Deep Survival Game Fix
plus our Tips, Tricks and Software picks!

Destination Linux 134 - Xfce 4.14, Ubuntu Snaps, LibreOffice, Linux Journal, NVidia, Huawei, FFmpeg

2019.8 Released
4.14 Released Today
6.3 Released
4.2 Released
Benchmarks Of RX5700
Releases New OpenSource OS
’s Martin Wimpress Discusses Snaps
Journal Says Goodbye…Again
Coming Around?

On Destination 133 - Linux in Virtual Reality, Blender 2.80, Linux Mint, Librem 5, Red Hat AMA

The Linux Desktop Goes VR
& Join Forces
19.2 Released
2.80 Is Out & It’s Awesome!
Dock v0.9 Released
Releases Final Specs On Their Phone
Wright CTO Reddit AMA
Get’s Some Love
Proposes Changes To The Kernel

Destination Linux 131 - Endeavour OS, Deepin, OnlyOffice, Silverblue, Pinebook Pro, Ubuntu Mate, GPD

On DL 131 we discuss OS Officially Release
15.11 Released
5.3 Released
Mate 19.10 Alpha MicroPC
Pro Pre-orders Starting Soon & More Info
What Is
Extension With Malware
More Details Emerge
Sale Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Destination Linux EP130 - Linux 5.2, Debian 10, AMD, System76’s Thelio, Valve’s Steam Labs & more

This week on DL130
10 Released
5.2 Released
4 Has Yet Another Flaw
Brings The Hardware Fire But Drops The Driver Ball
76 Thelio Now Comes w/
To Package As a
Hat & Merge
Rolls Out Labs
Early Access

Destination EP128 – Ubuntu 32-bit Fiasco, Raspberry Pi 4, Fedora, Firefox, Steam Summer Sale

On DL128 -, Loses It’s Mind But Then Find’s It Again, Torvalds Sees Hardware Headaches Ahead, Linux Enterprise 15 SP1 Released, Has Started On A New Desktop Snap Store, 31 Shaping Up To Be Amazing, Pi 4, Raspberry Pi Heat Issue, Brings The Heat, Summer Sale

Destination EP127

on DL127 - LinuxOS Released 2019.06, 5.3 Will Receive FS GS Base For , 19.06 Released, New All-In-One, P Laptop Comes With Linux, Measure Air Quality with +, Is It Time To Back ? Pricing & Structure Revealed
Lovely Planet 2, Software Tips, Tricks and more

Destination Linux EP126 – Live from SouthEast LinuxFest

ON DL126 - Special Guest Rocco, OS 0.3.1 Released, OS 15 Released, Based on 18.04.2 LTS, Plasma 5.16 Released, Premium, Delivers New CPU/GPU Computex, Governance Options plus our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!.

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