I just discovered a block of IPs that has been purchased by a white supremacist and all-round fascist from NZ, under the name of a fake Australian chemical precessing company, which he uses to sell VPS hosting services to far-right groups all across the world.

The worst thing is that there is nothing I can do about it that isn't illegal.

@voltist I don't think tech is the battleground for this sort of thing. Computers just do what the owners tell them to.

The battleground's education.

@malin The world will always be worse off unless every aspect of society is a battleground against fascism. These people are mostly well past school; education can't stop them from doing horrible things any more.

@voltist If tech's going to be a battleground, then I'm not sure what your solution is. The code-level restrictions in F-Droid against joining gab are not real restrictions.

The education battleground's definitely too late when it comes to adults, so it's certainly a long-game plan.

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