Hi all you in the #fediverse
I'm actually not @trustroots but @paulfree14

I just love the idea of #trustroots

It's a +28.000 members large traveler community sharing free accommodation and connecting nice people via an #opensource nonprofit plattform

I really want them to join us here

They have different "tribes"

Some are:

I made a bet to motivate them

"The first toot will get more interactions/boosts then your fb grab"

I asked them to leave fb/t and join us. But they were like no one is using #mastodon

Can you help to proof them wrong?
We could get a fediverse tribe, if we do 😜


@trustroots @paulfree14
Well, I just found out about Trustroots on Mastodon right now, so that says something. It sounds cool!

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