Rant about family and social medias. 

My mom was involved in an accident last weekend. I found out about it days later, by accident..

Apparently it's the norm to make a post about it on Instagram and expect everyone to find out about it there. The only issue is that I don't have Instagram.

What annoys me is that my family and friends share everything there and I'm always left out in the dark. I seriously don't know a bit about anyone anymore because I don't want to use unethical platforms. :/


Rant about family and social medias. 

@hund thats how they get you. I still have a fb because I have friends on their from another country that I talk to. Funny thing is I originally made a fb account when I was there because everyone used it. Luckily I can get away with only having messenger on my phone. I get your problem though my family is kinda the same with fb. Luckily most important stuff I either get told or they say it in the family whatsapp group (yeah whatsapp is owned by fb I know)

Rant about family and social medias. 

@willywonkball It's weird how it works these days. :)

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