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Hey if anyone comes across an old, used server somewhere for dirt cheap, I'm looking for something rack-mounted that won't break the bank. Requirements in comments.

microUSB is a crime against humanity and an abomination.

PineTime long term review 

Honestly a great device if you're a little tech savvy and don't want/need all the features in the world. However. I do have a wishlist for 2:

* Wireless charging
* speaker, mic, and standard Bluetooth support so using the watch to take calls is possible.
* OLED/AMOLED/miniLED screen. Just something with deeper blacks.
* ambient light sensor so that screen brightness, lift-to-wake and shake-to-wake responsiveness, etc, can be tuned based on the amount of light

Graphs! Glorious Graphs! Hot piles of numbers! 

Download statistics for Drauger OS


Finally got my OpenPGP sig configured for use in both FairEmail and Thunderbird. Was actually pretty easy. Should have done this sooner.

Just discovered that the communicators we use at work run Linux. This makes me über happy. 😁

Looking for a decent, wired, full size, backlit, mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Clear switches. Any suggestions?

SSHDs are just HDDs with HUGE amounts of cache.

Change my mind. 😁

I learned a Linux thing today 

btrfs can change it's RAID type on the fly, no reformat or reboot required. More info:

I love the new terminal watch face in Infinitime. But it has some wasted space on the bottom. The font could be increased slightly to use the rest of that space.

Otherwise, it looks really cool. Great job to the dev team 👍

JSON in C++ is a nightmare compared to JSON in Python.

Tired: Fixing a memory leak by using Valgrind/actually fixing the bug in code

Wired: Fixing a memory leak by buying more memory

Hired: Fixing a memory leak by downloading more memory.

A decision I am trying to make:

A Switch Lite now, for less than $200


A Steam Deck later, for over $400

Portability or Versatility?
Price or Performance?
Stability or Hackability?

What do I value more? 🤔

I'm debating on making a custom Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board. Anyone know where/how I can design one? Either by myself or for dirt cheap.

The easier this is to do, the better.

BTRFS subvolumes are cool. The day when a Linux distro can be organized into subvolumes instead of directories will be really cool.

You could take a snapshot of any arbitrary folder in your entire file system, right out of the box, on a default installation.

For some reason virt-manager isn't booting the Steam Deck image. 🤔

Like, imagine:

* Delta downloads
* Built-in versioning, releases, and tags
* Built-in branches
* Easily changing package remotes (per-package repositories)
* Easy contributing (make a change to the package on your system, make a commit that opens a new branch and PR)

Idk about you but that sounds like a cool package manager.

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