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The 8th case of Covid-19 in my country just happened to be a very popular student in my school, and a member of the orchestra. Now 20% of students, including me, are in self-isolation for two weeks by government orders.

On the plus side, that 20% includes my entire tabletop roleplaying party, so we finally have some time to do a full campaign (over video call of course)!

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liberals idea of coexisting with people who have different views is "my husband is a racist republican who eats nothing but raw beef, while I am a die hard green party supporter" meanwhile leftists are over here like "my friend is a Trotskyist and I am a council communist. let's just say we have agree NOT to talk about the revolutionary shinmin of 1929-1931 ever again!

My just arrived! Unfortunately I'm in another country...

@ajdunevent One of the pitchers on my Nepenthes has a dead lid. Should I remove it for the benefit of the whole pitcher, or leave it?

For those who don't know about it; Nim is the most wonderful programming language. Its like Python, but it compiles (fast too). You can go as low level or as abstract as you want as well, from rarely having to think about types to using pointers.

I wish more BreadTubers would publish to alternative platforms like PeerTube or LBRY :(

My Dad's car had its window smashed in last night. Nothing was stolen, but the glass all over the passenger seat makes getting home from this family occasion quite hard...

I just lost my Documents folder to a failed backup followed by a reinstall of my favorite distro. Off to a data recovery place in a couple of days to see what I can do...

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I swear every time I hop on mastodon I learn about 3 really cool open source projects you can self-host, find 8 really interesting articles to read, learn 4 new words, and hate capitalism 5% more

A new pitcher (or as we might call it here in NZ, jug) just opened up on my ! Unfortunately another is in the process of dying...

My weekend project has been making a search engine. Its called Liberch, and when you search it gets results from DuckDuckGo, caches them, then presents them (combined with previously cached results) using it's own ranking algorithm. The idea is that over time an instance of Liberch becomes less reliant on DDG but still has it's results available for niche search topics.

I have this really cool project ongoing, but I can't create a git repo for it until I come up with an equally cool name...

@ajdunevent I see that you are very into keeping plants, so I'm wondering if I could get some advice on something. I have purchased a pitcher plant and apparently it needs well drained soil, but this nice (and more importantly tall, to let the pitchers hang) pot I have has no drainage holes. I don't really want to drill holes in it, so what other options do I have?

If you where designing a search engine, what ranking algorithm would you use? Classic pagerank, or something else?

@lunduke I'm going to think about this and write a friendly blog post when I know what I think.

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I'm not quite sure what I think about the what @lunduke says in this recent video of his. Although I agree with the stances held and statements made by the companies in question, I honestly don't know if I'm for compaines taking political stances. I'm definately uncomfortable with the fact that Lunduke seems to use the term 'right', as in morally good, to mean 'what is the best interest of the company'.

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