Please. Let me identify myself with my PGP key on mastodon. Then the system can automatically help my followers find me when I change instances.

please boost my tooooot!

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Hi all, I am looking for recommendations of software to manage a bunch of machines. I want to be able to monitor them all and do things like update software and restart services etc. Something like how you can manage a docker swarm.

I think openness is good. I’ve been told I’m too open, but… that good ol’ John Lennon quote.

We regret to inform you that the owner of the construction company who built your house has disagreeable political views, so you must burn it down this instant or else you uphold harmful ideologies that literally murder people and are no better than a murderer yourself. You can’t simply separate the creation from the creator.

I've been a big fan of Keybase for the last few years. It's helped me create secure backups of some things like dotfiles, and the messaging is a great way to share passwords with team members. Well - I just got an invite to Cyph from one of the founders (I'm guessing they saw me complaining somewhere about having to find an alternative now that it's owned by Zoom).

Looks like I can invite new users as well - so if you're interested:

This is the man who decided to delete it from Twitter

He has no medical experience

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@hund That really is a waste. Gaming laptops in general are, well overpriced for their performance. But no developer in this world needs a gaming laptop!

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@yatesco @intellij I'm surprised that you find something better than Emacs for working with a lisp - can you say more?

@lbry Hey, are you guys having some issues. My lbry won't start up. It just says "Large account history" Do I get some sort of bonus for this ?

@Blort I accept his reasoning here. I think we should always offer people a chance at redemption. Let's give the man his redeeming moment. 😆
>not to speak up against hate, racism and transphobia is the wrong thing to do

being offtopic in a software development and support channel is the wrong thing to do

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@jwiegley @tasshinfogleman I remember hearing that expletives use a different part of the brain. They are a lower level of speech like grunting. They are usually just lazy speech, and used as a filler when you don't know the proper word to use.

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Some useful web developer stuff here 👇.

1. public-apis. io
A list of free Apis for developers

2. ngrok. com
expose localhost to the Internet with public URL

3. regexr. com
Learn, build & test Regex

please show your love in the comments.

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