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Finished setting up rsyslog for centralized logging and discovered a simple viewing and filtering tool called lnav. If you haven't tried it, lnav ( is a fantastic tool for tailing and navigating log files in the terminal.

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I've just noticed: youtube-dl supports PeerTube!

Now I can open PeerTube videos from newsboat directly with mpv, or save them in a "Watch Later" folder. 馃槏

This weekend I traded my Android smartphone and Project Fi for a basic phone (Nokia 105) and Ting. It's been an a rewarding experience so far with a little extra freedom and time spent with family.

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You want to know how #PeerTube has been thought?

Its developer, Chocobozzz, has published a blogpost on medium

Thx for sharing ! #JoinPeertube

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In order for Linux to go mainstream, we need to get into schools.

I also think Linux is the perfect match for schools. Configurable, able to run cheap hardware no problem, has a web browser, wonderful to program on, etc.

Drone seems to be working nicely with Gitea and incredibly easy to set up. Just wondering if it has any major drawbacks in the long run and whether time spent making Buildbot is worth the effort and additional flexibility.

Considering various CI tools for automated builds / testing. Any experience with Buildbot, Jenkins, Drone, ? Any self hosted CI recommendations from the community? Let your voice be heard!

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Not using a Mac at a Linux conference needs to be on a lot of people's New Year Resolutions in 2019,

FFS, I don't even get what do you need the Mac so much for if you primarily work with Linux, I had used macOS extensively, it's not that impressive.

Editing home movies in Blender today and discovered Velvets: a handful of intuitive shortcuts, improved proxies, Ardour integration, and totally groovy website dedicated to movie editing in Blender VSE:

Stumbled onto gitolite today ( Anyone using it? Fantastic and simple way to manage branch protection / access controls for git repos.

Pi-hole is a great little DHCP/DNS server. Been running it at home for a solid week now. Paired with openvpn, there's ad / malware blocking on the go to cut down on unwanted mobile traffic.

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Purism鈥檚 Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.

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hot take: you're not actually selfhosting if you use a cloud provider. you have to own the hardware or it doesn't count.

Anyone else thinking of migrating their GitHub repos to GitLab or self-hosting with Gitea/Gogs?

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@kelbot dial-up accounts used to come with a little web hosting, some email addresses, a news account, maybe ftp...providing (and actively supporting) a home-based nextcloud appliance for customers would really differentiate an ISP, if any of them cared

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The FSF's first entirely round sticker is the new-and-improved Emacs logo. Now you can advertise the program that does just about anything just about anywhere. Get yours at the GNU shop!

Mac is the new Windows. Windows is still the old Windows, but with facelifts and a midlife crisis. GNU+Linux needs a store (brick & mortar)

On taking time to fully understand things:

"Rapidity doesn't have a precise relation to intelligence. What's important is to deeply understand things and their relations to each other. This is where intelligence lies."

(Laurent Schwartz, A Mathematician Grappling with His Century)

Recently discovered Lisp programming in emacs and really digging the batteries-included feature-set: built-in documentation, code evaluation, interactive REPL, etc. A tremendous experience in GNU+Linux that every programmer should try.

Anyone using the bitlbee-mastodon plugin from ? If you're reading this, it means I managed to get it working via irssi > bitlbee > mastodon

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