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Analyst: Apple's poor earnings will recover now they've switched from innovating to rent-seeking

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May's Law:

Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore’s Law.

Finished adding Emacs org rendering to my Gitea instance! Many of the parsers out there are fast but severely lacking, so I cobbled together a bash script and emacs lisp to have Emacs render perfect org-exported HTML.

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.@tim_cook the CEO of @apple absolutely correct to attack the "data industrial complex". He's right about privacy but wrong about freedom. Read on: - puri.sm/posts/apple-is-right-a #DemandFreedom #Privacy #Security #infosec

As a heavy Emacs user, I am tempted to try stumpwm.github.io/ though content with i3 and Emacs enough to procrastinate a test-drive of the lisp-based WM. :gnu: :emacs: :i3wm:

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I really enjoy working in i3. It's simply one of the best tiling WMs out there. :i3wm:

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Messaging isn't complicated. It's sending text, emojis and photos, perhaps to a group, ideally w/ e2e encryption. You have 5 incompatible messaging apps on your phone not from tech limitations, but because greed drives orgs to ignore compatibility and optimize for vendor lock-in.

Playing in the sandbox with Netdata, Prometheus, Graylog and Grafana today. — All worthwhile applications for improving visibility of metrics, logging, monitoring, and alerting.

Now sending SMS messages via IRC! My chat stack now looks like this:

ZNC, BitlBee, XMPP, MAXS, Android, SMS

The MAXS command interface is a little verbose (and I'd eventually like to eliminate Android altogether), but very happy with the added functionality overall.

If anyone finds a better way to incorporate SMS with XMPP using free software, let me know!

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As someone who spends a lot of time working on Heads and thinking about BIOS tampering, it's interesting to read about examples of UEFI/BIOS hacking in the wild: #infosec welivesecurity.com/2018/09/27/

Found the live stream of my poor man's GoPro using Kali Linux and a USB WiFi device (in monitoring mode). First time decrypting wireless traffic between two devices (camera and accompanying Android app) without joining a network.

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‘There are few pieces of software as widely misunderstood as [#Emacs]. Emacs is frequently advertised and discussed as a text editor, but please be clear on this: Emacs is not just a text editor.’—Christoffer Stjernlöf, Why You Should Buy Into the Emacs Platform (two-wrongs.com/why-you-should-).

The (awesome) economics of open source

"Theories help explain why companies... have prospered even in the face of economic arguments about why they should not."

"Proprietary software is unsustainable, both for those who write it and especially for those who buy it."

"Open source can lower barriers to innovation and increase the effectiveness of collaboration, enabling continued positive economic growth."


Closed my AWS account today after a lengthy 4-year (working) trial period. Happy to leave the vendor lock-in, proprietary offerings, painful interfaces, and opaque pricing schemes behind.

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Finished setting up rsyslog for centralized logging and discovered a simple viewing and filtering tool called lnav. If you haven't tried it, lnav (lnav.org/) is a fantastic tool for tailing and navigating log files in the terminal.

This weekend I traded my Android smartphone and Project Fi for a basic phone (Nokia 105) and Ting. It's been an a rewarding experience so far with a little extra freedom and time spent with family.

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You want to know how #PeerTube has been thought?

Its developer, Chocobozzz, has published a blogpost on medium medium.com/@chocobozzz/peertub

Thx for sharing ! #JoinPeertube

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