I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

How many times have you switched your linux distribution on your main machine in the last year.

Started to played some Path of Exile with my brother. My roommate is installing it now. Should be fun. Love that the multiplayer is cross platform. Just wish diablo was had that.

Studying for my first Redhat cert. Most of it is confirming what I know but the selinux stuff is new to me.

Its amazing how unfollowing one account can clean up my feed.

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absurdity levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

What are my fedifriends thoughts on the EFF? Yeah even you are one of my fedifriends unless of course you aren't

Made a simple vulkan whitted raytracer. God was it painful. A set for this, a binding for that. A format for that binding. A specialization constant for that pipeline. Tell me about it vulkan.

What digital assistant will be skynet?

Had some beers down by the lake today. Gorgeous day for a walk.

Moose are scarier than bears. Change my mind

Where do you keep your appimage executables?

Oh yeah I graduated with a BS in Computer Science with a Math minor.

Had to learn Cuda in one of my uni courses. Wish I didn't have to use a Nvidia card with it so now I am relearning vulkan. Learned a bit of the vulkan api when 1.0 came out. It's much easier the second time.

A lot of small communities near where I am just lost there only transportation to the outside because an airline company went bankrupt. Interesting to see what they will do and if anybody else comes in to fill the gap when this is over

I wish it would stop snowing. There is now where to go. There is no way to go. I can't even go for a walk.
This post is sponsored by GO an ehh to OK language

Here is my website where I plan to host a bunch of services for myself quaternion.site

When do you add milk to your tea?

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