My dad and meany of his friends (who by the way are generally against computers) think that there's not much point going into a computer related field because as things fall apart during my lifetime, everyone will abandon computers. Or something will happen that will render all computers inoperable, and we won't be able to make more. First of all, computers can't just disappear. And second of all, if/when the world wide web gets more and more unstable, more IT professionals will be needed.

@OpenComputeDesign Computers of some form will always be around but with that said it is a great idea to work on other skills. I have done temporary work in many industries from electrician to plumber, carpenter and mechanic and more. Skills always come in handy especially when owning your own home. I am also a maker and love building the random weird object. Hints why I build my own 3D printer. So therefor there is some wisdom in your dad's advice

@omnipotens I know. I actually have a fair amount of plumbing, mechanicing, construction, carpentry, digging/trenching/excavation, concrete pouring, light to moderate equipment/ electrical wiring, etc, experience. As well as a good understanding of simple, to fairly complex machines going back centuries. I just got a bit frustrated by all his negative talk about computers.


@OpenComputeDesign Human nature he lives in his world and does not grasp the other. Me as a dad wanted my son to go into computers however he decided to go military then want go go into police.

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