So in my first weeks at Cisco, hopefully haven't embarrassed myself trying to provide optimization hints on an automation project (using golang and postgres instead of python/js and mongodb), and making extensive notes on outdated training material, including preferred cipher suites, SSH keys, HMACs, and how a product is designed and implemented, along with archival formats for training materials.

Gonna find out what they think of all this hopefully by the end of the week.

Careful about rocking the boat too much too soon. Bosses can be defensive or think you're a threat to their job. Coworkers can think you're a showoff or making them look bad in comparison. It might be more tactful to put those insights on a drip feed of one per month, instead of being the stereotypical new guy who thinks he sees everything that should be fixed. It has nothing to do with how right you are.

True, but when asked for feedback, I'm pretty sure "this is outdated aand should be recommending %s" is pretty safe, whichbis most of my notes. The rest is mostly "this isn't explained clearly" or "SSH is not telnet over TLSโ€˜, or even "this is not the most useful way to preserve this content". So it shouldn't be too bad, especially since much of it is pre-Win7

I think @vos isn't saying your suggestions aren't valid. I think what he's getting, which I agree is, even with valid and technically correct suggestions, social etiquette in an office is real, I would believe especially at a larger company like Cisco.

As dumb as it may sounds, and as pointless as it may seem, there's a game and rules that need to be played. And one common one is not to start new and have a list of things they need to change, at least not within the first weeks.


@architect @vos
Also, please don't take my suggestions the wrong way. Just my thoughts and you can take it with a grain of salt. Just try to be very sparring with changes until a couple months or after you've gained some rep and understand why they are doing it the way they are. Usually there may be a reason why they are doing something suboptimally.

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