What's some open source accessibility technology that I can use?

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@whitmer1988 Can you explain a bit more about your accesibility needs?

@christianbundy Sure thing. I am looking at various technologies for accessibility such as limited mobility, limited vision, limited hearing as an example. The career path I am working towards is to become an Instructional Technologist specializing in Distance Education and Accessible Technologies.

@whitmer1988 Look at AT-SPI, that is basically the central hub for accessibility tools on FreeDesktop based desktop environments.

@whitmer1988 I’m not a 100% but gtk the gnome framework has pretty good accessibility usage. Magnifier,speech, and rollovers for application names.

@robparsons Yes, it is and I am aware of this application, but it only is supported on Windows. I was wondering if there's anything that's Linux specific. I appreciate it.

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