The blog post mentions that "Pleroma ... limitations were becoming increasingly obvious when confronted with more serious levels of adversarial activity."

"Epicyon includes moderation functions whereby the admin can assign other people to act as moderators enforcing the terms of service, which can be customized as needed. Members can also report suspicious posts to the moderators."

This seems pretty basic as compared to Pleroma's MRF


#Pleroma #Epicyon #MRF

@bashrc I like the simplification of timelines into just inbox and outbox, like in email. Would be nice to have additional folders too.

There is no notifications section yet.

Skills and Shares are cool features. Have to see what kind of use and abuse they will go through.

Would be nice to have more addons like that (maybe as plugins) which can leverage the power of the existing social network without having to create a dedicated ActivityPub application for each use case.

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