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Been working on a bug for too long. Went for a walk. When I come back I fix it within 5 minutes. Gotta start setting alarms for walks and breaks

What is the future of making computing accessible? BASIC was a dead simple language promoted in schools and universities from the 60s-80s, Spreadsheet tools have allowed people with minimal training to preform complex tasks. What is happening currently or will happen in the future?

Which version of OpenGL should I target for my game/framework?
* 3.3 works basically everywhere and would make it easier to port to Android.
* 4.1 the highest available(though depricated) on MacOS,
* 4.5 the latest and has compute shaders.

Writing a pushdown automata for my game's menus and states. Surprisingly simple.

I'm thinking it'll be really good in mohitos

I do most of my coding on an x230 thinkpad at my desk even though I have a way better desktop. My will power to not play Total War games is the reason.

Oof. Watching a friend throw away a relationship for an ex who has cheated on most of their significant others including them. And I just want to cook bacon.

How does this place feel about garden pictures, things I make into alcohol and edible plants I harvest?

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find you a partner that loves you as much as shader programmers love incomprehensible abbreviations that make their code impossible to understand

Well I'm going home. I'm gonna miss my walks to the river

Oof - An under appreciated though highly used statement recognizing second hand embarrassment.

My friends are having puppies because they are incompetent.

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If you are THE Linux Gamer what does that make me, a segmentation fault?

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I’m so angry and want to write more about this, but I also want to get a @better update out today (going to try to smash those trackers before they get to you.) In short: TRACKING IS BAD and invasive. Consent dialogs are not good enough for consent, let alone opt-out options. Discrimination based on tracking impacts marginalised and vulnerable people first and most. Yet 99% of the web is complicit in it. Go check yourselves.

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..