The latest edition of Linux++ is out and, we know this sounds like a broken record, but it's really stuffed with a ton of happenings around the Linux and open source world.

Lol it was awesome to have you on the show! We are looking forward to the new LaserFace laptop model too :)


On the recent episode of I've been answering questions on the new laptop. Plus making fun of the hosts. Have a look:


Many of you have asked about an RSS feed for FrontPageLinux.

Gotcha covered: Just add

There may be no other desktop environment in the Linux world that has had as much controversy surrounding it as the project.

Don't miss the latest episode of Destination Linux! We were joined by Philip of and Vinzenz of to talk about their new partnership. Oh and there might be a little discussion about their new AMD Laptop offering! 😎

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Find out the latest about and the collaboration with

A lot of hardware news packed in this episode of


We are thrilled to welcome Linux++ to the DLN Family! 😎👍


I'm proud to announce that I am joining the fine folks for a new! Thanks to,,,, for bringing me aboard! Check out the website to see my new home!


Lol , no! found out the super secret announcement!

RT 🤫🤫🤫


Great News, fans! has a new episode out! Episode 6 is available right now to get on your favorite app.

166 is out! We were joined by Derek from and so of course that meant we were required to talk about Tiling Window Managers. :D

We also are testing something new with the structure of the show so let us know what you think.

Hey DLN Family, coming up on the next , & talk about PAPPL, the new Linux Printing framework. If anyone experienced in this could help educate us and the greater community on IPP Everywhere framework benefits, please do.

Nerd points happily awarded!

You can find our entire network's content over at


got my lbry app loaded listening to the latest this week in linux from this is how i wake up

nerd status achieved


If you're finding yourself with a little more free time -- or at least more time to check out podcasts -- you can enjoy ALL of the DLN shows under one roof at:

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Hope to see ya there!

Emma Marshall (Happiness Manager at joins us again for a jam-packed episode of Destination Linux!

We also discuss your feedback, toss out some tips and tricks, and much more!

It's been a BUSY week in the Linux world -- but when is it not?

Nate and Eric extend the discussion of interesting topics we touched on across DLN this week.



Look what I’ve just found😳😳


So you don't like Google stuff? How about getting ALL of our network's content on an open source platform like

Wish granted:

Join as he catches you up on the Linux and open source news that matters.

You like the tough questions? You like Of course you do!

Episode 30 of gives you 75 minutes of both.

(and some fun and knowledge along the way)

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