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Like I have said in the past, people who complain about git are spoiled. Git is a pleasure to work with.

Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

@genehack I saw your post about using and with eglot on . How is that working for you?

Shouldn't eglot do the syntax formatting on its own?

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Fun fact: it's Generation X that's been holding things together these last few decades.

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A failed test is not a bug; it just means that you aren’t done yet.

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"TDD only works if the requirements are clearly defined." Let's flip that on its head: TDD clearly defines the requirements.

@omnipotens Saw the new "server rules" I think some of them are too vague.

Like "act like an adult," this opens the door for people to start reporting accounts that say (subjectively) stupid things.

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@dashinsyo your code is dumb just like you!

Hi all. Looking for a CAD program. Specifically to help with a carpentry project. Thanks in advance.

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As of immediately we are making all @lambdaisland content free! There's too much gold in there to keep it behind a paywall. Tell your friends, and go enjoy the videos!

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experts - I need an IDE for looking at/running/extending a large Common Lisp application. I need FOSS stuff that will run on my Linux workstation. I am allergic to emacs. Advice?

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Another day, another person claiming "X can be done badly, therefore X is bad." And yes, X is almost always TDD.

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"TDD is faster."
"Look, dummy, if I do TDD, I'll have to write twice as much code that's more coding, not less."
"Yes, and it's much faster."

I see that developers/programmers are split into 2.
1 group wants to continually improve and are looking to be the best they can.

the other tries to excuse and normalize their shortcomings.

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@cm_stead @asdfdelta “Nirvana Fallacy” if there are any problems X does not solve, then we shouldn’t do X.

Example: Don’t exercise because you can still get heart disease, cancer, or liver failure even if you have a regular exercise program.

To be a pro dev you only need one thing. Get paid.
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12 JavaScript best practices that’ll make you a pro dev

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