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Tweet from @House_Feminist@twitter.com saying

"All bodies are miracles. Every day I get down on my knees and I pray to God and say Dear God, thank you for this meat sculpture you have imprisoned my immortal soul in. I will find a witch to undo your curse and when I am released we'll see who smites who now you son of a bitch."

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Your bot is broken, saying the same thing over and over.

What level of math would you say I'd need in order to start my journey in machine learning?

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Photo of food packaging 

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potatoes are like the food equivalent of the void type

New book looks enticing. Teaches a language-neutral way to build your own ray tracer, test-first. Thus you can use any programming language. It sounds like all the math is taught as you go, so you don't have to know it ahead of time.



I figure you would rather people post links than upload pictures, so you don't have to add new hard drives as often. But, people are wary about clicking unknown links.

Is there a way to cause a picture, hosted on the public files section of my website, to be embedded in my a toot by a link, and display like an upload?


C# developers are pretty rare in the Fediverse. I've been looking through servers of GNU Social, Mastodon, Pleroma, and others, to find any conversations about C# or find servers more dense with the programmer demographic that would be fertile grounds for beginning such a convo. The closest I found was linuxrocks.online having a sizable coder population, with talk of Erlang, Haskell, etc. (but no C#.)

I see your description saying you're a full stack C#'er. I'm still learning. Ok 500 chars.

In programming, I've used the Maybe type, but the Never type is new to me.

Maybe (in Haskell)

Never (in Swift)

In topic-specific Mastodon instances (such as linuxrocks.online being linux-focused), members are welcome to occasionally go off-topic but are supposed to generally keep to the officially sanctioned topic. What do members do if, for several months, most of what they'd post would fit a different topic, such as Microsoft Windows? Temporarily move to a different instance, then move back? Juggle an account at each of 2 instances that can each stay on topic? Find an instance that has no topic bias?

Does anyone here on "linuxrocks.online" donate money to them for the service they provide?

Is there an About page where it says which user in the directory is the one who that runs this instance, and whether they need/want funding support like via a patreon page or if we shouldn't worry about being freeloaders?


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..