Everyone keeps talking about Phones that run Linux, and yeah they're cool. But I just want a phone that's modular, like Project ARA was gonna be. Get THAT to run Linux and be available to the masses. Then I'll be excited.

Coding at 2 AM. Great way to murder brain cells. XD

Welp. Time to learn how this Nextcloud thing works...

Bye bye Dropbox.

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Heads up for 5.1 kernel users that use LVM and/or encrypted filesystems. Trimming filesystem can cause serious data damage!

On Arch it's presumably patched in newest kernel but upstream kernel is still affected.

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Honestly, I need to be getting work done for the stable release of Drauger OS on Saturday, but I'm too lazy to bother with it right now. 😂

What package provides the `do-release-upgrade` command in Ubuntu? I need to do some reverse-engineering. 😁

That problem turned out to be me being an idiot. XD

Apparently my python script thinks 98 is bigger than both 123 AND 765.

Houston, we have a problem.

Should Linux file managers (Nemo, Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, etc) have Android versions available on F-Droid and/or the Play Store?

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Hi , me again, thanks for the quick fix with the addons problem. I'll let my friends, who were trying out alternative browsers, know it's ok to get back to you again.

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So we know we promised a podcast (or something related) for you guys to enjoy. We decided that our first episode will be a pretty simple Q and A episode where we will answer as many questions as we have time for.

If you have a question you want answered, leave a comment and we will try to answer as many of them as we can!

Alright. i got the bootloader unlocked. Now to figure out how to install root. 🤔

Imma probably root my phone tomorrow. Never done this before. I would install Lineage OS but they don't support my phone. Nor do most other Android-based OSes. 😢

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Apparently the company Slimbook, which ships laptops with Ubuntu, made an app to help save battery life on laptops. And it works on just about any laptop running Ubuntu or a derivative.

Imma check this out.

Here is their PPA. The app is named slimbookbattery if you want to check it out too.


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