I really enjoy working in i3. It's simply one of the best tiling WMs out there. :i3wm:


As a heavy Emacs user, I am tempted to try stumpwm.github.io/ though content with i3 and Emacs enough to procrastinate a test-drive of the lisp-based WM. :gnu: :emacs: :i3wm:

@wheeler stump is really really cool and underrated, it can do things that no other wm can out of the box. But it is for emacs/lisp people, and i'm not (yet;). i3 is great, really great, but it have some very annoying things (mostly outside the codebase)... Im migrating my flow to sway after 3 years on i3, feels great.

@wheeler But you know all of those useful functions you can cobble together in Emacs: imagine the same, but for your desktop environment..... stumpwm also 'contains' a full lisp, so you can also just execute arbitrary lisp functions. there are downsides - it interacts with X via Clx, which is apparently very crufty. But I've been experimenting with it on my 'test machine' (my other machines are mostly running awesomewm).

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