2020 IPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Replace IPadOS with Linux = Awesome ultra-thin laptop?

How to look like a hacker in front of your friends 

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Having trouble installing the latest beta of Drauger OS? Check out this new guide from Mark on our wiki about how to use our new installer: draugeros.org/go/wiki/a-guide-

Well. The power cable for my has decided to kick the bucket. That's $15 down the drain. πŸ˜•

To those who have set up servers, do you bother setting a domain for it or do you just tell people the IP?

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Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 1 is ALMOST ready. Good thing too because the release is in about a week. Hope yall are as hyped as we are!

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Good news: Drauger OS will not be delayed due to COVID-19

Bad News: The alpha decided to stop booting on UEFI and I am slowly going insane because of it.

Calling all distro maintainers.

Release your internal docs on how to build ISOs of your distro please.

Some of us NEED those docs.

Considering having a Drauger OS game night sometime around the beta release (the 21st). Just to have some fun.

Here's hoping I get to go to SELF this year.

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It appears our website has gone down. We are troubleshooting the issue now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Replaced router at home. Internet is MUCH better now. 😁

Explaining git to people who have never used it. 😨

Steam in home Streaming:

Can we do it? - Yes
SHOULD we? - Only if both computers have great internet.

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Thanks to It's FOSS for the awesome write up! Check out their recent article about Drauger OS at itsfoss.com/drauger-os/

Note: if you wanna use a dedicated graphics card with the RockPro64 it needs to be low-powered AND you have to compile your own kernel, including the graphics drivers you want.

This is assuming you are on Armbian.

So apparently apt for ARM64 freezes when running in QEMU on AMD64.

Great. Just great.

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