Programming at 1AM, followed by Chinese class at 8AM, is not nice to ya boi.

Welp. i just beat DOOM. Proton worked every time but once.

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Gonna have to figure out how to do BDLL at school. i miss my Linux Fam.

I nuked my phone. And I probably can't bring it back. DX

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Lunduke does not like masked, hooded mobs that beat people up.

Lunduke feels like this should not be a controversial opinion.

Older computers make Lunduke smile.

Lunduke likes smiling.

Lunduke thinks we should all feel comfortable speaking openly about who we are and what we believe -- without fear of being attacked.

Lunduke doesn't care who you are...
where you're from...
what you did...
as long as you love Lunduke.

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Well. Thanks to @_tripleNull I have switched to the Flatpak of gitg. Much better experience.

I really wish there was a way to force Flatpaks and snaps to use a certain GTK theme, even if the rest of your system uses a different GTK theme.

gitg was great...until i couldn't figure out how to push DX

If you use Git a lot but haven't had time to learn all those git commands, or just don't want to bother learning them, I would suggest using gitg. It's a graphical front end. Don't know if it has a Windows, Mac, or BSD version. But it's definitely available for Linux.

Me: *schedules a podcast for release on website*
App: *sends notification that I should make another episode*
Me: What do you think I just did? \_(*_*)_/

@fedilab hey Fedilab is crashing on my phone. Running version 2.5.2 from F-Droid. Is there an update on the way to fix this?

Gotta say, I hate writing blog posts and podcast scripts every week. At least they are all about Linux. At that makes it bearable.

Finally got some development guidelines laid out for people wanting to get their apps into the Drauger OS apt repo. Now if someone says "You didn't say you would keep a copy of our source code!" I can point to it and go "Archival Storage. So if something breaks its easier to track down WHAT broke."

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