If you, or someone you know, could be considered to have expertise in the area of political trends within open source communities, let me know! I'm considering writing about the strange world of alt-right politics in open source.

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@voltist That's a fertile topic.

I find it interesting that people develop platforms to be free, then find that all those removed from other places for being awful come to the one free land, and all of a suddon the area stinks.

It's also notable that Peertube and Mastodon are more pleasant than Lbry, since they're federated, so curation without censorship is natural.

@malin It is indeed a interesting (and important, IMO) topic. Unfortunately its hard to find much 'data' on it, so I'm more going off personal experience and anecdotes.

Someone that I find really weird is Bryan Lunduke. He isn't really alt-right, but some of the stuff he says mirrors crazy political commentators like Ben Shapiro. According to him, 'leftists' and big tech companies are all in one political faction, and anti-racism is racist against white people apparently!

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