Controversial opinion: Journalism should always represent an opinion; If you have an idea about the what is or should be that you believe is true, it would be immoral not to try and convince others. I don't mean that the news should be biased and not present the whole truth, but that it should go further than just collating facts and actually interpret them.

We tried that in 1800 and early 1900. If you want an opinion, then make one based on facts served from a good journalist. I am not reading newspapers to get an opinion served. You already get what you want by newspapers interpretation of facts and headlining. That is enough.

@voltist When people talk about an opinion piece vs biased news, I can see what they mean by the examples given.

However, calling the difference 'objective news' vs 'biased news', might not be the best description.

Perhaps 'news with or without lots of guesswork' would be a better description.

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