And yes, I tried Plasma Big Screen. It wouldn't take any inputs since it didn't seem to want to send power to the USB ports. So that ended up being a hard pass.

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Setting up my Ras Pi 8GB as a media machine for my TV. Spotify refuses to work but most everything is good to go.

Just gotta finish setting up the remote control I am using.

Don't you just love it when `parted` decides that it's opposite day?

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Due to scheduling conflicts, we won't be able to do our #AMA live stream.

Instead, we have opted to let everyone ask their questions on social media! Then, in a couple weeks, we will answer several, if not all, of your questions in a blog post.

Ask away everyone!

Tux has joined the Council of the Ducks, and presides over it as Supreme Aquatic Fowl.

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Looking at installing on my server.

Poor thing is already doing a lot. And here I am trying to torture it. Lol.

Got facial recognition set up on my Ubuntu install. Being able to just look at the camera and BOOM sudo is authenticated is so nice.

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On Saturday, the 5th, I am doing an #AMA live stream on YouTube with our Web Dev, Logan. We'll be going live about 4:30 PM EST (20:30 UTC), so feel free to join the party!


Just got handed a desktop today. It came from the same company my first Linux computer came from. I hope its running the same distro. I haven't seen that DE it was using in YEARS.

Either way, it will probably get upgraded and wiped soon. Replace it's OS with either Linux Mint or Zorin OS.

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In 2 weeks, Drauger OS 7.5.1 will be released in it's full, stable glory. What change are you most excited about? Let us know in a comment!

Change log can be found at:

C++ rant 

Why the hell can I not get this stupid program to compile using a dynamic library I made? I'm pointing to everything I need, I THINK I am doing my right (although g++ isn't seeing the lib. So what do I know?). It honestly feels like g++ and GCC just want to spite me at this point and its pissing me off.

On a side note, if anyone wants to help package an app I am working on for RPM-distros, please help.

OBS is not very intuitive so I am just making a couple build scripts to handle everything.

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Was trying to build my first RPM package and lost the entire project.

Thank god for git.

Hey. If anybody has a SBC with an activly cooled heatsink (PWM fan specificly) I am working on a program to make controlling the fan speed SUPER easy and need some testers:

Trying to set up my to be able to cast to it. Sad to say my best chance has failed me.

KDE Connect to the rescue I guess. :-/

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all other genders, I am proud to announce the first paint I have found with the hex code right on the label.

Apple Barrel may be craft paint, and the color may not exactly match what the name of it is on the label. But at least they are honest about what color it will be when it dries.

Anime Things 


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