Finnish Boarderlands 3. Nearly 100%ed all the maps but got board of that and pushed the story along.

Why do some programming languages have a cult like following? What languages other than rust have/had this type of following?

I think I left my laptop on the plane 😓

What everybody drinking tonight? Had chai tea and am now working on screw drivers.

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I have updated my GTK & Rust & Meson template to use the latest fancy stuff from gtk-rs along with some improvements
You can grab it from here

Heading back to the cold and the dark for probably the last time. Will only have classes 2 days a week which means there will be more time to put stuff off

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[video game] Scorched Earth 1991 (should work in-browser) 

If I where to write an article what should it be about? Other suggestions welcome

What password manager do you use?

Who has good resources on accessibility on the web?


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..