@pallgone Google must be crowdsourcing their vision AI, which must be getting pretty good based on how impossible their captchas have been getting :-D

@bennydarshan check out restic. It's cloud capable and uses pgp for encryption. Consider the cost of cloud storage against a set of rotated HDDs, though, especially if the data is sensitive.

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Analyst: Apple's poor earnings will recover now they've switched from innovating to rent-seeking

@bun bit of waiting for things to compile, but emerge/portage and ability to compile everything from source makes it a strong and amazing distro in the landscape of Linux. If you've never run Gentoo before, give it a go!

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May's Law:

Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore’s Law.

@bjoern emacs org-mode for work and bullet journaling for notes on the go


rsyslog + Graylog
Prometheus + Grafana

Finished adding Emacs org rendering to my Gitea instance! Many of the parsers out there are fast but severely lacking, so I cobbled together a bash script and emacs lisp to have Emacs render perfect org-exported HTML.

@tzycce I did try orgzly for a while but it needed more features and stability. (It may be much better now though.)

One thing about Emacs on Android (in Termux) is the need for a real keyboard, though there are volume up/down shortcuts for control and meta keys, it's much faster getting around with a keyboard.

@tzycce Emacs and org-mode is amazing and well worth the learning curve. :emacs:

For portable / multi-platform syncing and note-taking:

Sync: Git, Syncthing, Seafile
Editor: :emacs: :vim:
F-Droid: MGit, Termux

There's also :nextcloud:
Bullet journaling

@canuckifiedoz same distro between laptop and desktop w/ version-controlled configuration to keep them consistent

@rhode @ChrisWere Go even further upstream to :debian:. You get to choose your favorite DE and have the satisfaction of running a fully free operating system without any downstream customizations

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.@tim_cook the CEO of @apple absolutely correct to attack the "data industrial complex". He's right about privacy but wrong about freedom. Read on: - puri.sm/posts/apple-is-right-a #DemandFreedom #Privacy #Security #infosec

@canuckifiedoz XMPP! It's reliable, fairly decentralized; accessible clients for various platforms and supports audio/video to a limited extent. Ring is also becoming a strong option for video chat.

As a heavy Emacs user, I am tempted to try stumpwm.github.io/ though content with i3 and Emacs enough to procrastinate a test-drive of the lisp-based WM. :gnu: :emacs: :i3wm:

I really enjoy working in i3. It's simply one of the best tiling WMs out there. :i3wm:

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Messaging isn't complicated. It's sending text, emojis and photos, perhaps to a group, ideally w/ e2e encryption. You have 5 incompatible messaging apps on your phone not from tech limitations, but because greed drives orgs to ignore compatibility and optimize for vendor lock-in.

Playing in the sandbox with Netdata, Prometheus, Graylog and Grafana today. — All worthwhile applications for improving visibility of metrics, logging, monitoring, and alerting.

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