@publiclewdness I think most of the exchanges are going to be similar unless you use something like localbitcoin. Most if not all corporation exchanges are required to use "know your customer" (KYC) identification. Especially if you want to have your crypto insured.

@harrysentonbury I will always appreciate people taking the time to explain something instead of being dismissive or saying "just Google it"

@harrysentonbury Ye. I gotcha. I use an app that proxies other centralized central media sites and the yewtu.be that you used is the one that I use for the YouTube proxy. Was just wondering if my app was replacing links in other apps. Appreciate the explanation tho. Would have really helped if I was unaware that they existed :ablobcatheart:

@harrysentonbury Question. Did you paste with the YouTube proxy or is this one of the apps that I have installed?

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@1iceloops123 honestly unless you need VLANs an unmanaged switch is just fine. What you making/doing?

@1iceloops123 I feel ya. Confusing. I know dumb switches and then I know fully managed switches like Cisco and Ubiquiti. No in between 😂

@shadowfacts except for the fact that I know nobody on fedi instances cuz I’m the only one I personally know that uses it

@shadowfacts This is a good outlook. I like it. Kinda why I started using platforms on the fedi

@nosleep ok but like if imma be spending a ton of time playing something I want a character that I like to look at

@unascribed ngl that kinda made me jump when you replaced the blocks. Wasn’t expecting it and had sound on 😂

@Lofenyy As for other software. For photo editing I have Krita installed. Video playback i use MPV. Web browser is Firefox with u block and privacy badger plugins or Brave. A password manager (my favorite is Bitwarden). Not sure what other types of programs would be essential. Steam for games maybe.

@Lofenyy As a former malware analyst, Windows defender is fine if you don’t go to sketchy sites or do anything risky. You need to keep the database up to date tho. That means letting Windows update when it wants to. Otherwise I always go for malwarebytes. It’s pretty lightweight and not one of the “security suites” that installs a ton of extra features and slows down your computer. Plus it has a 14 day free trial and after it’s over it still works. Just have to run it manually.

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@redeagle @Jase I’ve been meaning to try out Garuda linux. It’s another arch based distro. Looks hella cool

@cell True. The price of entry is 300$ for the oculus quest. If you wanna do the computer stuff then prolly about 1500$ for a computer capable of running it. Here’s hoping new standalone headsets come out soon!

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Wow, my home timeline is very broken. 18 hours and nothing updated...

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