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Simple Right!

I will keep this simple we welcome everyone on LR regardless of race, religion, or orientation. We welcome debate and conversation but do not tolerate personal attacks. The core belief is we should learn from each other's differences and ideologies. First and foremost we are all on this instance for one thing and that is the love of Linux and OpenSource.

The people here on LR are very friendly laid back group and we have lots of fun so come join us. From admins to gamers from photographers to athletes we all use Linux so bring your hobby or profession and let's hear about it.

Even the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater is welcome here.. as long as it uses Linux..

Act like a adult
If you want a bunch of legalese to tell you how you should act then maybe we are not a good fit. We are good with being the internet rebels truly we are. We are happy and we have fun.

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