Looking for an ARM SBC 

Found a pretty neat little Android tool called AN2Linux. Sends notifications on an Android phone to a Linux desktop. Kinda useful. You can find it on GitHub too.

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the year is 2019. ffmpeg can still only take one file at a time as input. society is in shambles.

I got a wild hair and wrote a Python function to tell if a number is prime or not. It works in a decent amount of time. But it doesn't work on numbers past 10 trillion. Hmmmmmmmm.

Finally got the kernel compiling to ARM64. Now to see if I can make a bootable ISO...

Musings of A Linux-loving Otaku 

ARM64 vs AMD64 OS development 

ARM64 vs AMD64 OS development 

Don't tell anyone, but the Spotify snap can rewind and fast forward songs all day long, even with a free Spotify account. Can't download the songs tho and still has ads.

I have a program throwing an error I removed. Wtf?

How in the world did a programming, Linux loving, Ottaku nerd like myself get not 1, not 2, but 3 dates with the same girl??? 😖

Welp. Drauger OS 7.5.1 is already on the 5.4-rc1 kernel and has been rebased to the Ubuntu Eoan Beta.

I feel a little nervous running all this beta/preproduction code. But YOLO!

I really hope the PineTime supports Android. I need a new smart watch and PineTime seems like something I may like.

Morrowind On Linux 

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We're looking for a new Web Dev! Must have skills in HTML, JS, and PHP, and be familiar with WordPress! This is a volunteer only position, but is very flexible with hours and work load. Hop on our Telegram at t.me/draugeros_dev to ask more questions or apply!

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UBports just came out with a fabulous promo video explaining some of the concerns with the current mobile industry and how Ubuntu Touch can be a powerful force for change.


#FLOSS #MobileOS #Privacy #UT #UbuntuTouch #UBports @ubports

You know there is an issue with the world when the Chinese Mandarin word for "grandma" also means "boobs"


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