Looks like UberWriter is still alive as a flatpak. I don't know if it will stay active, but I'm fond of that little program, so yay.



I've been meaning for age to get the hang of Vim, but just haven't taken the time. I think I've even installed Goyo with that intention. Such a slacker.

Going to go install it again now! :)

@cameron @hund I actually used qutebrowser for a while, as using that daily got my head around using vim a lot quicker as many shortcuts are common.

@ignitionigel @cameron That's kinda how I got into Vim. I was using Firefox and I wanted to have more keybindings. I stumbled upon Vimperator which I liked and casually used for a long time. And the more efficient I become with it the more curious I got about Vim itself.

Fast forward to today and pretty much everything on my computer acts like Vim by now. And I can't stand any other web browser than qutebrowser now either. :)

@hund @ignitionigel @cameron

> pretty much everything on my computer acts like Vim

How about Mastodon? That's one of the least-vim-like parts of my daily computer use, but I'd love to change that

@codesections @ignitionigel @cameron I use the plugin bitlbee-mastodon for Bitlbee, which I use with WeeChat. But I also use the CLI tool toot when I want to post an image or look up a profile or something like that. :)

@codesections @hund @ignitionigel @cameron I just use brutaldon.online for Mastodon, either in qutebrowser or lynx. Not quite vim-like, but better keyboard use than vanilla Masto.

@pinguino @hund @ignitionigel @cameron My problem with using quitebrowser for Mastodon is that I *really* can't spell, and quitebrowser doesn't have a spell check (understandable—they're hard to implement well).

I'm not familiar with Bitlbee. Does it check spelling?

@codesections @cameron @ignitionigel @hund @pinguino Hold your horses! Set your $EDITOR of choice with `:set editor.command '["urxvt", "-e", "vim", "{}"]'`. I use Vim and with Vim I have spellcheck. I think Ctrl+E spawns the $EDITOR by default, I have it set to Ctrl+I for reasons I can't remember.

@hund @cameron @ignitionigel @pinguino
Test toot using Vim with the set.editor command—it seems to work, but not to include my config settings or spellcheck. I'll have to look into this more!

@codesections @cameron @ignitionigel @pinguino If you're using zsh you can use the feature `edit-command-line`. It lets you spawn your $EDITOR and edit whatever you're doing in zsh.

But there's some issues with Vim and the zsh buffer not wanting to spellcheck it. It should work if you add `autocmd FileType zsh syntax spell toplevel` to your Vim configuration. I have only tested it briefly, but it seems to be working fine.

@codesections @cameron @ignitionigel @hund @pinguino Bitlbee is just a server which you connect to with your IRC client of choice. I use WeeChat and it supports both spellcheck and using your $EDITOR via plugins. I wrote about it here[1] and here[2] on my old blog which is in Swedish. If you can't figure out how to do it, let me know and I'll translate it for you.

[1]: hund.github.io/2017/09/03/kom-
[2]: hund.github.io/2018/02/27/anva


To activate spell checking on Qutebrowser (webengine bsckend)

Make sure your versions of PyQt and Qt are 5.8 or higher.

Use dictcli.py script[0] to install dictionaries. Run the script with -h for the parameter description.

Set spellcheck.languages to the desired list of languages, e.g.::set spellcheck.languages "['en-US', 'pl-PL']"

@cameron @ignitionigel @hund @pinguino

[0] https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/blob/master/scripts/dictcli.py
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