The comments on this

"Why is this coming, I would never use it" type comments. Same bullshit I hear spouted when that Adobe petition started. Just becust you would never use OneDrive or Photoshop does not mean other people would or even should feel the same. FOSS elitism needs to stop

@LibertyPaulM it seems absurd to me to describe a desire to keep a FOSS operating system FOSS as "elitism".

Also the idea that someone wanting to do/use something puts it beyond criticism is... interesting.

@uoou Keeping the FOSS OS FOSS is different to choosing to use non FOSS tools on top of it. I use Steam a lot and thats not FOSS but I still use it on a FOSS OS.

People should use what they want and stop being so judgemental of what other people choose to use

@LibertyPaulM In a world of absolute moral relativism then sure. But that's not our world.

People object to such things because they feel that they have real world political, social and moral ramifications. You may not agree with that - and are free to argue your case - but to wish that they not air perfectly rational concerns is questionable.

I mean *really* fucking questionable if you just extrapolate that thesis even just a little.

@uoou I just don't want to be made to feel shitty because I choose to use proprietary software that fits my needs better than any of the open source alternatives, that's all

@LibertyPaulM You shouldn't feel shitty! The world is complex and we make compromises. But those compromises should be acknowledged (if you believe in FOSS - if not there's no issue).

We can live in the real world whilst arguing for a better one.

@uoou We should definitely all keep arguing for a better world, just in a way that doesn'y look down on anyone else's choices be they technical, political or whatever. I'm as guilty as anyone of looking down on people for making "the wrong choice" but I want to change that


@LibertyPaulM I'm certainly not in favour of yelling at people that they're wrong.

But the implication that we shouldn't discuss our political differences and seek (collectively) to better educate people as to the facts and thought-frameworks that those beliefs rest upon sounds fucking dangerous to me.

@uoou Again, I am not complaining about the discussions taking place. I am complaining about how they take place and the tone with which they all to often take place. It can be alienating

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