The amount of xp I got griefing salmon mains is huge. Why can't potential employers see that

This year for advent of code I will be using Rust with a focus on multi threading.

Happy glutton day to all my fedifriends in the states!

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"Three years ago, while I was a web developer at YouTube, one of the senior engineers began a rant about the page weight of the video watch page being far too large. The page had ballooned to as high as 1.2MB and dozens of requests. This engineer openly vented that “if they can write an entire Quake clone in under 100KB, we have no excuse for this!” @smallweb

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who will win


Is the holodecks in star trek always messing up a critique of film media?

What hosting services do you use?

What weird(maple syrup, salmon, RAM, crude oil) cartels are out their?

grinds my gears 

People on niche forums that think they are contributing to a discussion but really they are repeating things they've heard.
Somebody asks about a workstation.
"You should get an SSD for your OS and favorite games and a HD for bulk storage."
Thanks buddy.

People that write "I don't know" on amazon custumer questions.

git commit -m "initial commit"




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You say "procrastinating", but I hear "doing side quests".

Pro tip. When you want to feel productive make a list of thing and put drink tea on it so you can cross it off, repeat until you are awake and feel you have done enough for the day.

Well I didn't do anything actually productive today but I did make biscuits for my tea and watched the Great British Baking Show.

Pro tip if you want to read a ny times article without signing in on Firefox use the reader view.

I love how predictable the techno jargon in star trek gets. I can often finish their sentences.

shoveled 2ft of snow off my beater. now I just need to give it a jump and get the starter to turn over. fun times.

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