Linux Mint, @mxlinux, Mageia, Steam Link, #WordPress, CS:GO #BattleRoyale, & more on @ThisWeekinLinux Episode 46!

also TWinL46: Ubuntu Touch, #NVIDIA Open-Sources PhysX, #Microsoft Edge to be Chromium Based, #Kubernetes Flaw, Australia Wants #Encryption Destroyed, #HumbleBundle

#Linux @TuxDigital

The "Linux is Everywhere" Shirt/Hoodie/etc are on sale for the Holiday Season! For a Limited-Time you can save 20% off the price with coupon code: LINUXMAS

North America:


Raspberry Pi, 10 Year #ubuntu, Huge Games Sale, Slax, deepin, #mozilla vs FCC, & more on Episode 44 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL44: Home Assistant, Void Linux, #SuperTuxKart, #SuperTux, #Instagram Password Leak & much more!

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To hear from @JoshStrobl himself that is alive and kicking plus the fact that Noah will be joining the team makes that latest episode of @DestinationLinux my favourite one yet!

System76 #Thelio, Fedora 29, @SolusProject Update, #Ubuntu on Samsung DeX, #i3wm, ProtonDB, & more on Episode 43 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL43: openSUSE's Cavil project, Lutris (game manager), #KDE Connect,

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The episode that changes everything is here. Destination Linux Episode 95. You don't want to miss this announcement.

Everything changes with Episode 95 this week. Don't miss the chance to watch it live.

The countdown has begun over at

IBM to Acquire Red Hat, #Linux 4.19, Linus is Back, #Solus, Games on Sale, & more on Ep. 42 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also: #Firefox 63, TeamViewer 14, Feren OS, System76, Pine64 Smartphone, Fanatical, Humble Bundle, #SteamSale

#LinuxGaming @TuxDigitalcom

Destination Linux EP93 - Noah-clear Reactor

On this very special episode of Destination Linux, we are joined by a friend of the show. Noah Chelliah of the Ask Noah Show

Ubuntu 18.10 & Flavours, Ubuntu Studio Interview, #elementary, PeerTube 1.0m & more on Episode 41 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL41: Pop!_OS (System76), Ubuntu Touch OTA-5, Sway 1.0 Beta, Turtl v0.7, Lightworks 14.5, LibSSH Vulnerability, Microsoft Joins OIN

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Lubuntu 18.10: See What's New (Spoiler: LXQt, Calamares & more)

This is a "what's new" and official promo video that I made for the Lubuntu project. Let me know what you think of the video and Lubuntu 18.10 if you try it out.

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