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I will be livestreaming on Tilderadio in about 4 minutes -- just right after DJ Mentos' show! 🙌🏻 Please don't touch that dial if you're already tuned in 🤪🤪

The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour - 01:00-02:00 UTC

Almost everybody is talking into the void. Seeing the appeal of Mastodon less and less

I miss the ocean like an emperor penguin sitting on its egg. Fucking starving here

shortbread cookies pair nicely with cabernet sauvignon

Just got an interview for a great union job. I'll be able to see doctors again! But I'll be spending a lot less time on projects.

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There's technically no law against building a tiny cabin inside a bigger house, a slightly bigger apartment, or a garage if the walls are not attached to the ceiling or the other interior walls and you're not running any pipes, drains, or wires

Athiests can be just as bad about it I don't want to hear it.

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Don't be a zealot. This goes for almost everything. Religion(Yeah every last one of you), Software(Sorry Systemd+GNU+Linux folks), Companies(looking at you Apple and Tesla fans).

*This does not apply to mac and cheese, cookies or tea.

"Why is my plant in botany hissing? wtf" -me just now

Confession: I actually kind of like Bob Dylan

Web development is a waist land. You can't change my mind.

Making a double batch of shortbread. If you can find them you can have them.

I need to move back to the ocean. This freezing landlocked life just isn't for me.

Some games I've been playing recently

* Rues - a rogue lite resource/time management god game? Pretty fun.
* FTL - No explanation needed. It's great.
* Endless sky - A free space trading sandbox game with a story(choose your own adventure).
* Total War Warhammer 2 - I have some beef with the mechanics(lords being overpowered) but it's still a lot of fun.

I knew somebody that spent hundreds of dollars on... uh fuck that space game that had a kickstarter that sells virtual ships. I sometimes(just right now) wonder what happened to that guy.

No context

No context

The gemini page was converted using

It's a far from finished html to gmi converter. I wouldn't recommend you use it yourself.

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