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Hey if anyone comes across an old, used server somewhere for dirt cheap, I'm looking for something rack-mounted that won't break the bank. Requirements in comments.

Let's being back laptop lid latches, but with a high-tech twist:

A built in fingerprint scanner. Your fingerprint must match to open the laptop screen. The fingerprint can also be used to sign into the OS and decrypt the internal drive.

And of course the lid only latches if you physically slide the latch closed after closing the lid. That way, if you are in a hurry, you don't have to fight with some latch that may not work cause you have gloves on or something.

My top 3 requests for 2:

* OLED screen (for always on display and better hiding of screen within the bezel)

* Wireless charging

* Ambient light sensor (for auto-backlight adjustment)

If we can at least get the last 2 that would be great. But I think an OLED screen would be a nice addition too. But it may need to wait until a V3 if it's too expensive rn.

Making headphones. Ear cushions just came in.

I swear I'm not compensating.

I learned the other day my Google Home Hub is running Fuchsia OS.

No discernible difference from the old Android-based OS, except a single entry in the About page in Settings.

One of my coworkers has COVID. Great. -_-

At least I'm vaccinated. :-/

How hard can it be to edit stupid gvfs config files???

Apparently, pretty hard. Maybe debconf can help???


The Nokia 3310 used the same processor as the Gameboy Advance SP: the ARM7TDMI

@PINE64 For the Pinecil 2 or the RockPro64 v2, can we please make sure the barrel jacks are the same between the devices, so that if we have the cable for the RockPro64 we can use it for either one?

Just an idea to help convenience. Thanks.

Ya know, the PineNote is cool and all.

But I'd rather have a PineTab πŸ‘€

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The S in IOT is for security.
I like that. I like that a lot.

Kinda disappointed that I won't be able to go to a Debian Release Party tomorrow.

Oh well. There's always next time.

Moved a server from spinning rust to solid state today. That was an ordeal.

But the system works and performs about how I expected.

There is a reason I don't use C++ often. And it's fighting with malloc/free.


Wanting Dev Feedback (Boosts Encouraged) 

I'm looking at making a library to interface with an API. However, trying to figure out what language will make that library most useful.

I have experience with C/C++, Python, and Rust. So one of those 4 would be ideal. Preferably not C.

What say you devs?

Already tried SpectrWM and bspwm. Neither one actually worked for me. Gave me blank black screens.

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Suggestions for a good tiling window manager for someone wanting to experiment with them? Preferable one that works well ootb on Ubuntu with Nvidia cards.

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Welcome to curl 7.78.0

We did more bug-fixes than in any previous release (176). We paid more in bug-bounties than during any previous release cycle (4,200 USD) and we thank more contributors in the RELEASE-NOTES than ever before (83).

The back-end API for the Vetala store is now up and functioning. It's only got like 10 games so far, but that will be expanded soon.

Now to make libraries for a few languages to make interacting with the API easier.

Anyone want to help? 😁

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