I'm super inclined to migrate all my Github repositories to @codeberg 😁

I'll migrate some today and try to integrate Woodpecker (github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp) to see how things will work.

@yisraeldov @codeberg I need to say that I like Sourcehut more than Codeberg. The email workflow is just better in my opinion, but I think that most contributors don't know, and don't want to learn, how to use this workflow.
I migrated a Github project with a lot contributors to Sourcehut and all of them stopped to contribute because of the email workflow 😟
It's important to me that people will actually find and feel comfortable to contribute.
That's why I think Codeberg could be good.

@karl @codeberg I agree, I would like the sr.ht work flow better. Using email etc, and not having to run a browser . But I feel like people these days would feel more comfortable with some web-app.

git, by its self is a great tool and I wish people would learn how to use it.

We just keep re-inventing the wheel.

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