@whitmer1988 with panic and widespread histeria a week after the first case. Now, everyone (me included) are more understanding and trying to go back to normal life. US media hyped this so much, Lysol is no longer on shelves here, and multisympton pill prices are very high.

@whitmer1988 1 week, only 22 cases tallied. The infection is not "reaping". Death toll will be very low if any.

@whitmer1988 government institutions on lockdown for 10 days since Friday.

@nergal Yea, I've been sick on and off since Mar 24. My state is on a soft lockdown till the end of April. Some cities have harder curfews.

@whitmer1988 I hope it is not a stress-related illness. Hope you are keeping hydrated and practising taking deep breaths. The outbreak is under control here. Will disappear all together if transmission can be reduced for 2 more weeks. It is reportedly a death per week for us.

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