So un update on my cpu troubles. The stress test went fine and the cli version of handbrake "works". The out put was corrupted but we will get back to that. After that I went on to do a memtest64+ run. Turns out one of my ram modules is completely shot to shit. Which makes sense as the corruption in the encoding is similar to something I encountered when I was working with opengl shaders and hadnt bound a mem address properly. Will remove the mem stick and check if that gets rid of the issue.

well to try and debug my servers issues I am currently stress testing the cpu with mprime and its doing great atm. Think maybe its a ram or gpu issue at this point. After this will try handbrake cli as the gui version crashes. atleast the cooling solution is good now as I havent seen the cpu temp go over 46 degrees celcius. Thats with all 16threads pinned at 100%

Alright guys I need some help. I have a server with a ryzen 1700. A while back it was quite hot here and when I got home the server reported a core was unresponsive. After that it started spitting out errors and corrupted a file system. I thought it was a problem with the ssd so bought a new one and some fans. However I now still have problems with distros failing to install or kicking off errors soon after install. I fear it might be a wonky cpu. Anyone know if this adds up?

Damn watching black mirror season 5 episode 2 now. As an Android developer I know how real this shit is. Fucking hell man its some shit. What theyre saying is true though. Shit is made that way.

Does anybody else feel like there are to many terms and acronyms in the programming world? I seriously cant keep up some times. There are acronyms that have the same laters but mean different things. Then you have all the freaking terms like abstraction, inheritence, interfaces, polymorphism, etc etc. Sometimes someone will drop a term and I have to ask what that is only to realize that I know exactly what they are talking about but just forgot the term for it.

Oof. So I just looked up getting a better ssd (looking at the samsung evo plus 250gb) and loading out my case with fans. I have noctua fans selected and had to do a bit of magic cause the fan controller I want has support for 5 fans and the matx mother board has 1 (+1 for the cpu). So that would be 2x 200mm 2x 140mm and 2x 120mm. Al this would obky cost me a cool €273,80. Between this and al the damn birthdays that my family has in june/july this is a damn expensive month. 24th where are you?

Well fml. Basically my server overheated a couple days ago (30°C) so after rebooting it, it started randomly throwing read only errors on the ssd. After many reinstalls it persists. Basically brand new ssd seems to be done for. Teaches me to buy cheap ssds. Have an arconditioning unit in my room now so overheating hopefully wont happen again.

Good to know that sourcetree has its priorities in order. Obviously wishing me a happy pride month and changing their icon to a rainbow flag is more important then fixing the tons of problems with their application. 🙄



Along the same track, opinions/suggestions is the headless homelab platform (with reasons why). Which to use and why.
ESXi, Proxmox, XenServer(derivatives), Virtualbox, VirtManager/KVM/qemu on Debian/Centos, Other?
Aside from VMs I will also be running a few Docker/CRI-O containers.
All input will be appreciated.

Do you watch videos with MPV? Ever watch a video with distracting stereo? Here's an MPV keybind to toggle between mono/stereo audio:
@ cycle-values audio-channels 1 auto-safe

That will bind it to the @ key, just add that line to ~/.config/mpv/input.conf or create that file if it doesn't exist.

Project Spotlight: OpenNebula

OpenNebula recently released its latest version, 5.8 "Edge", which now offers pivotal capabilities to allow users to extend their infrastructure to the easily and effectively.

@willywonkball they do say:

... you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable (in whole or in part), fully-paid and sublicensable right, subject to the Privacy Policy, to use, reproduce, modify, transmit, display and distribute...

While they do say it's "subject to the privacy policy", which does say they won't sell your data, they _also_ say they may modify the privacy policy at their discretion, at any time.

So whats this keybase stuff about? Keep seeing posts about it...


So at the risk of getting muted by literally everyone here. What are you views on this little PR on tusky

Personally I find any form of cencorship unacceptable. If this truelly gets merged and no one forks it to have a version without it I'll probably do it myself.

Even if for some reason you truelly believe that its the worst hive of scum and vilianny out there, the fact that you care about FOSS should mean that you should be against the cencorship of people.

My recent contact with the gpl and lgpl licenses have further affirmed my believe that they are a pain in the backside to work with. Its not a simple as well just license it as gpl aswell and your good. You need to do all these other things as well or you break the copy right license. Its a bit rediculous when these people champion freedom but then limit you from doing most things. My favourite and go to license is and will stay MIT (aka: yeah fuck it just dont sue me).

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