Been working on a project that will allow anyone to configure an IMG file for ARM computers for their system.

Got it working without throwing errors. But will the IMG file boot?

Next time on Dragon Ball Z: Batcastle's immeasurable disappointment, A ruined day!

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Cette pub sur les règles et l'utérus va faire du bien à toutes les femmes
Règles, mais aussi endométriose, orgasme, grossesse et fausse couche, tout ce que peuvent vivre les femmes à travers leur utérus est raconté dans le spot de Bodyform, Nana en France.

Sacré coup de pub en effet

Can't wait to get my hands on a Pinetab! Somone wanna make a review of it so I can live vicariously through you while I wait for them to come back in stock? Lol

Can someone tell me what the difference between @Tusky and @Husky is? I know Husky is based off Tusky but I'm curious what sets it apart.

Probably gonna set up some CD too. Just gotta make sure the database doesn't get overwritten :blobthinkingeyes:

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About to learn how to use CI. Hopefully this will make me more marketable in the future.

Good thing I can set it up to be more or less autonomous on GitHub 😁

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Working on a blog post about Apple's move to ARM processors and what that means for Drauger OS, and potentially Linux as a whole.

Keep your eyes peeled for it soon on our website!

I really wish there was an app that would let me post to Telegram, Discord, Mastodon, and Twitter simultaneously. And would give correct @'s or hashtags for each platform

I am sure I could make a webbot to do it, but that feels like it would be cumbersome and too easily broken.

@PINE64 I keep getting this error on your store when I go to buy a pinetab, even though it says on the product page it's in stock. Any way I can fix this on my end?

Got the Fallout 4 Terminal password cracker basically done.

Now to make 2048 in a CLI. Cause why not?

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Any youtuber who uses the phrase "nano noob" in a video is not worth your time.

Use whatever text editor you want. Nano is fine. Hell Gedit is fine.

Was going to order myself a @PINE64 Pinetab w/ keyboard but they're outta stock.

Yall wiped them out. 😕😂

Does anyone know where I can find the program used to set Manjaro ARM on first run? Or do I need to make my own?

Working on a Fallout 4 Terminal password cracker. Cause why not?

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I have spent all day fighting with Nextcloud, Apache, and Nginx to get them all to play nice.


Ya know, the term "Zoomer" (talking about Gen Z) has a completely different meaning now. 🤔

Paint cans should have the hex code for the color of paint inside on them.

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