New phone - don't have the old 2FA authentication available any more- How can I re-setup 2FA?

is a email account as bad as a account re-surveillance? (oh noes I must be now on some list for asking this...)

Anyone for a return to the days of the Fidonet and BBSs?

what is the new chat system Jupiter Broadcasting is starting with, and how do I get connected up? dicourse, discuss um??

Now is there a CLI version of Mastodon for my more brain dead tiny lappy (Dell X1 w/Fedora 24 workstation in CLI only mode)

Also it doe not look like seafile is in the centos repository.

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I have a problem - I have a server with SSH punched thru the edge firewall (port forwarded) - the server has one name/ip address on the public internet and another on the internal network. I can't access the machine on the internal network using the external name or IP, I used to be able to.. - what do I need to do?

Follow on - can I have a seafile that syncs to ‘two’ places?

I have been rocking a Lenovo Ideapad 310-15ISK under Fedora with Gnome. Can report - AMA about the experience.

I see there is a second factor identification to set up - what does it protect - will I need it every time I login or just when I want to change settings?

I am waspentalive because I was pentalive somewhere but the password got too mangled. so now I was. Pentalive comes from the R pentamino of Conway's life. My first initial of my irl name is "R"

was Pentalive - Hi Everyone - waspentalive is a linux user of the fedora kind. works around computers and lives in the western side of the USA


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...