Gotta tell ya guys, hearing yourself talk on a YouTube channel or podcast you are subscribed to is TRIPPY AF.

Speaking of which, check out my interview with Jason Evangelho of @Linux4Everyone! I had a lot of fun talking about Linux, gaming, Drauger OS, and GCDE.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: Coming Soon!™

Alright. Yes. My overclock was strangely unstable. Just completely disabled it and tried again and mksquashfs worked completely fine.

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mksquashfs is giving me a seg fault. The only reason I can think of would either be some instability in my overclock (despite the fact that I had seen no instability elsewhere), or the R9 3950X I have has issues with that command specifically. But I doubt that last one.

CPU: R9 3950X

GPU: RTX 2080

MOBO: Aorus Ultra X570

Boot: 500GB NVMe 4.0
Home folder: 4x 1TB SATA SSDs in RAID10 using BTRFS

RAM: 32 GB 3466 MHz Dual-Channel

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62

Case: Cooler Master C700P Black Edition

PSU: EVGA 850W 80+ Gold Modular

OS: Drauger OS 7.5.1

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COVID denyer jokes are starting to sound like Anti-Vaxxer jokes and I absolutely love it.

My mother is learning to edit video in Kdenlive. She'll make a Linux user yet!

Gonna be streaming some CS:GO here in the next little bit! Come chill out!

Thinking about streaming some Dues Ex: Mankind Divided here in the next few weeks, once I finish my desktop. Streaming and playing video games would kill my laptop. 😂

Building a PC, and what happens? The last 2 parts I need (CPU and GPU) aren't available. (R9 5950X and RTX 3070) And what GPUs I can find are 2 or 3x MSRP.

Really guys? If you're gonna mark it up, mark it up by like $20-50. I'd actually buy the cards off scalpers then!

Anyone got a good suggestion on how to work with controllers ( Xbox, PlayStation, etc) in Python or C++? Preferably something in most native package repos.

Tried pygame and pynputs. But pygame isn't wanting to work with the analog sticks and pynputs isn't in the Ubuntu repos.

So the Mastodon instance that the Drauger OS account was on has gone offline permanently. Any suggestions for a new instance?

Adult Hide-and-Seek

Participants can hide anywhere within city limits, but only in public places.

The only clue to their location you get is their location on Snap Map. Or a similar service.

Whoever is "it" last buys everyone's first round at the end of the night.

Programming Meta 

So ASCII codes are assigned for different characters.

But how does a computer know what characters LOOK LIKE??? Are they stored as images? Are our screens just covered with images and text is an illusion???????


Sometimes I really wish I could make a living off the software I make. So far it's barely paying anything.

But I keep working on it anyways, because I love what I do.

Question for any advanced users out there:

If I make a RAID array using btrfs on one distro, if I boot into another distro, will it still recognize that RAID array?

Don't you just love it when Python stops giving usable error output?

TFW you realize you can write a program to block robocallers by blocking all calls not in your contacts.

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