I wonder how many people who call them selves "engineers" follow the Engineers Creed:

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@OpenComputeDesign Why, you would say that unethical people make more? Or people that have a licence make more ?

@yisraeldov Well, Mainly the "put service before profit" part. Companies are designed to primarily make money, so their products are engineered first and foremost to make money

@OpenComputeDesign Companies can be designed for profit first and still hire engineers that don't. (again, talking about real engineers)

@yisraeldov @OpenComputeDesign simply because for example areas like defense pay a crapload of money.

Best regards from someone who contracted in defense.

@yisraeldov hmm - I try to follow that creep, but I wouldn't call myself engineer...

@yisraeldov Where did you come up with this and why do you think engineers should take this seriously?

@kpeace I didn't come up wit it. You need to accept the Engineering Code of Ethics to get a Professional Engineering Licence.

Apart from the divine guidance, I think me and me colleagues are on spot ;-)

@yisraeldov The MSP space has a different creed:

- Users lie
- Test your backups
- It's always DNS

@yisraeldov 'Managed Service Provider' - the helpdesk companies that replace in-house IT for various businesses.

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