Closed my AWS account today after a lengthy 4-year (working) trial period. Happy to leave the vendor lock-in, proprietary offerings, painful interfaces, and opaque pricing schemes behind.

@wheeler i don't touch any of the big players; Azure, Aws, Google etc. Never understood their pricing policies at all. Fine if you're a company I guess, but as an individual errm nope.

@wheeler So I reckon you're gonna go with one of the smaller ones. What do you have in mind? Digital Ocean, Linode?

@wheeler I've never tried it myself. I've been a DO user for a while now, but I think I should check it out.

@andru Digital Ocean is pretty nice for the price too. And their documentation is excellent as well.

@wheeler I'm interested in what you go with. I'm looking for small scale and I can't seem to find a better solution that just running it at home.

@AWheat very happy so far with a couple of Linode servers for public-facing things: website, messaging (prosody, mailu), peertube, etc.

At home: pihole, openvpn, seafile, mpd, znc, and emby.

Been minimizing my cloud footprint and self-host wherever possible. It's been a fun and rewarding experience so far.

@wheeler I'm trying to move my tabletop RPG stuff that I use for remote games (Maps/handouts/characters) off of Google Drive and onto a self-host setup. But it's been difficult to convince my players it's a better setup. I like it better, but it's been a mixed bag of responses.

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