@omnipotens for some reason the singup emails for peertube.linuxrocks.online don't get through. Is there an issue with the email server or configuration? have tried several times/days now ... signup and forgot both don;t seem to work on that instance.


Thanks for letting me know I will look into it later when I am not so busy. I am currently in encryption hell trying to get a procedure built to use luks, clevis and Tang server going on a root partition. Redhat does not have a lot of troubleshooting docs in this. That and I have to make it work with Ubuntu too. So my next few days are full.

@omnipotens If we miss some documentation for Fedora (or Red Hat), let me know. I have no issue with luks, but personally not sure about clevis and Tang ... I can at least ask on the internal list if someone tried this.

@gbraad Just curious what exactly you work on at redhat? I work for HPE dealing with nfv 5G related stuff. I kind of do everything from rfi's to uat to dev work. Kind of the person who lives in all departments lol.

@omnipotens DevTools and OpenShift, specifcally a tool called Minishift and now CRC (team lead and principal).Used to do OpenStack before this ... before this a lot of consultancy for OpenSource and communities in China and ThoughtWorks. Kind of same here; all over the place but focussing more on management and leading in recent times.

@omnipotens While working with OpenStack I dealt a lot with people (in China at least) from HPE. Seemed like a good bunch of people, but they got shaken around a lot with the breakups and mergers.

@gbraad By any chance do you know if Clevis and Tang is a fully support option from redhat?


It is in the security guide.


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