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Hey if anyone comes across an old, used server somewhere for dirt cheap, I'm looking for something rack-mounted that won't break the bank. Requirements in comments.

Xfce devs when Discord keeps raising itself (TWICE!) when launching

Day 2 of being COVID+ 

Still have my senses of taste and smell. Congestion is getting more manageable but not by much. Sore throat is worse.

At least this has given me time to get some programming done and play some video games.

Debating with myself between getting a Framework or getting a Steam Deck.

This is difficult. 😬

It's aggravating when one of your favorite games doesn't run on the distro you make, but seems to run for everyone else.

Like that am I doing wrong?????????????

I keep having Pipewire crashing on me if I mess with Audio settings too much. The process keeps running, but I have to do `systemctl --user restart pipewire*` to get my audio back. Any ideas?

Manjaro is ticking me off 

I have been fighting Manjaro and my router to auto-connect to my wifi and obtain a static IP address for my RockPro64.

Like, super glad Wifi is actually working finally. Can we get it to actually behave now tho cause I am trying to make a Mycroft box and it's being a pain.

Random Fact of the Day 

If you have enough solar panels to cover the entire average human body, assuming they are 100% efficient, they would generate enough energy to power 2 microwaves.

Anybody know how well eGPUs work on Linux? Looking at getting a Framework in the future and last I heard it had unofficial Thunderbolt support.

I'v been using more FOSS apps on my phone lately, to the point I have more of them than Google apps. Soon, the transition will be complete!

Unfortunately, it'll be delayed since with the loss of my NextCloud, I no longer have a CalDAV instance to work with.

Any suggestions for some standalone CalDAV solution I can use?

ADVANTAGES of having A.D.D/A.D.H.D 

If you have/are taking care of a kid, and it starts crying, it will get attention VERY QUICKLY to fix whatever the issue is.

The crying is distracting. Human instinct drives you to try to help the child. The crying pulls on your attention more and more until you feel you have no other choice but provide the child with attention and fix the issue.

Is it annoying? Sometimes, yes. Can it ensure the child is well cared for? Also yes. Provided you have patience.

Why is it such a pain to print in PETG? Stuff refuses to stick to the print bed.

Ideas for future PineTime versions:

PineTime LE: PineTime with no heart rate monitor, screen replaced with e-ink display.

PineTime 2: PineTime with more powerful SOC, more storage, OLED screen and/or wireless charging

PineTime Pro: PineTime 2 with BOTH OLED screen and wireless charging. Also larger battery and standard BT 5 support, mic and speaker for taking calls.

It is surprisingly easy to make a QR code scanner in Python.

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Started a 3D print last night. It was doing fine this morning. But...

Will it be fine when I get home from work?????

Anybody know of a decent Octoprint client for desktop Linux? Apt, snap, and flatpak options all accepted.

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Let's being back laptop lid latches, but with a high-tech twist:

A built in fingerprint scanner. Your fingerprint must match to open the laptop screen. The fingerprint can also be used to sign into the OS and decrypt the internal drive.

And of course the lid only latches if you physically slide the latch closed after closing the lid. That way, if you are in a hurry, you don't have to fight with some latch that may not work cause you have gloves on or something.

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