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When people ask why I work from home so much

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Common Lisp isn’t hot new stuff, but you know what’s cool? My code from 10 years ago runs without modification. I don’t mean “runs after clearing the cobwebs.” I mean runs today truly without touching it. It’s like I have a personal history that’s executable. For example... (1/5)

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@SupJess__@twitter.com "God, I can't wait to tell everyone on Twitter so they'll know how amazing and selfless I am."

So this video I think explains why I left the mastodon.technology instance.


So, is there a way to mute instances not block them?

Oh man people on the really need to watch this video. This is the kind of thinking that made me leave mastdodon.technology youtube.com/watch?v=3XtQ1BVhcO

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Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police.

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Yeah, something is not right here.

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@animatedtext@twitter.com You underestimate the power of crack

All you lovers out there. What can clojure do that common lisp can't.

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I suspect you could tell someone's generation by asking them what song contains the lyrics "na na na na."

* Boomers: Hey Jude
* Gen-X: Batman theme song
* Millennials: All the Small Things
* Gen-Z: Some Korean song you've never heard of

So thinking about for an upcoming project. How difficult do you all think it would be to find common lisp programmers for a RPI?

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@gizmomathboy@twitter.com My go-to

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@jcrossland@twitter.com @unclebobmartin@twitter.com @RM_Negatives@twitter.com @BenLesh@twitter.com @martinfowler@twitter.com Idiots will always be running things (because we are all idiots relative to the complexity we're trying to manage). The trick is to reduce our exposure to that fact rather than think that, if we just got the smart people into power, everything would be okay.

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@BenLesh@twitter.com I’m not sure what happened but in the tech world I would avoid politics. By all means be authentic, but you can NEVER please the masses with politics. I’ve seen @unclebobmartin@twitter.com and @martinfowler@twitter.com go at it. It was the most painful thing to watch. I have most of their 📚 on my desk.

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