Do you wash your tea mug/cup between uses?

Who is your domain registrar? Is it ICANN accredited? Is ICANN accreditation important?

Sorry LinuxRocks I am using windows on my laptop. Its for a poject using an old version of unity that we inherited.

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Corona virus is in Alaska now and I have an extra week of spring break. Certainly doesn't feel like spring though it was -20F yesterday.

What should I put on my VPS next?

I don't have curry powder but I do have everything except cumin so

Two midterms complete. Never once did my professor mention a reorder buffer. Good thing it was open book. Getting ready to graduate in May.

I have approximate knowledge of some things ask me anything.

In preparing for my midterm for a distance class I learned the RISC V ISA in a weekend along with a bunch of other material for the class. Procrastination has not been kind to me. I need sleep. Looking at the take home midterm I think I actually learned this stuff pretty well.

Do mice really love cheese or is that something I have accepted as a fact?

I have a website. There is nothing on it though. I'm using rust's rocket framework to build bits of it. Learning HAproxy gave me a few headaches.

Planning on adding onlyoffice, pleroma, bitwarden, and openvpn to my vps. Thoughts?

I will never understand why some linux users distro hop.

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Important PSA for people living in the US: The FCC has been forced to reopen public comment on the Net Neutrality decision following a court case by Mozilla. The influx of bots (suspiciously using the names of telecom subscribers) that were anti-Net Neutrality has caused this. The FCC is trying to bury this, and very few are reporting on it.
To (re)file your thoughts on the FCC's decision, go to Proceeding 17-108 is Net Neutrality. This ends in March.

How do you say fstab?

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