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Hey if anyone comes across an old, used server somewhere for dirt cheap, I'm looking for something rack-mounted that won't break the bank. Requirements in comments.

Just gonna drop this here. There's info on a game night I'm holding for the Drauger OS/Linux community if anyone wants to join in.

Everyone. Please press F to pay respects for this poor man.

Encountered a dude who has a Ryzen 9 5900X in his system...

with a GeForce GT 220

You read that right: a GT 220

GPU bottleneck of the decade right here.

Don't you just love it when you fix a bug in an app and then immediately test your fix, and despite all indications that things should be fine, you still have that bug?

Yeah. Me neither.

I wish there was a thing like `gtk-widget-factory` on Android that I could install and see what GTK themes looked like on the go.

Trying to learn to understand Celsius 

Trying to learn to understand Celsius after growing up in a Fahrenheit world is difficult.

Like when I hear 18°, my first instinct is "crap gotta layer up big time!", but if it's Celsius it throws me off. Like I know it's warmer than 18°F, but still a little cool. But do I need a jacket? I don't know!

Someone needs to get Doom running on the Pinecil.

I wish there was a part of the Linux kernel mailing list where I just get notified of new releases. So like I would get an email now that 5.12 is out, I'll get another for 5.13, etc.

Preferably with what Torvalds said about the release attached to the email. That would be nice.

Short Noise Torch Review 

Just tried Noise Torch. It's nice, but doesn't work as well as I hoped.

If you need voiced activated input, it's ok. But if you want it to cancel background noise while you are talking, it does do that, but not well.

If you are recording audio for later, I suggest just using Audacity's built-in noise cancellation feature in post. But for live stuff, I would suggest using PulseAudio's built in noise cancellation instead. It's not the most stable, but it works.

@omnipotens Random Question.

If I leave a note on an account application, then reject the account, is the note and applicable info still there or was that note pointless?

Thinking of teaching some programming at summer camp this year. Would be good to get some experience for if I decide to teach private lessons eventually.

Hot Take 

systemd is actually really cool. It needs it's components split into separate, independent packages. But, I actually really like it and would hate to see it go.

Especially systemd-boot. That shit is awesome. Bare bones, but awesome.

Is it perfect? No. I hate how they want to handle login and your home directory now. But it does a lot of stuff well for the end user and I love it, despite it's flaws.

Right to Repair 

Sure. Void my warranty for opening the device. I get it.

Sure. Refuse to fix the device if I can't figure it out. It's stupid, but whatever.

But if I want the parts to fix your product, or schematics so I don't defibrillate myself, or repair guides so I don't have to figure out how to open your product and risk destroying it in the process, I am damn well expect at least SOMETHING to be available. It doesn't have to be from you, but it better be something actually usable. (3/3)

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Right to Repair 

I will always support people trying to repair devices, appliances, and other electric/mechanical devices. I would rather they do it safely of course. Sometimes parts containing high-voltage electricity or highly corrosive chemicals may be involved. But how else are you going to learn how to replace the battery in your Tesla without paying an arm and a leg and blowing up the neighborhood?


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Right to Repair 

Manufacturer's not wanting me to repair devices has never stopped me from trying to do it. If I want to fix something, I will do my best to do so despite the manufacture's warnings. I'm not going to take advantage of the warranty anyways.

That being said, those times I failed to repair something, if I had access to components and/or schematics for the device in question, I likely would have fared A LOT better.


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