LB: a very good essay that's (mostly) about social media

I definitely get a bigger dopamine hit when someone I know favs my toot than when some rando does, even though they're objectively the same thing.

I don't know what the (or a) solution is, aside from, ya' know, not using social media. But the status quo is not good.
I would rather have a small audience I know than have a big audience of strangers.
I'm increasingly convinced that the massive reach social media gives everyone is a net negative for society.

Being able to find your community: good. Being able to put your thoughts in front of millions: probably not so good.

@shadowfacts This is a good outlook. I like it. Kinda why I started using platforms on the fedi


@shadowfacts except for the fact that I know nobody on fedi instances cuz I’m the only one I personally know that uses it

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