Coding Shenanigans Part 2 

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Coding Shenanigans 

One of my favorite games from when I was little, running flawlessly on Linux.

Xevious (1982) on Ubuntu 19.10

My RockPro64 is FINALLY on it's way! So excited!!!

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Our latest podcast episode is up! Why do we not fix the spelling of our name?

Except for Google search results of course. Have to keep those.

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I THINK I have gotten everything I use to help me with Drauger OS off of Google.

Last piece of the puzzle was Calendar. Wasn't too hard thanks to @nextcloud 's Calendar app.

Now just to make sure I really don't need that gmail anymore so I can delete it.

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Checking out Clear Linux for BDLL. Looking pretty nice with some heavy dark theme now.

@PINE64 Is the Coronavirus outbreak in China affecting your shipping dates?

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@elementary OS has a bold new plan for the AppCenter, and to get Linux open source developers PAID.

Let's help them get there. I absolutely love this direction.

@fribbledom It's gonna be fun to see which wins when Rust goes head to head against C++.

Someone help me I am making my own programming language. Not for real life use though. Just to prove to myself I can do it.

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Wrote a Python script for BDLL. Stress tested it to see what it's memory usage was like.
Refused to budge over 3.1MiB

Not sure whether to feel happy or concerned. 🤔

Working on adding language support to the Drauger OS welcome screen. That way whatever language someone has set it should be legible.

But boy will this bite me in the but later. Lol

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