Fixing #Windows laptops for non-techie users. What essential software should be installed? What's the anti-malware #software of choice nowadays?


@Lofenyy As a former malware analyst, Windows defender is fine if you don’t go to sketchy sites or do anything risky. You need to keep the database up to date tho. That means letting Windows update when it wants to. Otherwise I always go for malwarebytes. It’s pretty lightweight and not one of the “security suites” that installs a ton of extra features and slows down your computer. Plus it has a 14 day free trial and after it’s over it still works. Just have to run it manually.

@Lofenyy As for other software. For photo editing I have Krita installed. Video playback i use MPV. Web browser is Firefox with u block and privacy badger plugins or Brave. A password manager (my favorite is Bitwarden). Not sure what other types of programs would be essential. Steam for games maybe.

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