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Like I have said in the past, people who complain about git are spoiled. Git is a pleasure to work with.

I don't like virtual backgrounds. Show me your cluttered home. #noshame


the reign of discord gotta end bro

they got way too much information locked up in these random servers


"But in the south, black and white, they all sound the same... country as hell"

This has been my experience.

we at #nixos want to empower users to do what they want, even if the choices could be considered bad, like installing proprietary software. that's why it's considered for advanced users. you are responsible for the choices you make and you can end up with a broken system, but it's easy to roll back to a working state. experimenting is encouraged

that's how i explained it to an elementary OS developer

#Linux #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Packaging

"It's not just Software engineering jobs that have impossible requirements."

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It really bugs me how everyone around me (kids and wife getting back into schooling during lockdown) is constantly talking about "Zoom" this or that... I run/take part in video conferences every day but haven't used Zoom (or any other proprietary service) in well over a year.

We're indoctrinating our entire population into thinking that they can't function without the miracle (**spits) of Zoom/MS Teams/Google Hangouts/Webex, etc. Well, that's bullshit. Talk about sowing learned helplessness & foreign corporate dependence. Why aren't our national educational authorities (yes, NZ Min of Ed, looking at you) organising a far more cost-effective, proven, *local* services for education, like using BigBlueButton? They have *no idea* what they're doing with regard to tech.

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so here is a tip you can use `lpr` to print to a printer using its IP

lpr -H -PDCPL2500D

For some reason mdns doesn't work consistently for me on so printing to a network printer has been a headache.

I am not sure if anyone here knew br0k3nkernel from upstate NY but I just found out he died. I met him once at linux fest and would ras each other all the time. I will miss picking on him and his ancient laptops. I guess no more jokes about him using Apollo era cpu's

From what I understand he had a bad reaction to the vaccine. He felt ill shortly after and went to the hospital. He lost all motor function and next day he lost his ability to speak that night he died.

You will be missed,

Under appreciated facts:

* Context switching is very expensive for computers. It causes them to synchronize their CPU caches to main memory

* Context switching is very expensive for humans. It causes them to empty their mental cache

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How long until the National Institute of Health edits, deletes and memory-holes the “experimental coronavirus vaccine” designation that has been on their website since January? @NIH

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