My gamer nerd husband even said if Steam Linux could run his games, he'd consider switching from Windows. I'd be so proud...

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I don't even know what he'd consider important. Right now it's Ultima Online, but I don't even think that's a steam game. HexDSL referenced a spreadsheet for seeing what works and what doesn't. Maybe we'll test on my machine and see what happens.

Real question is can I play Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic? The only game I've loved since Lemmings.

@cameron I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to gaming. :) I know what Lemmings is, I used to play it in school on the DOS machines, but I have never heard of the other game. :P

@hund I'm totally not a gamer either. I liked Lemmings when I was 17 or something, and Age of Wonders is a turn based strategy game from 2003. That's about all of my gaming experience. My dude tries to teach me, but I fail. :)

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